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Samaira asks the Children who put her Phone in the bin? She grabs the older girls’s ear and twists her ears and shouts if they did it!! They deny it, but she continues purnishing them.

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Yash is shocked to see that and gets upset. He rescues the Child and asks Sam how she could be so ruthless as to purnishing innocent kids like this! He says Sam should be ashamed of herself and asks her to mend her behaviour and warns her never to do it again! He takes the Children away from there.
Roshni arrives with Sid to his place.
His father invites her to join them at the dining for breakfast but she declines.
Sid’s Grandmother tells her to sit and join them.
Simran offers Misha some chopped mangoes, but Misha says she is allergic to mangoes. Kritika smirks thinking of her ugly plan.
Misha begs Sid to take her shopping.
Roshni says Sid is allergic to shopping.
Sid says he is not and would accompany Misha.
He sniffs Roshni and says he smells jealousy, so she should just admit she doesn’t like seeing him close to other girls.
Roshni says she is not jealous!

Sid asks what will Misha give him? She jokes that the latest Mario game. Everyone laugh hearing that and Rushi fumes in jealousy.
Roshni while massaging Sid’s Grandmother restlessly waits for Sid and Misha and thinks it is already 3 hours. Grandmother asks her to be gentle with the massage.
Sid and Misha return home from shopping just then.
Simran offers to make them some milkshake but Roshni says she will make it.
Sid shows Misha a pair of earrings he got for Roshni but says he will trouble her a bit before giving them to her. Misha asks him to stop pestering Roshni and says jealousy is very dangerous and Roshni may kill her! Sid asks her to stop watching TV serials.
Roshni gets banana milkshake. She serves them the milkshake and Sid asks if she made them well?
Roshni jokes that she poisoned them.
Sid takes a sip and says it is very tasty and offers it to Misha who also tries and likes it.
Kritika is watching them.
Misha starts to choke after drinking the milkshake. Sid asks what happened? Meesha murmurs Mangoes, that there is Mango in the juice. Sid alleges Roshni for mixing Mango in the banana milkshake and shouts at her to stop being jealous!
Roshni repeatedly says she didn’t add any Mangoes because she knows Misha has an allergy. Kritika continues to smirk seeing it.
Simran takes a sip and says she tastes Mango.
Kritika gives her a sign then also takes a sip and says she can taste Mango too.
Sid asks Roshni how she could do such a thing and says her behaviour has changed since Misha arrived!
Roshni is stunned.

Sid’s Grandmother tells him Roshni couldn’t have done it.
The Doctor attends to Misha and says she will be fine but the next time it happens, she could die.
Roshni tries to talk to Sid but he walks away in anger.
Sam prepares breakfast for Yash and the Children in the morning.
Yash apologises to Sam for his outburst the day before and says if she handles the kids with love, they will love her. He calls the Children out for breakfast. He comes and sit on table. The kids also join them for breakfast and the girl pretends there is something in her eye.
As Sam and Yash try to help her, the little boy puts something in Sam’s hair.
She starts scratching her hair and moaning.
Yash tries to help her, but she screams and runs around the room.
He finally gets the Centipede out and smilingly asks what is this? Sam shouts at the Children and goes to her room. The kids laugh at her.
Sid angrily comes out of Misha’s room. Roshni asks Sid if he thinks she will do such a thing?
He asks who else could have done it since she made the milkshake!
He says he paid extra attention to Misha because he thought it would make Roshni jealous but now, Roshni has taken it too far and Misha could have died!
He tells her not to involve Misha in their fights because she’s a guest in the house and shouts that Misha is very important to him and he will not tolerate Roshni trying to harm her!
He tells her not to let it happen again!
Roshni is in tears.

Roshni continues to explain to him, but he angrily leaves.
Sam speaks to Mona on the phone telling her all what happened and Mona says they are just kids so Sam should let it go.
Yash puts a card in the room for her, apologising. She looks at Yash’s greeting cards and smiles.
He enters the room and apologises in person with jewelry (earrings).
She forgives him and hugs him happily. The Children see that and discuss that Aunt and Uncle have reunited again and they will have to do something to make them fight again!
Roshni comes home, crying over what Sid said to her.
Her father consoles her.
DD asks her what Sid has done?
Roshni asks how Sid could believe she would do such a thing and not trust her.
DD angrily calls Sid on the Phone who is busy taking care of Misha and cuts the call. DD calls him again and shouts that he should stop interfering in Roshni’s life even after divorcing her! She berates him for blaming Roshni for trying to hurt someone!
Sid says if everyone can make mistakes, so can Roshni and says Roshni made a mistake and should be corrected!
Kritika is listening to the conversation standing at the door and once Sid leaves the room, Kritika goes in to tell Misha that she can now see Roshni’s true colours as she has been telling her about this so many times, but she did not believe her and she saw how Sid is frustrated regarding Roshni now.

