Anupama starlife update Saturday 15 June 2024

The robber looking at Anupama asks if she needs cheap hotel. He says not much money is needed. Anupama says she has not having much money. He says ok and is about to go. Anupama asks if it is cheap hotel. The robber says yes and asks her to walk, says it is 5 mins walk. Anupama starts walking behind him. He is taking her to narrow lane. Anupama asks why you are not taking main road. He says this is short cut and asks her to give him luggage.

She says. He takes her to secluded place where his partners are already waiting for him. The robbers ask Anupama to give them money. Anupama says she doesn’t have any money and hits them with bag, but they snatch and run away with her hand bag and luggage bag. She shouts for Police and cries as they run away with her passport and money. The ice starts falling. Anupama tries to open the trolley which they couldn’t take, but it doesn’t open. The snow starts falling. She sits at side. She regrets to come there and thinks Kanha ji stopped her twice, but she came, and should have understood.

At Vanraj’s house, Dimpy gives prasad to the Pandit jis doing havan and sits beside Kavya. Vanraj says today for this yagya, I am sacrificing all old relations, and thinks his aim to live is Samar’s son. Kavya thinks she got wife’s rights, but her motherly love got missed. Dimpy thinks a mother can do anything for her child, her son is getting family, upbringing etc here and that’s why she is staying in this cage. Baa prays that Vanraj shall become more richer. Babu ji feels suffocated and thinks now they are staying with rich man. He prays that Anupama shall get a new sky in America.

Anupama is still sitting there. A guy comes near and tries to snatch her gold chain. She shouts and runs from there. She comes back and tries to get help. She then sleeps sitting outside the shop. In the morning, Anuj comes there on the bike and takes a canned drink. He gets a call and attends it. He says he is doing business here since 5 years and will do it on his terms and conditions. He sees an old woman and helps her. She blesses him. A leaf falls on his face. He throws it and it falls on Anupama waking her up from the sleep. Anupama wakes up. She collides with an American lady and her handbag falls down.

The lady asks what you are doing? Anupama picks the lady’s hand bag and gives to her. The lady goes inside. Anupama tries to get inside a restaurant, but the lady guard stops her. Anupama says she came to search a job and wants to meet the owner. The lady guard asks her to go and says everyone say this. Anupama says her passport is stolen. The lady guard doesn’t listen and asks her to go. Anupama asks her to give some water. The lady guard asks if she has money and asks her to go. Anupama says making someone drink water is a good deed. The lady guard asks her to go. Anupama turns to go and sees Police standing. She recalls devika’s words to always keep always passport and visa with her.

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