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Anupama 11 February 2023: Anupama apologizes guests and says they are intelligent people and must be knowing the importance of pooja at a new house. She says they can party but after the pooja and requests them to join them for the pooja. Anuja also requests guests to join them for the pooja. Anupama asks servants to remove alcohol from venue and requests guests to remove their slippers outside the house. Barkha gets angry thinking she organized party with special permission for alcohol, but Anupama is performing pooja instead. Anupama and Anuj with Samar, Toshu, Pakhi’s and servant’s help clean the living room and make arrangements for pooja, leaving Barkha more jealous. Leela notices Barkha’s behavior and comments that Anupama’s jetani looks very finicky.

Vanraj says she is from USA. Leela asks if Anuj is not from USA. It doesn’t matter as they don’t have to visit this house often. Hasmukh says they have to visit Anupama often as they are her maika/mother’s side. Kavya praises Anupama’s good faith that even being an illiterate she got an NRI family and a loving husband who transferred everything in her name immediately after marriage. Vanraj feels irritated hearing that. Leela notices Samar, Pakhi, Toshu, and Kinjal mingling well with Adhik and Sara and says its better they visit less to daughter’s sasural/in-laws.

Anuj invites everyone for pooja and makes Shah family and GK sit with them for pooja. Barkha gets more upset seeing that. Guests feel irritated. Barkha tells Ankush that she had invited guests for the party, but they are forced to attend party. Ankush asks her to relax as it happens even in the USA. Panditji asks owner of the house to hold the kalash and get into the house.

Barkha says for the world whoever is the owner of Kapadia house is the owner of Kapadia empire, she cannot put Sara and Adhik’s future at risk and hence has to do something now.Panditji asks owner of the house to lift the kalash and enter the house. Anuj asks Anupama to lift the kalash as she is the owner of the house. Vanraj recalls humiliating Anupama earlier. Anupama shies while Anupama insists her to perform the ritual. She lifts kalash. Barkha tells Ankush that if Anupama wasn’t there, she would have garened all the media limelight. Ankush asks when she is not interested in pooja, then why she is dying to perform pooja. Barkha says she is interested in power instead. Anupama holds Barkha’s hand and says house belongs to the bahus/DILs of the house and not the one who owns the keys. Ankush tells Anuj that they will follow the super successful wives like true husands. Anupama establishes kalash in temple.Panditji asks Anupama to imprint her hands on the wall.

Barkha stops her. Kavya tells Leela that Barkha is not less than Rakhi Dave. Barkha says the paint is very precious and she ordered it from Paris, so she will not let Anupama spoil the living room with turmeric hand prints. Anupama says its their culture. Barkha asks her to do the ritual in the backyard and reminds that she accepted to let the alcohol out of the house. Anupama says they cannot insult their ritual and explains her point of view. Barkha gets adamant. Leela says haldi imprints are auspicious and pooja brings positivity in the home, etc. Anupama says Leela is right. Barkha says she will not let her walls spoilt, then says she means the house which she decorated. Anupama says she will not compromise on her culture. Anuj brings a sheet of paper and says they will fix it on the wall and let Anupama perform the ritual, that way both the culture and modernity will be prevailed. Sara praises Anupama for the idea. Anuj says its his idea.

Anupama says both culture and modernity can be protected if they try. Anuj praises Anupama and fixes paper on the wall. Anupama asks GK to do the ritual as he is the elder of the house, then Ankush and Barkha, then herself and Anuj.

Anupama performs graha pravesh ritual and says she will frame the handprints they all made for the ritual. Sara says that’s a cool idea, it looks like a modern art. Anuj takes out nameplate he ordered. Barkha also brings one. Ankush suggests them both to open it at once. Anuju shows his nameplate with Anupamaa Sadan written on it and Barkha shows her nameplate with Kapadia’s written on it. Anuj says this house belongs to Anupama, hence her nameplate will be fixed. Barkha says the other Kapadia’s will also stay there, so her naeplate should be fixed. Anuj says Anupama’s name is inscribed in his heart, so Anupama’s nameplate will be fixed. Anupama thanks Anuj and Barkha both for thinking so much. Leela asks whom she will respect now. Anupama says both bby fixing both nameplates. Anuj says that’s a fantastic idea. Anupama keeps the nameplate in front of god and asks if they can start the party now.

Sara says she is the coolest. Pakhi says coolest and the best.After the party, Anupama asks Hasmukh if he had food. Hasmukh says he had food and medicine and didn’t have sweets. He then says her house is very good. Anupama nervously says she never stayed in such a big and modern house where even curtains are operated with remote control. Hasmukh says people stay in each other’s heart and he is happy that she lives in a heart which respects her and gives her equal right. Anupama asks how he understands what is in her mind without speaking. Hasmukh says that is what father is and asks her to go and attend the guests.

Ankush bumps on Vanraj, apologizes him for the drama happened at the entrance of house, and befriends him. He praises Anupama and says he is amazed to see an ex-husband being cordial with his ex-wife even in India. Vanraj says when it’s a question of children, parents have to cooperate. Ankush taunts him that he is controlling his ego as he knows he would benefit from rich Anupama. Vanraj controls his anger and smilingly replies that he understood the whole situation, a man in need understands another man in need. He taunts back that even Ankush returned from USA for the need and not the love for his brother, he chose his need over his self-respect. He suggests him to stay away from the a persistent person or he would be in trouble. Hasmukh stands stunned with his befitting reply.Samar, Pakhi, Toshu, and Kinjal continue to mingle well with Sara and Adhik. Pakhi says the house is so amazing that she thinks of shifting here. Sara says she should. Anupama and Anuj joins them. Baa and Vanraj notice that and discuss that they should maintain a distance from Anupama’s family.

Hasmukh feels gassy and burps while having water. Barkha’s guest insults him. Barkha backs her guest. Vanraj gets angry and confronts the guest and Barkha. Ankush warns Vanraj to behave. Vanraj warns that if anyone would misbehave with his father, he would even raise his hands. Anupama intervenes and tries to manage the situation, but when the guest demands an apology from Hasmukh calling him old man again, she also gets angry and warns guest and Barkha to behave with elders. She gives a long explaination how they respect their elders in their culture and demands an apology from the guest. Anuj also demands an apology from the guest and says he wouldn’t tolerate anyone insulting his parents. Ankush apologizes on guest’s behalf. Anupama says guest has to apologize instead and says she would have tolerated if she had misbehaved with her children, but wouldn’t tolerate if anyone insults her parents. Anuj insists guest again to apologize.

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