Kulfi the singing star update Monday 13 February 2023

Kulfi the singing star 13 February 2023: Kulfi and Tuntuna hug eachother, everyone sad seeing them bid good bye, Tuntuna says Kulfi go happily not in tears, go see your father. Kulfi leaves. Sikanders jeep stops, inspector walks to him, Sikander asks what’s wrong. Kulfi at gurudwara. Lovely says Sikander will never understand, let me go meet jimmy sika der is anyways not here, Lovely trying to call jimmy, kids playing, Lovely scolds them, Raju and Shantatai defend kids, Raju sees reports and thinks god no one should see them, Shantatai and lovely argue. Lovely calls Jimmy, and requests to meet. Inspector says we were just asking about you and you ran away, your daughter we know about her, we are finding her, even I have daughter I know the pain, let us drop you to gurdwara.


Sikander enters the gurdwara, sikander feels giddy, Kulfi praying for Sikander. Sikander with great difficulty walks in, Kulfi remembers Himmats words and how to find answer to question, Kulfi thinks of all the situations and prays lord I’m come from far away please show me way, tell me why is my father behaving this way, what is compulsion behind.

Jimmy says how come you here, Lovely says I can’t live there in that chawl, I will apologise from sikanders behaviour just return us, Jimmy says I already have, Lovely says then why are we in chawl, Jimmy says wow you know nothing, go ask your husband. Kulfi asks Babaji what is meaning of hukumnama, he says when you lose all hopes, still keep hope in god, Kulfi says but where is my answer, Kulfi goes to langar with Indian embassy people.

Sikander faints, Babaji asks are you okay, Sikander starts crying says I fought with lord, I’m a bad man, Babaji says it’s not that you are bad man, it was just misunderstanding, you are back in gurdwara, you are back home, get up, take lords blessings, sikander takes blessings,

Sikander prays to god and apologies for his behaviour, sikander says I don’t want anyone juts my Kulfi before I leave this world. Kulfi is told she will be sent India soon, Kulfi thinking how will she find her answers.Amyra finds her bowl at Raju’s home and reports too says this was in our room how did this come here. Sikander thinking of Kulfi and sings song, Kulfi hears his voice, and says my baba is here and rushes inside, Kulfi sings back to find him, Sikander hearing her voice rushes out, both see eachother, both rush to eachother, sikander slips and falls, Kulfi saves his head from banging, Sikander faints, Kulfi tries to wake him up, people shift Sikander to ambulance.Sikander in hospital, Kulfi told Sikanders condition and she is in shock. Kulfi prays for Sikander, says god my father, Babaji asks kulfi why is she crying,

Kulfi says my baba, he is ill, doctor said my baba is gonna die, Babaji says don’t cry, it’s all gods wish, he always does the right thing, it’s destiny and remember what hukumnama says all keep hopes and keep faith in good and all will be good, trust good and you will find hope.Kulfi remembers her first step in Mumbai and time spent here, Kulfi smiles and says I had faith that I will find my baba and today I’m with him and now I know I have faith my Baba won’t leave me.

Sikander wakes up and sees kulfi, kulfi sings for him, Sikander hugs her, Sikander thinks Kulfi doesn’t know about my illness may be she is giving me hope because she thinks I’m tired, kulfi says you always find me, but next time I will find you, Sikander says you know why this happened right, I’m very tired I was looking for you everywhere so didn’t eat anything so fainted, Kulfi with tear eyes hug him, nurse walks in and says your daughter is so brave when we told her about illness she acted so brave and went to gurdwara to pray for you, Sikander looks at Kulfi and hugs her, both start crying.

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