Lost in love starlife update 16 June 2024

Samrudh wearing a mask heads towards Savi to kidnap her. Mandar pulls him aside and says he will not kidnap Savi until he switches off lights as Savi’s family is here. Harini walks to Savi and asks if she is ready. Savi says yes and says she felt someone around him. Harini says it’s her imagination and asks her to come out soon as they are getting late. They all walk out and wait for cab. Lights go off. Samrudh walks behind Savi.

In car, Ninad thanks Ishan for helping Savi and her family always and even today helping him reach home while he was wandering around. He requests Ishan to take care of Savi and protect her until she is in Pune. He says he is old and would go any time, so he is worried about Savi. He says Ishan is like his son Virat who used to never break his promise and sacrifice his life for his duty, he even sacrificed his life while on duty. Ishan promises him and reaches his house. Samrudh is about to sniff chloroform to Savi when Savi hears a car sound and walks out calling azoba. Ishan assures Ninad that he will protect Savi. Savi with whole family walks to Ninad and shows her concern for him. Ninad says he had gone behind a stalker who was sending him gifts. Ashwini scolds Ninad that his army instinct awakens often. Samrudh and Mandar get angry seeing Ishan there and discuss that Ishan came even here to protect Savi.

Savi thanks Ishan for bringing Ninad home. Ishan says they need to be careful with Ninad. Bhavani and Ashwini request Ishan to stay back for an hour and attend Savi’s satkar samaroh/felicitation ceremony. Ishan says he is really busy and needs to go. Savi asks Bhavani not to force Ishan as he must be really busy. Bhavani warns her to shut her mouth and requests Ishan. Whole family requests. Ishan agrees and says he can’t stay for long though. Bhavani asks Ninad to change his dress at the venue itself and asks Vinaayak to lock the main door. Vinayak locks the door. Samrudh recalls Ishan beating him brutally and thinks he will take revenge from even Ishan. He decides to reach Savi’s satkar samaroh and execute his plan there.

Harini says cab is canceled, so they have to go by auto. Ishan says they will go by his car. Bhavani agrees and gets into car with Ashwini. She notices Ishan and Savi standing with their hands on their waist. A religious song plays. Bhavani smiles seeing that. Ashwini asks why is she smiling. Bhavani says she will once they reach the venue. They reach venue. Ashwini asks her to tell now. Bhavani explains her reason and says last time she selected a wrong boy for Savi, this time she chose a right boy. Savi slips. Ishan holds her. Samrudh clicks their pic and thinks Savi will be his in some time.

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