Evil Affairs starlife update Saturday 15 June 2024

The Episode starts with the Haakinis telling Nikki that Daakini’s marriage will happen today, but she can’t attend it, as she is weak and coward, and also 8 Hakinis are needed, and they are already 8. Later she sees Haakinis making bridal dress for Daakini.

Daakini comes there and asks Nikki to go and help her sisters to make the bridal dress. Nikki goes and helps them to pick the skull and bones. They pick it and go. Nikki apologizes to Daakini and says this is new for me and that’s why I get scared and asks her to let her attend her marriage. Daakini says you are not yet ready and asks her to increase her courage slowly and have patience, as her marriage will come again on next amavasya. She goes. Nikki thinks she can’t wait till next Amavasya, she has to attend Daakini’s marriage at any cost. One of the Haakini stops her. Piyush is on the way and recalls Prateik’s words to reach Daak Taal.

Vikram says Amavasya started, don’t know if Nikki will fulfill her aim or not. Sumitra says don’t know if we did right or wrong by bending down towards Piyush’s stubbornness. Dayan comes infront of them. Vikram asks would you like to have tea.

Daayan asks who complained about me, to Malik that I have tried to kill Piyush. Vikram says we didn’t know that Piyush was with you until we found him. Prateik says only Rachna can reach Malik being Shatabhisha born. She says who is born in this palace. She says I will find out and has to do a small rasam to find out the guilty person. Saudamini gets worried and asks her to let her go, and find out about the culprit. Daayan asks her to ask all the Servants. Saudamini says ok and says she will put the blame on someone to distract her. Daayan says one person is missing among you, Piyush…why he is not here. She asks where is he? Sumitra says he is injured and weak and is sleeping in his room. Daayan says I can’t believe and asks them to make her believe.

The haakini tells Nikki that the strict decision of Daakini will be that all the Hakinis will kill her, and then they will give her dead body to Daakini, and the latter will do meditation sitting on it, and the Daakin inside her will become more powerful. Nikki says Daakin. Haakini says Daakin is inside Daakini and she will come out of her before the marriage. Nikki says I understood that you are not happy here and asks why don’t you go back. Haakini tells that whoever gets stuck in Daak Taal, can never go back. Nikki realizes she has to face the Daakin sitting inside Daakini. Daayan comes to piyush’s room and is about to see Bhavani Singh under the blanket, but Sumitra stops her. Nikki comes to Haakini and asks her to say, how she can attend the marriage. Haakini says only if one haakini doesn’t come then you can attend. Nikki keeps watch on Daakini and gets an idea.

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