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Shaurya turns to leave but Nikki comes there and sees guards fainted and Shaurya dressed as sardar with property papers, she says you bastard, I knew you were a thief, give me papers, she runs behind him but he locks her in room and runs away, Nikki comes out and guards surround Shaurya.

Shaurya comes in balcony and thinks what to do now? Nikki comes there with guards and asks him to give papers to her. shaurya says sorry I lost, forgive me.. he sits down on his knees for surendering but pull off carpet under Nikki’s feet and runs away. Nikki shouts guards to grab him.

In wedding, Kanta reluctantly does Mahek’s gadh bandhan. Pammi hears Nikki’s scream from house and asks for it but Kanta and Sharma family start crying for Mahek leaving her. Mahek thinks where is Shaurya?
Shaurya dodges all guards of Nikki and runs away. Shaurya comes to garden with property papers in his hands and Nikki running behind him with dagger.

All Sharma family members scream in happiness seeing shaurya coming there. Shaurya takes off his disguise of Sardar. Pammi and Ajay are shocked to see that its Shaurya. Mahek proudly smiles.

Vicky, Karona and Harish are in car going to Khanna house, Vicky says I have called police too.

Nikki is running behind Shaurya with dagger. Ajay says what is going on? Mahek pushes him away and says leave you filthy bug, she takes sword from his groom’s costume. Mahek stands infront of Shaurya and shows sword to Nikki, Ajay says sword is fake, she says to Nikki that if you try to touch my Shaurya then I wont spare you, I dare you to do it.

Nikki gets angry and throws dagger at them but they dodge, property papers falls in air and is coming back, all look on, all try to grab it but papers fall on Rohit’s head and is totally drunk, Ajay and Pammi ask him to give papers, Mahek says I am your sister in law so give papers to me.

Rohit says you all are worried for papers and nobody is thinking about my marriage? Mahek says I will get you married with Nehal, Ravi says yes I accept you as groom for her. Rohit gets elated. Ajay says dont come in their talks, Rohit says shut up, he gives property papers to Mahek and says now get me married with Nehal.

Ajay says you fool. ajay tries to grab Mahek but Mahek gives property papers to Jeevan and ask him to runaway. Ajay grabs Mahek and says you cheated me? Shaurya grabs his coller and says cheaters get cheated only. Guards beat Jeevan and takes papers from him, guards dont let anyone move away. Nikki takes papers from gaurd.

Shaurya beats goons. Mahek sees Nikki running away with property papers, she hits her with cocunut on head so she falls down. Mahek comes to Nikki’s side and takes property papers.

She starts running away with them but suddenly someone pushes her away, she loses balance and papers fall from her hands into havankund(fire container), papers start burning up, all are shocked to see it.

Later on, the family rejoice that they have regained their property and are now living there. 

Nikki says to Ajay that see they fooled you and you didnt listen to me. Ajay says I wont spare them, I would kills Shaurya and Mahek. Nikki says shut up, I lost everything because of you people. Ajay strangles her and says I will kill you before Mahek, Rohit pulls Ajay back. Ajay says I wont forget this till I dont take revenge from Mahek and Shaurya.

Pooja calls Mahek and says congrats for getting your house and sending that Ajay back to jail. Mahek says thanks, I hope you win too, if Naren touches feet of his mother today then this will be start of your victory, I am sure you will do best. Pooja says thank you, say congrats to Shaurya too and enjoy, Mahek thanks and ends call.

Shaurya asks Vicky to have full proof safety here. Mahek says its not needed anymore, we should end all this, Shaurya says Ajay can do anything, Mahek says I want to end all this. Digvijay says ads are printed. Mahek asks what ads? Shaurya says to family that I have placed ads in newspapers to find Mohit and whoever finds him will get reward so we will find him too.

Kanta is in tears and thanks Shaurya. Sonal hugs Shaurya and says you are a real hero. Mahek mouths thanks to Shaurya. All family members dance together.

Ajay comes to Khanna house disguised as courier guy. Shaurya and Mahek are dancing in party. All are dancing in Khanna house. Kanta says we should start leaving. Karona asks her to stay for night and they will all enjoy together. Shaurya whispers to Mahek that family will be busy in their celebrations but what about their private celebration?

Mahek ask him to meet her in their bedroom. He makes face at her. Shaurya huffs at Mahek, Mahek says why did you marry if I had to keep pacifying you? and you cant wait? Shaurya says we can still divorce, its already filed, Mahek fine then dont come running behind me. She leaves. Shaurya tries to go behind her. Ravi asks him to dance, he says I have to go. Otherside Ajay enters Khanna house. Shaurya tries to leave but Balwant stops him.

Mahek comes to her room and says he must have forgotten that wife is waiting for him, she starts decorating room. Shaurya finally leaves lounge and comes to Mahek’s room. He doesnt find her there and says sorry Mrs. Khanna, I was joking, he looks around and says where did Mahek go? seems like she is teasing me.

