King of hearts update Monday 17th June 2019


Monday update on King of hearts

Rajveer tells everyone that his Aunt and Uncle refused to stay in the house because they are scared that someone is trying to harm him.
He asks why Sid did it, then he storms off.
Mona asks DD if she can see what Sid has done? Roshni asks Mona what Sid has done this time?
Mona says Sid keeps fighting with Rajveer, and Roshni fights with Samaira, so they’ve had enough, and they will be leaving the house!
She walks away.
DD tells Sid to try and fix his problem with Rajveer because her family is falling apart.
Sid and Roshni enter the living room to meet Mona, Samaira and Rajveer, packed and ready to leave.
Sid apologises to Mona saying he didn’t mean to offend her and she doesn’t need to leave the house over it. Mona tells him to apologise to Rajveer instead!
DD tells Sid that Mona is right and he should apologise to Rajveer.
Sid walks slowly to Rajveer and says he’s sorry for everything he said, if he’s caused him any trouble or hurt him, he’s sorry.
He apologises to Mona and Samaira too, begging them not to leave.
Rajveer say it’s okay and if Sid needed to know anything, he could have just come to him. He tells Mona to let it go, as Sid is like a brother and a good person. He hugs Sid who stands stiffly for a while before hugging back.

Rajveer is smoking at the balcony in the middle of the night. Sid tells him that smoking is bad for him.
Rajveer asks if he can’t sleep because he lost? He says Sid really underestimated him. He laughs at Sid then says the Couple Sid brought today know him very well and how dangerous he can be, and they also know their daughter will be the one to suffer! He tells Sid to stop playing childish games because they don’t suit him!
Sid says it seems he never went to school otherwise, he would know that truth always triumphs in the end.
Rajveer says such things only happen in school plays!
Sid promises to expose him in just 24 hours!
Sid returns to their room. Roshni tells Sid to forget about what happened earlier and focus on planning something for DD’s birthday coming up tomorrow.
In the morning, DD wants Sid to follow her to the Office. Sid says he was thinking of going to the factory. She tells him they have no business there today, and she doesn’t know what is on his mind, but he has done a lot to keep the family together, and it should remain that way.
Raj asks Simran if she is okay? Simran says their daughter just came into their lives and now, she wants to get married and leave.
Krutika comes in and says she’s not going anywhere!
Raj asks what if the husband wants her to move in? Krutika says she doesn’t care, she already discussed it with him and he says he doesn’t mind moving in with her.
Raj asks what kind of Man is that, who is okay with such an arrangement?

Krutika says so Sid can move in with his in-laws and not her own husband?
Raj says Sid has a reason for that.
Simran says Krutika’s husband to be also has a reason and it’s because he understands Krutika didn’t grow up with a Mother.
Raj tells himself that something doesn’t add up concerning the husband to be, and he will find out!
Sid tells DD that he’s done with work, and wants to go out. DD says she has some more tasks for him. He leaves the room and she tells herself that she just doesn’t want him to go home and cause more trouble. She wants her party to go well tomorrow.
Sid has the papers DD used to mortgage her properties.
Rajveer greets him and Sid decides that he needs to hide the papers from him.
Pratima takes some yoghurt to Rajveer and it spills on his clothes. He goes to the bathroom to clean up, leaving his Mobile on the desk.
Rajveer’s phone starts to ring and it’s Gaffur.
Sid answers the call and Gaffur asks for his Money! Sid quickly sends him a message saying he can’t talk, but he should come to India so they can meet up and he shouldn’t call, so he doesn’t get into trouble.
Rajveer gets back to his sit and gets a text from Gaffur telling him where they will meet up and that he shouldn’t call him! Sid sees Rajveer’s changed expressions and thinks he will get him exposed soon.
Krutika’s boyfriend comes to visit the Khuranas, but Raj is not home. He tells Simran that he has to leave and can’t wait for Raj because he just got an important phone call.

