Anupama starlife update Monday 27 May 2024

Ankush tells Anuj that US office work is increasing and that’s why he was thinking to visit there and meet the new staff. Anuj says good thought. Ankush asks if you don’t want to go back, as you stayed there since your childhood. Anuj tells that when I was not here, I didn’t want to come here, and tells that since I came here, met Anu, and she fell in love with me, I never thought of return.

He reminisces their moments….oh Anupama plays…..He says when business was in America, the matter was different. He says when I came here, and married her. He says my business is spread vastly here, so I moved the head quarters here. Ankush says Anupama is lakshmi. Anuj says everyone is here, my love and family…and even you all, so what I will do by going there.

He says I want my old age to spend with Anu and tells that once Choti grows up and gets married, we will be sitting at sea side facing balcony and will be telling how was those days. He says he wants to live stress free life with Anupama.

Anupama comes there. Ankush teases them and goes. Anuj asks what happened? Anupama hugs Anuj. Anuj asks what happened, and says this is office. She says she is wife everywhere and tells that it is her right. He asks what has happened? Anupama says there is nothing. She says you romance whenever you want, and says I wanted to hug and that’s why hugged you.

Anuj asks her to hug him properly. Anupama hugs him. Anuj tells that Bhai and he was talking about visiting US to meet the new staff in the new office. He gets call from Elen and tells him that they might visit soon and will share the details with him.

Kavya comes to Vanraj. Vanraj asks do you need anything and asks shall I bring fruits for you. He gets up to go. Kavya tells him that he takes care of her, but don’t talk to her well. She asks him to share his problem with her.

He says I have no problem, and says I have returned back after many days, and have to take care of everyone, and have to keep Titu away from Dimpy. Kavya says you take care of everyone, but not me and my baby. Vanraj says Dimpy is alone and is having my son’s baby. He says she is having Shah’s baby and you don’t have Shah’s baby. He says he thought so much in the Rehab and realized that he can’t accept it. He asks her not to force baby on her.

Pakhi is happy and imagines herself having the baby. She sees Choti and calls her. She says Doctor said that I will become a mother. Choti gets happy. Pakhi says everyone will forget you when my baby comes. Choti says you are elder than me and shall not tell such things, and says Mummy promised not to leave me. She goes.

Anupama serves food to Anuj and says it is the way of expressing love to her husband. Anuj tells that it is the safest way of romance in the CCTV office. Anuj tastes the food and asks her to make him have food with her hand. He says you used to woo me, when I used to sit on my chair. Anupama asks when did I do this? Their flashback is shown. Anupama says I will make you have it. She makes him have food. He says we shall open an restaurant and tells about her earlier plan. Anupama says we shall open it and says those women will get the identity. Anuj says we will plan something for you.

Vanraj brings tea and gives to Baa, babu ji and Dimpy. Just then he sees Titu’s call on her phone. Dimpy says he might have called for accounts work. Titu says I am calling for a purpose and thinks Vanraj might be around. Kavya comes there and sits. Vanraj tells Babu ji that the tea is good. Babu ji jokes that it is gargle water. Vanraj asks Babu ji to come to hospital with him. Babu ji refuses. Kavya gets up and says she needs to talk to them.

Romil is packing his bags. Anupama comes there and says he will help him. She keeps jacket for him. He says I will pack then stuff and says you must be tired. She says no. He gets emotional and hugs her. He says when I came here, I was angry and now I have tears in my eyes. Anupama asks him to go happily, when he goes from here as he wanted to study in this college. He says I wish my Mom would have been like you.

Anupama says may be you misunderstood her like you misunderstood us. She asks him to take bag and not the extra baggage and forgive everyone. Romil says he will call Mom before leaving. Anupama says good. Just then Servant comes there and says someone came to meet Romil. Romil’s friend comes there. Anupama and Romil looks at her.

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