Lost in love starlife update Friday 2 February 2024

Ishan tells family that he would not rest until he gets justice to Savi even if he has to punish his dear ones/Durva. He says Savi was pleading them, but they ignored her plea; he will get her justice tomorrow. Yashwanth asks what will he do.

He walks to his room. Surekha asks what will they do now. Yashwanth says Ishan will get justice to Savi for sure. Surekha asks what he has to say. Yashwanth says Makrand challenged to destroy Savi, he calmed Makrand by promising to protect Ayush, Makrand will not get them a Mumbai land and will stop funding their college.

Surekha says they should convince Ishan that their college’s reputation would be lost if Aysuh is punished. Yashywanth says Ishan is a man of principles and wouldn’t mind losing reputation for justice, she should remember that Ishan is not their son but Shantanu and Isha’s son who sacrificed their happiness for their principles. Surekha says in this situation, emotional blackmail works.

Ishan over phone calls for a director’s meeting tomorrow to decide Ayush’s fate. Surekha and Yashwanth walk in and say they are proud of him and love him more their own son Chinmay. Ishan asks not to compare him with Chinmay dada. Yashwanth says he is better than Chinmay and they vouch for his principles.

He says if he supports Savi and gets Ayush punished, Ayush’s father will create issues and poor students will affected because of that. Ishan says students would be proud instead for punishing a trustee’s son and protecting justice. Yashwanth says their college’s reputation would be at stake. Ishan says he can’t compromise with his principles. Surekha starts her emotional blackmail and says he calls her badi aayi/mother and should decide if he will support her or his aayi’s sent Savi. Ishan says he respects her a lot.

Next morning, Savi is busy in kitchen when Kiran taunts that she eloped from home and has become very famous in Pune. He shows her journalist Sheela’s news where Sheela praises Savi for bravely fighting for justice and shows a clip where Yashwanth challenges to punish Ayush if he is found guilty.

Savi feels happy and tells Harini that truth will be out for sure. Nishikhanth also watches the video and tells Yashwanth and Surekha that Savi is ruining their reputation with her lies. Ishan asks him to stop acting in front of each other as they know who is wrong here. Yashwanth calls from ministers and vice chancellor questioning about the case and he replies that investigation is going on and if Ayush is found guilty, he will be punished.

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