Kulfi the singing star update Friday 10 February 2023

Kulfi the singing star 10 February 2023: Tuntuna starts crying says I made a huge mistake im so stupid I left that little girl alone and about to go get Kulfi he sees Kulfi standing behind him and hugs her, Kulfi says my car broke down, Tuntuna says im sorry I will never leave you alone, I will drop you to kartarpur and take you to gurdrawara, kulfi says great but tell me one thing, how were you singing my fathers song, Tuntuna says you are Sikander Singh’s daughter, im his huge fan, god has made my day, me and my mother love his song, my mother is no more or else she would love to see you and im very sorry, I left you alone, I got little scared, Kulfi remembers her time in Mumbai when she got scared and hugs Tuntuna, Kulfi says how we will go now, Tuntuna says you know there is a darga here where your baba wanted to always visit will you go, Kulfi say yes.

Amyra cooking with Shantatai, Light goes off, raju says surely short circuit somewhere, Amyra sees smoke coming out of the room and rushes inside, others follow her, everyone sees Lovely with spolit hair and straightner, kids laugh over her, raju asks them to keep quite. Sikander running away from police, he sees darga and goes inside he says this is sikanderpur darga I always wanted to go here. Sikander apologises to a baba, baba says its all gods game and leaves. Kulfi and Tuntuna reach darga too. Sikander feels her presence, Kulfi feels Sikanders presence and stops, Tuntuna asks whats wrong and takes her inside. Sikander covers himself with blanket and leaves.
Kulfi makes a wish at the darga, please help me reach Kartarpur and my baba. Sikander inside darga strats feeling giddy. Sikander says I just want my daughter my Kulfi. Kulfi prays at the darga with Tuntuna. Tuntuna sees police in darga and hides, he sees kulfi praying tries whispering her.
Kulfi starts singing, Sikander hears Kulfis voice and is surprised. Kulfi walks towards darga following her voice, Sikander sees police standing at the door and stops, Sikander hides. Inspector catches Sikander, Kulfi feels Sikander is in difficulty, Sikander tries to escape but is taken away. Sikander sings back, Kulfi realises Sikander is near by and follows the voice. Kulfi finds no one around. Kulfi asks a baba what happened here, baba says police caught a man and took him away, Kulfi disturbed.

Kulfi tells Tuntuna that she heard Sikanders voice, Tuntuna says you were missing him so you felt that, I feel that too when I miss my mother. Tuntuna gets juice for Kulfi, says have this you will feel better and we will go Kartarpur and all will be good then.Lovely waiting for sikander, Amyra says don’t worry he must be busy with work. Kulfi and Tuntuna reach Kartarpur, Tuntuna says we don’t have ID, this little girl needs to go inside, let her pray and then she will go home India, she actually met with an accident and came here by mistake via water, guard gets angry and doesn’t allow them in, and makes a call. Amyra gets lovely her scarf dried, lovely says let me thank Yusuf. Lovely finds Yusuf disgusting and leaves says this place is so unhygienic and illiterate.Kulfi asks why are they stopping us and I think they won’t allow me go inside, Tuntuna starts making noise says no one can stop me from going inside and pushes all guards and asks kulfi to run inside. Guards catch Tuntuna, Kulfi runs inside with heavy heart, guard stops kulfi.Kulfi calls her friend home, and says I was missing you two and I’m sorry about this situation and I’m sure you must be uncomfortable, they say we are sorry for you, Lovely says this place I hate it, never can be my home, Shantatai walks in and asks your friends are here you want food, Lovely says no thank you leave us alone.

Lovely’s friends suggest lovely to force sikander patch with Jimmy or she will end here all her life.Kulfi and Tuntuna meet head and tell their story, they say you have no proof to prove their story, Tuntuna says that doesn’t prove that we are lying, he says you both could be spies and want to go back India, Tuntuna says we aren’t scared we haven’t lied, Kulfi says this place is similar to my place chiroli, why separate us. Kulfi says everyone says this isn’t my country but I don’t feel everything different until somebody told me that this isn’t India but Pakistan and I’m here just to visit Kartarpur and met with accident and I’m missing my Baba so much, but Tuntuna took care of me and I’m to pray for my baba and I will go back then please let me.Pakistan embassy asks to contact Indian embassy and let Kulfi in, Indian embassy reaches office and takes custody of kulfi and thank Tuntuna for taking care of kulfi. Kulfi requests to let her go gurdwara first, everyone agrees, Kulfi thanks everyone. Kulfi bids everyone good bye, Kulfi says bye to Tuntuna, Tuntuna hands her a phone, Tuntuna says look I got a phone now, I will miss you, I will call you everyday, this is my number call me, now quickly go, Kulfi says when I go India I will ask baba to talk to you, Tuntuna says that will be awesome, both tear eyed, hug eachother. Seeing kulfi and Tuntuna everyone feels sad.

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