Simran and Krutika tell him that he can go and they will let Raj know he couldn’t wait. He drives off as Raj drives into the compound.
Raj asks Simran and Krutika why the guy left even after he said he was nearby? Krutika gets upset saying Sid always leaves in a hurry too and no one tells him anything!
Simran begs Raj to let it go, and he will meet the Man tomorrow. Raj says it’s okay.
Roshni gets a call from Simran. Simran says her friend’s daughter is getting married soon, and she was hoping Roshni will come shopping with her. Roshni says she has to see Phatka, he’s being discharged from the hospital, and she needs to drop him at the NGO. Simran is disappointed. Roshni says they can do it at night, if Simran doesn’t mind?
Simran tells her not to worry that they will do it another time.
After Simran hangs up, Krutika tells her that her daughter and Son don’t have time for her! She is planning a wedding and Sid hasn’t come even once, and Roshni is giving excuses!
She offers to go on the shopping trip with her.
DD comes to meet Roshni near the hospital, as she leaves with Phatka.
Roshni asks why she’s here? DD says she was around the corner and thought to fetch her. Phatka says Roshni doesn’t want to give him ice-cream.
DD buys him the ice-cream and says the happier he is, the sooner he will get better. Roshni is surprised.
Simran and Krutika are in the Car when they sight Roshni and DD.
DD feeds Roshni some ice cream and they are having fun.

Krutika rubs it in Simran’s face that Roshni said she was busy, but she is just spending time with her real mother! Simran gets sad.
Simran is giving instructions to the people decorating the house. Sid appears and Simran asks why he’s here? She complains that they’ve all been too busy to help! Sid says he doesn’t really know Krutika and the whole thing is confusing. Simran tells him to try and get to know Krutika.
Sid says he will try and maybe he will come back home soon and bring Roshni. Simran is elated. She says her family will soon be complete!
Raj arrives and hugs him. He says Sid has brought a smile to his Mother’s face. Sid tells them to please stop acting as kids.
One of the decorators calls Simran and she leaves them.
Raj asks Sid if all is well?Sid says it’s not; DD mortgaged all her property and he can’t keep the papers in the house around Rajveer. Raj says he will keep them. Raj says Sid has done well for DD to trust him.
Simran returns and Raj gives her the papers to keep. She asks what they are and he says they are for DD. She asks why they are keeping DD papers?
Raj says he will explain to her later.
Sid gets home and sees Roshni making a Phone call. She tells him that she wants to call his Mum and ask for a cake recipe.
Simran is oiling Krutika’s hair. She tells her to go to bed early because tomorrow is a big day.

Roshni calls and Simran tells Krutika to put the Phone on speaker as her hands are too oily to touch it. Roshni apologises to her for not meeting her up. She says she was busy, she went to pick Phatka from the hospital and it’s all because of the drunk girl and she wonders what family she is from; people like that should be behind bars!
Krutika gets upset and smashes a glass.
Simran tells Roshni not to say bad things about people anymore because they don’t know what the girl is going through. Simran asks what she needs? Roshni says it’s DD’s birthday tomorrow and she wants the recipe for a cake. Simran says she doesn’t have time for that now and they will talk some other time. She hangs up Krutika tells Simran that she did the right thing and Roshni is just a liar!
Sid asks Roshni what’s wrong? Roshni says the way his Mother spoke to her is not the way she usually does.
Sid says she can’t judge from the call.
Roshni says she needed a cake recipe, but she didn’t give her. Sid says he will help her with the cake and tries to get romantic. She pushes him and smile.
Rajveer wonders why Gaffur wants to see him? Gaffur sends a text to meet him tomorrow Morning.

Samaira enters the room and tells him that she made something for him. He follows her out of the room.
Sid sneaks into the room and picks up Rajveer’s phone. He reads the text from Gaffur stating when and where they should meet up. He is happy that his plans are falling into place.

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