Lost in love starlife update 15 June 2024

Savi returns home after failing to find Ninad. Ashwini asks if she found Ninad. Savi says she searched for him everywhere and couldn’t find him. Vinayak returns and says same. Ashwini breaks down worried for him. Harini comforts her. Bhavani says it’s already evening and Ninad is missing since morning. Savi says they shall visit police station and file a complaint.

Harini asks what about her ceremony. Savi says finding azoba is important than ceremony. They walk out of house. Harini finds one more gift box for Savi and gives it to her. Samrudh’s aide informs him that he delivered his last gift box. Mandar asks Samrudh that he gifted all the bridal stuff to Savi, what next. Samrudh says wedding.

Ishan gets a call from Reeva’s number while he is driving. He asks if she is missing him so soon and asks if she wants a kiss. Anvi speaks. Ishan gets nervous and asks why is she calling from Reeva’s number. Anvi says they are selecting a prewedding shoot gown for Reeva, but she is rejecting them all. He speaks to Reeva who says she didn’t find any gown worth for a photo shoot. She then recalls Ishan’s hoodie and wears it saying it complements this gown. Anvi asks who wears a hoodie over a jacket and asks Ishan to explain her.

Ishan says it’s her choice and he can’t say anything. Anvi and Durva walk away feeling disappointed. Reeva asks Ishan when will he return home. He says he just left Nagpur and will be with her soon. He tries to pick up something and applies brakes when he is about to crash his car over a man. He gets out of car and is shocked to see it’s Ninad. He calls Savi and she picks call think why he is calling her repeatedly. She says she is busy, her azoba is missing, and she will call him later. He says her azoba is with him in his car, what was he doing in Nagpur. she is shocked and informs her family about it. He asks her to send her address to bring his azoba there.

Samrudh and his team get ready as kidnappers and head to kidnap Savi. Ishan while driving car asks Ninad if he identified him. Ninad identifies him as Savi’s professor and says he was the one who helped Savi a lot when he was in a hospital. He says he had even video called him and Savi had scolded him for calling him suddenly. Ishan says it’s okay and asks what was he doing in Nagpur. Ninad says he was following a stalker who is sending bridal gifts to Savi and sending a message that he will marry her soon. Ishan asks who is it. Ninad says he doesn’t know. Bhavani gets Savi ready for the satkar/felicitation ceremony and asks Ashwini to get a nazar thali as she wants to perform Savi’s nazar. Savi feels sad without her azoba.

Samrudh and his team reach outside Savi’s house and peep from window. Mandar explains his plan that only 5 members are inside the house, he and Samrudh will go inside and turn off main switch, they can enter next and kidnap Savi. Bhavani burns chillies to perform Savi’s nazar. All goons start coughing. Savi walks out to check. Samrudh and team hide. Vinayak asks her to get in as they are getting late for the ceremony. Savi says she can’t until Ninad returns. Bhavani says people will be waiting for them, so she should inform Ishan to bring Ninad directly to the venue and reach there first. They all walk in to pick their stuff. Samrudh and goons enter house. Mandar searches for a main switch and hides when Vinayak walks into the room. Samrudh seeing Savi heads towards her, recalling the insult he faced because of her.

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