Kulfi the singing star update Monday 9 January 2023

Kulfi the singing star 9 January 2023: A man dressed as Ganesha meets Sikander says I came here to hear song from you, Amyra sees kulfi lost and asks where are you lost, Kulfi turns around and sees it’s just a man and no man dressed as Ganesha. The man says I will talk business, I want talent that talks, and don’t worry I’m not scared of jimmy, I was his partner but he cheated, Damji isn’t scared of me, Kulfi gets him sweets and says have Prasad.Kulfi and Amyra makes announcement of sikanders new album in society, Amyra says I will now soon go back to my old rich house. Kulfi happy to see Sikander happy. Kulfi sees Amyra getting uneasy while sleeping due to Sikander playing music, Kulfi says come with me let’s sleep Together with our kids Gang. Amyra says wow pajama party let’s go and leaves with Kulfi.

Kulfi and Amyra with kids gang, discussing about Sikander music, and teasing others, Kulfi thinks sikander might have made a song until now. Kulfi walks to Sikander and sees him struggling, she walks to him and sings for him. Sikander says my smarty pants, Kulfi says you make all these good songs,Kulfi motivates him. Sikander says now song will be ready 100%, now go sleep. Kulfi leaves.Damji hears the song, composed by Sikander. Damji says something is missing and it’s your touch, but don’t worry it will come back, take your time and this Damji is with you. Kulfi walks to Sikander,says heartbeat has music so many everything looks confused hear that music and the song will be out. Sikander says I’m trying but there’s lot of chaos in my mind, all responsibilities going around in my mind.Amyra says kulfi what will we do now, if dad won’t do it how will we go home, dad has become useless, what if we always remain poor, dad isn’t trying, Kulfi says he hasn’t he is trying stop panicking, he loves music he is just disturbed and soon will be on track, his confidence has lost and we got to refill it, we need to get him on stage in a concert and w hen he will hear SSG back he will gain it back. Amyra says how but and I can’t stay in this society like poor, Kulfi sees a singing contest pamphlet. Kulfi and Amyra get happy, amyra says we should make dad participate in this.

Jimmy says good ad and let’s see who will be my Jagrata singing superstar. Kulfi and Amyra in registration office for singing contest. Registrar says what are you kids doing here, Amyra says we aren’t some ordinary kids but little superstar, Kulfi says yes me and my baba sing in Jagrata too, he says but you need all members during registry, Amyra says I will go get dad, you stay here. Lovely getting tortured in jail by the police. Meanwhile, Amyra comes in the Chawl to tell Sikander about the contest but gets shocked to see something. Lovely loses her senses and sees Amyra in front of her. She starts blaming her for not supporting her mother while jailor thinks Lovely has gone mad. Amyra decides to surprise Sikander while Kulfi is waiting for them. Jimmy sees Kulfi and confronts her about being in his office. He insults Kulfi and asks her to leave. Kulfi decides to stop Sikander and Kulfi from seeing the drama of Jimmy. Nihalo meets Lovely and says she will take revenge for her betrayal. Lovely is mentally disturbed and sees Amyra everywhere. Jimmy continues to shout at Kulfi and insults her. Amyra has brought Sikander with eyes closed and at the same time, she sees Jimmy Gazdar. Kulfi instructs her to take Sikander out of there. Jimmy even hurts Kulfi but she decides to hide the truth from Sikander. Amyra makes a plan and decides to take participation in the contest while disguised as Bajewala.Later, Kulfi asks Amyra to come outside while someone has kidnapped her. Lovely gets a call from her dad stating he has taken Amyra and asks for further plan. She wants her father to take Amyra far away from India.Lovely is doing drama in jail to get in a mental asylum.

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