Lost in love starlife update Tuesday 21 May 2024

Savi’s friends ask her what did Ishan say. Savi says Ishan is calling her to hospital in 45 minutes or else she will lose her admission. Friends ask how will she manage both her azoba’s admission and reaching college in 45 minutes, why she gets into trouble always.

Savi asks them to help Harini in azoba’s admission, takes Preeti’s scooty, and rushes towards college. Ishan gets more angry recalling a teacher informing him that Savi got Reeva in. Shukla informs him that Savi’s azoba is seriously ill in the hospital and had requested inflatable bed and some other stuff from her friends. Ishan asks what happened to her azoba. Shukla says he just knows that Savi’s azoba’s condition is very critical. Ishan recalls Prateek’s words that he always creates his own conclusion in his mind and humiliates others and then feels guilty for his act.

Savi reaches Ishan’s cabin and doesn’t find him there. Shukla informs her that Ishan is in a gym. Ishan vents out his frustration on a tyre. Savi walks to him and asks why did he ask her to come immediately. Ishan asks who gave her permission to bring that girl into college and introduce her to him, why she creates trouble in his life always, she doesn’t know that that girl ruined his life and he got rid off her from his mind with great difficulty, etc. Savi repeatedly asks why did he call her. Ishan gets out of imagination and asks her to go. Savi insists to tell why he called her. Ishan says if he starts telling, she won’t be able to tolerate it, so please leave. Savi says if he is in emotional crisis, he should hug trees and feel the nature to calm himself. Ishan asks her again to leave. She leaves confused.

Savi reaches hospital and waits for Azoba. Azoba reaches in an ambulance with Bhavani. Savi talks to azoba and takes him inside hospital. Bhavani says this hospital looks small and crowded, she will not let Ninad stay here. Savi convinces her that this is the best option for the time being as treatment is cheap here and doctors are good. She makes azoba lie on a bed. Ishan reaches a park emotionally distraught and punches a tree. He recalls Savi’s advice to hug a tree whenever he is in emotional crisis and hugs a tree. He calms down and cries. He imagines Reeva who asks him not to blame others as she would have entered college somehow, she loves him and will get him at any cost, etc.

Isha feels guilty for increasing Ishan’s pain and tells Shantanu that she will change Reeva’s marks as she can’t see Ishan like this. Shantanu says marks already reached education board. Isha says she will go to board then. Shantanu asks her to relax as he, Nishi, and Ishan have given less marks to Reeva. Isha continues to feel guilty. Swanand calls Reeva and asks he to return home as Isan and his family will never accept her. Reeva says she is determined to regain Ishan’s love and will either marry him or die. Swanand tries his best to explain her, but she gets adamant. Swanand says she will not get assistant professor’s job. Reeva gets a message that she got a job and jumps happily. She looks at Ishan’s photo and says she will get him at any cost.

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