Lost in love starlife update Tuesday 28 May 2024

Isha regrets leaving her son Ishan and says she should have been with him, her birthday is not happy for her. Savi tells her that just like she is away from her son, even she was away from her baba for 7 years and used to write on trees when will her baba come, god listened to her prayers and sent her baba to her who never left her till his last breath; similarly, even Isha’s son will return to her and will be with her forever.

Isha asks her to stop giving false hopes as she knows her son will never return to her and say her aayi. She asks them to go and let her alone. They both walk away.

Shantanu tells Savi that she must be sad that Isha doesn’t want to cut the cake. Savi says she is feeling sad for Isha, every year Isha used to cut her birthday cake with a wish that her son will call her aayi one day, but today she has lost her hope and is in deep pain. She asks Shantanu to reveal what had happened that Isha had to leave her own son. Shantanu asks her to let it go. Savi says they both love Isha and want her to be happy, so she should know the reason to solve the problem or at least will know the reason for Isha’s pain. Shantanu describes whole story. Savi says both Isha and Ishan are victims in this case and are blaming each other, Isha is not a sinner but a victim of situation.

Next day, Savi walks behind Ishan after he finishes lecture and offers him sweets. Ishan angrily asks what is special today. Savi says it’s for azoba’s recovery and says he had brought sweets on azoba’s surgery and since she couldn’t have it that day, she brought sweets for everyone and thought of serving it to him first. Ishan eats half laddo saying he doesn’t eat sweets in the morning and congratulates her for her azoba’s recovery. He then discusses about annual day event. Reeva walks to them and asks Savi if her azoba got well that she is serving sweets.

Savi says yes and he even returned to Ramtek with aaji and badi aaji. Reeva eats half laddu. Savi says it was Ishan’s eaten laddu. Reeva says it okay and walks away and then watches Ishan hiding. Ishan asks Savi to complete her annual day preparation.

Ishan walks to Shantanu’s cabin and asks if he called him. Shantanu asks if he is free in the evening as he wants to discuss something important. Ishan says he is free even now. Shantanu says not here as he feels uncomfortable discussing his personal issue here, so can he come to his house tonight. Ishan asks if he wants him to come to his house where he stays with his wife and then wish happy birthday to his wife. Shantanu says he wanted to show him an article about their college in a magazine. Ishan looks at the magazine.

Shantanu takes Ishan’s phone and writes happy birthday message to Isha. Ishan notices that, snatches his phone, and tongue lashes Shantanu for lying to him and sending a message to Dr Isha. Shantanu says Isha is having severe migraine and is on pain killers, her pain would ease if her son messages him. Ishan continues to shout at Shantanu. Savi comes to serve sweets to Shantanu and hears their conversation.

Savi then walks behind Reeva and asks if she is opening a counseling center in college. Reeva says she is trying so. Savi says she wants to discuss about it. Reeva says let us go to her flat and speak. Savi agrees and accompanies her to her flat. She says it looks like she shifted here recently. Reeva says yes, Savi is her first guest. She offers her coffee and says she considers her as a friend outside college. Savi says that’s an honor. Reeva says she can call her Reeva outside the college. Savi says she respects her teachers and will call her madam itself. She asks if this center is only for students. Reeva says mainly for students, but professor and admins can also seek counseling. Savi asks how to bring them there if they need counseling and themselves can’t come there. Reeva says one needs to accept the problem to start counseling. Savi says problem is people don’t want to accept that they need counseling.

Reeva says people go in a denial mode and not accept that they are in trauma. Savi asks how to make them accept it. Reeva says they will describe their own problem to make them seek counseling. Savi says she thought her how to deal with pain. Reeva says sometimes pain is the solution for pain, sometimes a person goes away from someone and if he/she relives their past memories, they will accept truth. She gives an example of a movie where one watches someone’s pain on screen and relate it to himself/herself. Savi says they can do it via play. She drops coffee by mistake and goes to washroom to clean herself. When she returns, she finds a calender falling and picks it to keep it back and is shocked to see Ishan and Reeva’s photo.

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