Guddan update 3 April Sunday 2022

Guddan 3 April 2022: Some women come in. They are arresting Alisha. Guddan says who called you? Kishor says I did. Alisha is a criminal. She did a crime. AJ says shut up. He says you sent Durga to jail as justice. Jail is Alisha’s place. That’s where she came from. AJ says she was a minor. AJ asks the cops to leave. Kishor says they won’t go. AJ says not a word. Kishor says you sent my wife and child to jail. You want my child to be born there and your daughter will live here? AJ says you don’t have to drag Alisha in all this. Kishor says she did a crime.

She will go to jail. Vikrant says she did a crime against me. I don’t want to file a complaint against her. She is a child. She made a mistake. I won’t ruin her life. I know she realizes her mistake and she deserves a chance. Kishor says now I understand your game Guddan. You sent my wife to jail. You will pay for your sins. Kishor leaves. AJ says let him be alone. AJ says to vikrant I am glad to have a friend like you. Vikrant says you’re my family.

Guddan says to AJ have some samosas. He says I can’t eat. Guddan says so you’re deciding how would you punish Alisha? He says how did you know? Guddan says Alisha made a mistake. We can’t send her to jail. She learned all these things from there. AJ says what should I do? Guddan says only our love and affection can bring the warmth in her back. We have to be together. I know you want to punish her. AJ says I asked the same questions to your mom’s picture. She gave me an idea. Guddan says I used to write my mistakes. AJ says exactly.

AJ says to Alisha this is your mistake board. You have to write all your mistakes on it and write sorry. Realize your mistakes. Perv says she is nodding? She has been defeated. A man comes in with his family. they are the girl’s family. Guddan says I called them. There was no reason to break this relation. The man says Guddan told us everything. We are sorry. Let’s start a new. My daughter likes vikrant and wants to marry him. Vikrant says I like her too. AJ says Alisha come here. They are going to be our family. Say sorry to them. Alisha says sorry. They say it’s okay. Dadi says let’s fix the date now. The girl’s father says our pandit is saying it’s after two days. AJ says we will arrange everything in this house. We can handle it. Guddan says wow. Let’s start the preps. Vikrant, it will be so grand. No one did mine.

Saru says to Revati what drama would Alisha do now? Revati says she is planning something big. Perv says we have packed our bags. Alisha won’t do anything now. We are defeated. Sarau says she even apologized to everyone. Revati says Alisha is silent because she is planning something big. Come, I will show you. Revati shows them Alisha writing sorry. Revati says she hasn’t given up. She will burst and ruin this house. If you leave you will miss out of the climax.

Alisha is writing sorry. Guddan brings her juice. Guddan says I hope you’ve realized you mistake. I understand your troubles. Antra’s death was an accident. We didn’t know she was behind. We all know what Antra was doing was wrong. She wanted to part me and AJ. Let our love come to your life. We all love you. Alisha says you want me to play happy family with my mother’s killer. Alisha says I won’t forgive my mother’s murderer. I will ruin your life. I wrote sorry for future. You think you will arrange Vikran’t wedding? No he will die. And AJ would be blamed for it.

Alisha says just like you called my mom’s death an accident, Vikrant will die too. From AJ’s hand. Guddan says how can you do that? how can you think of murder? Alisha says AJ will do that. I won’t. AJ said he will do everything at the wedding himself. Save your husband and his friend if you can. Guddan says are you out of your mind. What was Vikran’s death? Alisha says what was my mom’s mistake? Vikrant will die and AJ will be blamed for it. You can’t stop it. Alisha leaves. Guddan says before it’s too late I have to tell AJ everything.

Dadi says to AJ what are you thinking? He says thinking about Alisha. Guddan thinks we can win her with love. But how? How will we bring her on the right path? Dadi says sometimes bruises are so deep that they become your part. Antra brought up Alisha. So she learned everything from her. AJ says I won’t be able to forgive her if she does another mistake. I can’t let her harm my family. She has only one last chance. If she does another mistake I will ask her to leave. Dadi says will you be able to live without her? Guddan overhears all this. Guddan says he will kick Alisha out of the house if I tell him. I have to diffuse Alisha’s plan.

Guddan wakes up Alisha. Alisha says why are you ruining my sleep? Guddan says I can’t sleep how can you? I want to make a deal with you? You want to kill Vikrant and separate me and AJ. Do whatever you want but if you lose this time, you will have to get rid of this anger. Alisha says you can’t defeat me. Guddan says everyone knows I can do whatever I want. Let’s make this deal. Alisha says you can’t do it. Guddan says leave that. Accept the deal. Alisha says okay. Alisha says leave now.

Guddan comes to Durga and says I got your fruits. I know you need them in pregnancy. Durga says don’t need to do all this. Whatever I wanted to do for my baby, I can’t do that here. Guddan says I can understand you but what you did was wrong. Durga says a lot if wrong but let’s not talk about all that. I didn’t want to harm anyone. Guddan says I don’t want your child to suffer with you. A child deserves a positive environment. I don’t want him to suffer like Alisha. I will get you out of here because of your child. This is my promise. Stay strong, I will come here. Guddan leaves.Vikrant comes. He says what is all this? Dadi says these are your rings. You are our son. We have done so wrong to you. you deserve all this. Laxmi shows him rings. He says can we remove this sorry board. I don’t want to recall that incident. Dadi asks Laxmi to remove that board. Alisha says to Durga this won’t even be alive till his wedding. Guddan says shut up. Alisha says you won’t find that clue. It’s somewhere else. I will kill him. Should I shoot him in the heart? AJ has a gun. That gun isn’t there anymore. Guddan runs upstairs and checks AJ’s closet. The gun isn’t there. Alisha says why are you wasting time? Guddan says this isn’t right Alisha. Where is the gun? Alisha says find it. Guddan says stop it. Alisha says you said you can do anything. Alisha says now if Vikrant dies from this gun, AJ would go to jail. AJ comes and says what is all this? Are you finding something? Guddan says my earrings.

Alisha puts the gun on Perv. He screams and says what are you doing. Alisha laughs and says were you actually a policeman? She says I won’t kill you. Hide this gun. It’s very important for me. I will do something big tonight.AJ says is there a problem? Did Alisha say anything? Guddan says no what would she say? AJ says your eyes can’t lie to me. Guddan says yes my eyes say I love you. AJ says tell me what’s wrong.Guddan says prepare for the wedding. He leaves. Guddan says if I tell you, you won’t let Alisha live here. She can’t become a murderer like her mom.

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