Evil Affairs starlife update Monday 20 May 2024

The Episode starts with Piyush asking Nikki to come back. Vikram asks him to handle himself and says she is no more. Kapalika tells Malik that she has taken care of him since years and he is mad for that girl. She says until now you have seen my love and will see my revenge now.

Malik and Kapalika attack each other. Nikki falls down at Bal devi’s place. Bal devi asks Nikki to return to her body and says if you didn’t return now then can never return. She keeps her hand on her forehead. The bed starts shaking up. Aarohi and Piyush gets up from the bed. Malik freezes Kapalika and laughs. Bal devi heals Nikki’s wounds and injuries and she sits down alive. Everyone is surprised to see her fine. Piyush says you are fine, you have to be fine for me.

He asks if you are fine. Nikki asks him about Kapalika and says I can reach Malik using her. She asks why did you all come here, and says if she escape then? She gets down the bed and runs, while Piyush and others run behind her. She comes to the hall and asks him to take her to Kapalika. He asks her to understand that Kapalika was badly injured and escaped from there. Nikki says you let her go, all my efforts got wasted.

Piyush says you was badly injured and I was worried for you, everything happened so fast that we couldn’t do anything. She recalls bal devi’s words and says its ok, we shall focus on positive things. She tells them that when they have faith on God then can defeat Malik also. Vikram scolds Nikki and says she has signed their family’s death declaration. He says due to Malik, our family was prospering and today it will end. Prateik says you just cares for yourself, you are selfish. He says we shall think of calming Malik. He says before Malik punishes us, we shall take Nikki to Malik. Piyush asks if you are mad. Prateik says you should have shown attitude to your wife. Sumitra asks them to stop fighting.

Saudamini searches for the key in Vikram’s room. Rachna comes there. Malik tells frozen Kapalika that she had loved him to increase her powers, she was greedy. He touches her injury and sees that Nikki has stabbed Kapalika. He says Nikki, my precious….only you can do the shaitani rasmein, you are like that wild honeybee who gives honey, but bites also. He says today, you have tried to bite me, you will be punished.

Vikram tells Sumitra that they can’t agree to Prateik’s suggestion, as Nikki is part of our family now and we can’t hand over her to Malik. He says but we have to do something to save ourselves. Nikki says we can’t go against Malik, and tells that when Krishna couldn’t face the evil, he shifted to Dwarka from Mathura. She says we all shall go away from Bhurangarh to get away from Malik’s influence.

She says may be our lives get saved. Rachna asks Saudamini what you are doing here. Saudamini says she is searching key to Malik’s chamber. Rachna is shocked and refuses to search the key. Saudamini says this is the golden opportunity and asks her to stand outside and inform her if anyone comes. Rachna goes out.

Prateik says Nikki is right and says Malik has not harm anyone outside Bhurangarh’s boundary and says if we get successful to escape from here then Malik can’t harm us. Vikram says before your marriage, nobody dared to go against Malik. He asks how can you ignore Malik’s powers. Prateik says our death is sure.

Aarohi says we shall think about this, Nikki is right. Prateik asks have you gone mad and asks her to be quiet. He tells Nikki that she is influencing everyone, like a bad fish. He asks Piyush to take her from here. Aarohi asks if solution is wrong. She says she will not leave this chance to save her baby and will go far from here. Prateik gets angry and raises her hand to slap her, but Sumitra holds his hand and stops him. She tells Vikram that they shall think about Nikki’s suggestion once and shall not reject right away. They all go away to their rooms. Nikki looks at Piyush.

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