Kulfi the singing star update Friday 13 January 2023

Kulfi the singing star 13 January 2023: Tony hides seeing Sikander yelling at Lovely, Sikander is taken away. Kulfi and friends reach the location Amyra had described, security doesn’t allow them in, Kulfi talks to him and asks him for some clues, he shows her few people who are taking donation, Kulfi says we saw donation box what now.Sikander walking in streets and man pushes him and runs away, Sikander finds a mobile in his pocket and it starts ringing, he picks it up, the caller says missing your daughter right, you want her than participate in Matka key Jagrata competition and you will get to know rest, and how to get in it leave it on us. Lovely asks where is Amyra and why is she in India, Tony says she is fine we just had cold coffee, Lovely says stop lying Amyra hates cold coffee, sikanders reaction and you lying what’s happening, Tony leaves saying all is fine.
Sikander warns the blackmailer that he will screw them. Raju gets Prasad for kids and says I had weird experience in temple a beggar had a board which read be happy god is great, Kulfi and friends leave to find the man.

Sikander goes to meet a man, Kulfi and friends hear kids talking about green kite. Sikander learns that his sir is invited for judging in Jagrata contest and he invites Sikander to join him. Kulfi sees a van stop by the tree and kidnapper get down the car, Kulfi says look let’s follow him. Sikander opens the file and finds Amyras details. Kulfi sees Amyra with kidnapper, Matka says we need to pass all them to reach Amyra. Sikander in shock seeing the folder.Kalti remains behind. Kulfi and friends move ahead, kalti signs them he will come the other way, kalti drops a drum by mistake, Sikander realises everyone is included in the game and he can trust no one. Kulfi distracts them and kalti moves ahead.Kalti creates a distraction and reaches kulfi and others, they hide near the drum and hear people discuss about shifting drums inside and so get in the drums,drums are shifted in a room.

Sikander uneasy leaves CM’s house, he sees a man troubling woman and goes to help but gets kidnapped. Kulfi and friend’s see kidnapper and says Amyra is somewhere around we are here but how will i get to her. Sikander is beaten and warned,and asked to do as said.Kidnapper gets a call and he informs everyone there work at this place is over and time to shift to new place,he gets Amyra and all leave the place, Kulfi and friends follow. Kulfi asks Matka and others to go house,if someone sees all are missing they will get scared and Kulfi will follow Amyra,Kulfi gets in car diggi, Amyra says to kidnapper I wanna see my dad,he says you will soon,you like chocolate have them, Amyra starts crying missing Sikander,Kulfi thinks you dont know Amyra but dont be scared im with you.Sikanders kidnapper, call CM,CM says i was waiting for your call. Kulfi realises car has stopped and with great difficulty gets off it and sees no one in the car,she finds that she is at Mata ka Jagrata Competition,she sees Jimmy walking and hides. Sikander at Mata ka Jagrata competition.Kulfi says if Jimmy is here Amyra is here for sure but how will I go inside and what if someone sees me. Kulfi is mistaken as back dancer and given costume,she gets happy.Sikander scans his finger and finds name Siddharth Sachdev. Kulfi gets dressed as sardar and joins other kids. Sikander says these are wrong detail’s thats not me, Sikander is whispered just shut-up and get in dont forget you are here for special task and is pushed in. CM’s assistant meets Sikander and says let’s head to waiting room, Sikander thinks of telling her the truth so that she can tell CM and they can help him out of conspiracy.

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