Misha says she can now see and she will do something about it!
At night, Sid is sleeping on the Couch in Misha’s room.
Crying Roshni calls Sid. He is sound asleep, and wakes up hearing his mobile’s ring tone, and sees Roshni’s call and cuts it repeatedly.
Roshni’s mother, father and grandmother watch her in tears.
DD is very upset with Sid.
Grandmother tells DD that she should calm down as it’s common between spouses, besides Sid’s father and grandmother called to tell her they believe Roshni is innocent. DD says Sid is not Roshni’s husband and he always hurts Roshni, and she will not spare him this time!
DD takes her anger out on Shiv saying he wants to ruin Roshni’s life!
Next morning, Sid’s family is at breakfast. Misha apologizes to Raj for the trouble because of her, yesterday. Raj says it is okay and asks her not to feel embarrassed.
Sid arrives at the table and apologises to Misha on Roshni’s behalf.
Misha says it’s okay.
Sid leaves for his room.
Kritika smirks and asks Simran to pass her the butter.
Simran angrily tells her to get it herself!
Raj and his Mother are surprised at the way Simran responded to Kritika.
Simran takes a glass of juice to Sid but he says he doesn’t want it. She insists Sid takes the juice at least but he says he is working and asks her to keep it and go. She gets SMS and leaves. It’s a text from Kritika and she goes to her room. She sees Kritika drinking a glass of milk.

Simran takes the glass from Krikita and smashes it then she asks why she is sending her pointless messages repeatedly after what she did yesterday that could have killed Misha!
Kritika says she didn’t send any messages and searches for her Phone.
Misha enters the room and says she sent the message with Kritika’s Phone.
She gives a shocked Kritika back her Phone. Kritika asks what joke is this?
Sid enters the room and gives her a tight slap. He tells her and simran that because of them, he has suffered a lot and they risked his life earlier and now, they tried to harm his guest! He tries to say that he even divorced Roshni for them, but stops…
Raj and his Mother enters the room and sense something is wrong.
Sid is furious. He asks Kritika if she doesn’t know Misha could have died!
He tells her not to worry because he doesn’t break his promises, and that’s the difference between him and her!
He storms out of the room.
Simran tries to talk to Raj but Raj says he doesn’t know who she is anymore.
He tells Misha that Simran and Kritika doesn’t like Roshni and that’s why they treat her like this.

Sid is upset with himself for doubting Roshni! He smashes the mirror abd he starts bleeding, thinking Roshni pleaded repeatedly that she didn’t do anything, but he did not believe her! Misha rushes into the room to calm him down and She’s shocked to see him bleeding. She hurriedly put a bandage on his injured fist and he continues saying that he didn’t believe
Roshni and hurt her!!
She tells him he is the one who has given his Mother and Sister the power to do what they are doing. She says she does not want to ask why he divorced Roshni but she knows Simran is being misguided by Kritika and she can guess Sid divorced Roshni because it is what his Mum and Kritika asked him to do.
She says her coming was not a coincidence, but she was invited by Kritika.
Sid is shocked.
She tells him the entire story, then says she has tested Roshni and knows she is perfect for Sid.
Sid is in tears, asking why his own Mother and Sister would do that to him. He says his own Sister and Mother are his enemies and he does not know if they want to harm Roshni or their own Son. He tells her how he divorced Roshni for them.
Misha tells him to confront his Mother but he should accept some part of the responsibility.
Sid agrees it is his fault for doing everything to please his Mum.
He picks a photo of Roshni from the table and looks at it.

He says he was used as a puppet by his own Mother and Sister.
He decides to go and tell them the game is over and so is his relationship with them!
Misha stops him and tells him to go to Roshni instead and tell her how much he loves her.
Sid thanks her and says he will give Roshni all his love from now on.
Roshni is surprised when a giant package is delivered for her.
Shiv asks her what is it, and asks her to take it in and open it.
She signs for it, then wheels it into the living room.
Her family watches as she opens it and Roshni is surprised to see Sid jumping out of the box with a bouquet of flowers and greeting card to apologise to her and saying SUPRISE….! She gets irked seeing him. Even DD fumes while Shiv smiles.
Roshni hits him with the flowers and tears up the card

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King of hearts teasers August 

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