Kulfi the singing star update Thursday 5 January 2023

Kulfi the singing star 5 January 2023: Lovely wondering what she should do to get out of the cupboard. At the same time, Shanta Bai asks Sikander to take something out of the cupboard. Matka opens the cupboard instead and gets scared. She asks him to not shout and tells him she is hiding from some goons. Matka also brings her water and something to eat which is witnessed by Kulfi. She gets suspicious and decides to ask him. Meanwhile, Sikander and his boss bond over a glass of Lassi. Sikander enquires about his emotional breakdown on the song. Lovely hides before Kulfi sees inside and Matka lies about eating the food. Later, Kulfi and her friends rehearse for the dance competition.

Lovely decides to cut Amyra’s costume tale so that she can recognize her later. At the same time, Sikander’s boss wishes to attend his Chawl Ganpati function.Kulfi enquires about Amyra’s upset state. Amyra says she saw a witch who had a face just like her mother.Later, Sikander arrives with his boss in the Chawl. The Chawl members get happy with his presence as he is a big personality. The celebrations for Ganpati Utsav start while Lovely plans to come out of the cupboard. She is caught by Himmat Kaur who asks for her presence. She asks her to bring plates from the backside. Kids come to give her the costume of Ganpati and ask Himmat to let her stay.Sikander addresses the society and says now our kids will perform, Sandy says then we will have surprise, Lovely dressed as ganpati walks in, kids walk in, in mouse outfits, Lovely thinking where is Amyra, Shanta bhai asks why does no one have tails, Raju says Amyras costume had small tail so I cut everyone’s. Kids begin their performance.

Amyra does a step and Lovely thinks oh this step me and Amyra use to do this is Amyra thank god. Matka after performance puts off the lights, Lovely picks Amyra and leaves. Sandy puts the fuse back.Sikander says one kid is missing all start looking for who is missing, sikander asks kids to remove mask. Lovely hugs the kid and says Amyra I miss you my baby I love you so much, I recognised you from our step, I ran away from prison for you, we will go far away from here away from your dad and kulfi, Lovely removes mask to find it’s Kulfi. Everyone in society starts looking for kulfi.Kulfi says lovely please let me go, Lovely says shut up. Babar calms Sikander, and says may be kaali colony people took Kulfi away, everyone finds its Ganesha who took Kulfi away. Raju says let’s go lodge a complain, sikander gets call from lovely, and says kulfi is with me I was there to take Amyra but took Kulfi by mistake, just give me my baby and I will go far away from you, sikander says you ran away, Lovely says yes I begged you but you didn’t listen, my Amyra is dying in that dirty society but you didn’t listen, I’m taking my baby away, take your kulfi and do whatever you want and stay wherever you want to and don’t take me lightly, and don’t act smart.

Everyone walks to Sikander and asks where is Kulfi, Sikander says all is fine, Kulfi is with her remand home friends, Himmat asks what nonsense you talking how did she leave without any notice, Babar says just tell us, don’t hide, Sikander says I will manage please. Inspector walks to Sikander and says we need to talk alone and tells him Lovely escaped, did she contact you, do you know where she is, Sikander says I have no idea. Inspector says two lady constables will stay here for security.Society asks Sikander what’s wrong, Sikander says I will manage and leaves. Amyra says dad atleast tell me, please dad. Sikander scolds her and asks her to go to bed, Sikander says I’m sorry but please go to bed. Babar in society constables thank Babar for his help to family, Babar says Sikander is my very good friend keep an eye on him he shouldn’t be in any trouble.Sikander says how can I exchange my daughters, should I tell police what do I do now, but if Lovely finds I told police she will harm kulfi. Amyra walks to Sikander and asks is Kulfi in danger what’s the matter.

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