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Sunday update on king of hearts

Krutika tells Simran that Sid and his Mother-in-law humiliated her today! DD asked her if she had a Mother and father, and it seems everyone enjoys trying to find out what her childhood was like! She says Simran said they would accept her, but Sid was there as they humiliated her and he didn’t say anything! She says she could have told everyone the truth there, but she couldn’t do it because she didn’t want to ruin her brother’s life.
Simran says she loves both of them.
Krutika asks what she sees in Sid and says Roshni would gladly send her away. She feels sorry for Simran because she abandoned her and got married into Money and what does she get in return, a husband and Son who doesn’t listen to her!
Simran asks Krutika if she had had something to eat? Krutika says she is not hungry! She tries to stand up, but faints. Simran calls for help.
Sid follows the Man who was staring at him earlier on. He meets him outside and asks if he has any information? The Man stares at him.
Sid gives him some money and the Man hands him a file. Sid says there is nothing about Rajveer in it. The Man says he will find out all he needs to know about Rajveer through the address. He tells Sid to leave before anyone sees him.
The Doctor checks Krutika. Simran asks her if everything is alright?
The Doctor says Krutika is pregnant and they need to take care of her. Simran and Raj are shocked.

When the doctor leaves, Raj says now, he’s seen it all! Simran breaks down in tears. Raj reminds her that she never listened to him when he warned her about Krutika.
Krutika tells them to stop arguing; she loves the guy responsible for her pregnancy and he loves her too, so they will take good care of the baby. She says she should be happy that she is becoming a Grandma. She says she will call him and inform him about the baby! Raj gets upset and says he knows the type of guy he would be! Krutika tells him to stop talking and if she will listen to anyone, it will be Simran! Raj asks if she will be getting married to the guy before having the baby? He accuses her of only remembering Simran is her Mother when it’s convenient, and doesn’t hesitate to humiliate her at other times!
Simran begs Raj to stop talking. Raj tells her that the day the boy enters the family will be the beginning of problems, and she has been so blinded by her daughter, that she has begun to lose her mind, and it may eventually lead to problems for them in their Marriage! Simran says she will meet him first.
Roshni is not talking to Sid. He goes to sit with her and asks if she’s still upset? He says he knows she thinks his decision was wrong and he shouldn’t have let the girl who caused the accident go, but she needs to trust he did the right thing.

Roshni says he was wrong to let her go; he was also of the view that the girl should be purnished, but he suddenly changed his mind. Sid says he thought about what the girl’s family would be going through.
Roshni says the boy she hit, Phatka, has a family too, and what sort of family does the girl even have that allowed her to go drinking and driving? They must be irresponsible!
Sid is unable to respond. He apologises to her for not living up to her expectations. He walks away and Roshni calls him back. She says she was upset, but she’s alright now, and they should forget about it and not allow strangers to affect their mood.
Sid wonders what will happen when Roshni finds out that Krutika is his Sister? He also thinks about how he will resolve Rajveer’s issue.
DD brings snacks for Mona and Sam and asks them to eat as they have not since yesterday. Mona says if she really cares for them, then she should control Roshni, as she and Sid, are treating them like a thief!
DD begs Mona to forget all that has happened in the past; she will talk to the children and resolve the issues.
She says she can’t let her family fall apart more than it has; they’ve always lived under the same roof, but not as a family, so she needs Mona by her side to help her get the family back together. She holds Mona’s hand, and Mona agrees.
Simran and Krutika enter Raj’s room. He asks where they’ve been all day? Simran says she followed Krutika to go and meet her boyfriend, and as soon as Krutika told him she was pregnant, he pulled out a ring and proposed to her.
Raj asks if she agreed to it? Simran says she did and this is the first time she has seen Krutika so happy. She says the Man has been married before. Raj is shocked.
Simran tells him not to act shocked, as he is also married to someone who was married before. Raj tells her there was no need to inform him since she already has everything figured out.

He walks away and Simran decides she will handle all the wedding arrangements on her own since Raj is not willing to be a part of it.
Sid gets to the address that was in Rajveer’s file. A couple answers the door, and he tells them his name. He says he wants to ask them questions about Rajveer. They turn to go back in, but Sid begs them to help him as his family is in grave danger.
The henna ceremony for Krutika is going on at the house.
The Sari merchant brings a lot of Saris to show Simran and Krutika. Raj comes home and asks Simran what is going on? He says they are supposed to meet with the guy’s parents first before deciding, but Simran has gone on her own to decide because Krutika forced her to.
Krutika gets upset and tells them to leave! She complains that they they have ruined her henna ceremony!
She smears the henna design on her palms and Simran begs her to go and wash her hands. Raj asks Simran if he’s wrong! Simran reminds him they didn’t really meet Roshni’s Parents before they approved of the wedding. She says he claims to be a father to both Krutika and Sid, but he favours Sid over Krutika! She walks out in anger. Raj begins to wonder who Krutika’s boyfriend is that he has been able to get Simran and Krutika under his spell?
Rajveer goes to a real estate agent and tells him he wants to rent a flat for just one week, and he will be out.
The Man says he can’t rent it for just a week. Raj gets upset and throws some Money at him, then tells him to find a way, and do it in the next hour, or he will collect his full deposit back!

The Couple agreed to help Sid. He thanks them and says he will make all the necessary arrangements for them to go to Mumbai.
Sid gets a call from his father who asks where he is?
Sid says he went to Pune to try and get evidence against Rajveer. Raj says he believes Sid will get it. He says there’s something he needs to discuss with him.
Simran takes the phone from Raj and tells Sid that she wants him to come home for dinner as she has news for him concerning Krutika. When she hangs up, Raj tells Simran that he doesn’t like to fight with her.
She asks why he’s not supporting her in this matter when he knows fully well that Krutika is her daughter and she will do anything to make her happy?
Raj holds her hand and says he will support her, but he wants to meet the Man, as Krutika is also his daughter.
He tells her not to hold back on the wedding because it’s Krutika’s wedding and if the Man makes her happy and Simran is happy, then he is also happy.
Sid is having dinner at his Parents’ home. He asks his Mum what is going on? Simran says she has finalised plans for Krutika’s wedding. Sid is shocked. He asks who the Man is, and if his father approved? Simran says Raj approved of it.
Krutika tells him it’s the Man he fought with the other night. Simran says she needs him to be there.
A Servant comes to inform Sid that his guests from Pune say they can’t help him and they’ve gone back.

Sid begs Simran to allow him go now.
Simran accuses him of rushing off to his in-laws all the time instead of his own family.
Sid begs that Roshni and DD’s lives are in danger, so he has to go.
When Sid leaves, Krutika tells Simran that Sid doesn’t listen to her, he prefers his in-laws, so why would he be bothered about his Step Sister’s wedding? She says if it was Sid’s real Sister getting married, he would have gone out of his way for her. Simran assures Krutika that she will be there for her. Krutika tells Simran that she loves her.
Sid stops the Couple and begs them to please stay and help him expose Rajveer in front of his family. They say they don’t want any trouble because Rajveer is a very dangerous Man!
He promises them that they won’t face Rajveer at all.
DD is planning the surprise ceremony for Roshni and Sid. Grandmother says she will take Roshni out to the Salon and and lie to her that they are going out for a small dinner.
Bablu also says he will take Sid out and tell him they have a dinner.
Sid arrives with the Couple and introduces them to DD saying he just bumped into them and they told him they wanted to see Rajveer.

Rajveer appears and Sid is shocked.
Rajveer greets his Aunt and Uncle warmly and asks how they are doing saying he has been looking for them since he came to Mumbai.
He says he wants to introduce them to Samaira. Sid gets confused.
The Uncle says Rajveer is like a Son to him? Sid wonders why they lied to him? He remembers when the Uncle said Rajveer is a dangerous Man and they are scared of getting on his bad side. The Aunt says Rajveer indulged in every type of vice when he lived with them, and he kept demanding more money till neighbours caught him stealing. The Police took him away and they’ve been dreading his release since.
Sid tells them that they can’t let him walk freely, so he needs them to come and tell his family the kind of person Rajveer is. He asks if they have any proof? The Uncle shows him restraining orders filed against Rajveer.
Rajveer asks his Uncle if he received the Money he sent? The Uncle says he did.
Sid asks why they are saying that? The Aunt says they are saying the truth.
Rajveer asks if Sid wanted them to to say something else? Sid says they were supposed to tell everyone about Rajveer’s stint in rehab.
Rajveer says he was very young when his Parents died and one day, some thugs attacked his Uncle and he got into a huge fight with them, that was why he was sent to rehab.

The Aunt tells him not to cry because he did it for his family’s sake, they are proud of what he has achieved.
The Uncle says they have to go.
Mona tells them to stay. The Uncle declines and says they have to leave.
Sid wonders how Rajveer got out of the spot, but he vows not to spare him!

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