He looks in washroom but she is not there too. He says please come out.. nobody responds. Shaurya panics and starts looking around in house. shaurya says where can Mahek go? she likes to worry me. Shaurya asks servant if he saw Mahek, he says no. Shaurya comes to family and stops music. He asks if anyone saw Mahek? all are worried.

Karona asks what happened? PD says she was with you upstairs. Shaurya gets call from Mahek’s number. He takes call and asks where are you Mahek? Ajay picks up call and says Mahek is with me, your wealth is safe till you cooperate, you played with me and stole your property, I like to play too so I stole your wife, you have to find your wife in four days, find her if you can and if you try to involve in this then you will be out of this game and Mahek will be out of this world, he ends call.

Shaurya shouts we have to find Mahek, he yells at security. Kanta asks what happened? Ravi asks what happened? Shaurya says ajay came to house and kidnapped Mahek. Vicky says let me tell police but Shaurya says no her life is in trouble, I am sorry Mahek.

Digvijay brings special police to Khanna house and says to Shaurya that they are in normal clothes so Ajay wont find out. They see CCTV footage and sees Ajay entering Khanna mansion as courier guy. Shaurya says Ajay cant know about police as he can harm Mahek. Policeman tracks Ajay’s location and shows it to shaurya. Shaurya says its his house, lets go there.

Mehek. Shaurya looks around house but doesnt find Mahek. Mahek is tied in a tank infront of shaurya but he doesnt see it. She tries to knock it but Shaurya doesnt hear it. Tay hai plays as Shaurya recalls his marriage with Mahek, their sweet moments too. Shaurya leaves from there. Mahek cries in tank.

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Ajay comes to room, Nikki says we have lost property and cant go to jail now,just accept that we have lost to Shaurya, stop messing around more. Ajay grabs her neck and says dont tell me that I have lost otherwise I will make you dog. Shaurya have to give me property back, we will take money and go away but before that I want to play last game.

Karona says to family that dont worry, Shaurya will find Mahek soon. Lawyer comes there and says shaurya have sent papers, he has given all property and money to ajay. Harish says we just have to ask Ajay to stop all this, he can take everything but give Mahek back. Karona says we dont want to file any case on Ajay, and ask him to stop all that.

Shaurya is in car with Vicky and Digvijay in car. Shaurya gets Ajay’s call. Ajay says I thought you are smart but Mahek is at home, now we have to see if you can save Mahek, I have started filling tank, as soon as it fills, Mahek will drown and die. shaurya says I have given property back to you, I will not file case too. Ajay says you have less time, I will take property but you find your Mahek.

Shaurya comes back to Ajay’s house, he opens tank but Mahek is not there but only ring. shaurya says I am sorry Mahek, I was close to you but couldnt find you, I will find her soon.

At night, Vicky says to Shaurya that police will start searching from tomorrow, dont worry, he leaves. Shaurya is angry and recalls how Mahek was waiting for him in room. Kanta comes there. Shaurya hugs her. Kanta says you cant lose hope, you have to fine my daughter, he gives him food. Shaurya hugs her, both are emotional.

Mahek is tied in a washroom. She thinks where I am? She tries to break her ropes and finally opens ropes. She frees herself and finds a window, she starts to jump from it. Pammi comes there and says stop it otherwise Iwill kill you, she calls out for Ajay but Mahek says look there, Pammi turns to look but Mahek jumps from window. Pammi comes to Ajay and says she ranaway.. Mahek ranaway. ajay gets angry and leaves.

Mahek is running on streets and asks for help but there is no one. She is running away. Ajay is in car with Rohit and is searching for Mahek. Ajay says I wont spare her. Mahek comes to tea tall. Ajay comes on same street. He asks one man about Mahek and continues searching for her. Mahek says I have to hide somewhere. She breaks lock some working space and hides in there. Ajay and Rohit searches for her but doesnt find her.

Police says to Shaurya that we are finding Mahek but they dont know about her. Shaurya says you have no clue, they ask Shaurya to calm down.

Mahek finds landline in tailor shop she is hiding. she calls Shaurya, he takes it, Mahek cries and says Shaurya I love you. shaurya says Mahek? Shaurya’s phone is taped. shaurya asks if she is fine? Mahek says I am in tailor shop, I am scared, please come fast. Poiceman says I have traced her location. shaurya says I am coming, he leaves.

Ajay says to Rohit that Mahek wont runaway too much. Ajay finds tailor shop lock broken and opens it. Mahek hides. Shaurya is in car with others going there too. Vicky asks Shaurya to call Mahek again, Shaurya says no it will garner Ajay’s attention. Ajay and Rohit starts looking for Mahek tailor shop. Mahek hides under clothes. Ajay looks around. Ajay says she is not here, they turn to leave but phone rings. Mahek gets tensed.

Shaurya finds Ajay’s riddle which says that he got bangles this time but will get Mahek’s hand next time he fails. Shaurya is tensed and tries to solve riddle. Mahek is in Ajay’s car. Ajay says I will bury her in trash can.

Jeevan tells he was the one who rang the land line at the Tailor shop and Shaurya shouts at him and then says sorry after cooling down.

Harish says to family that we have arranged papers, we will give everything to Ajay but just want Mahek back. All family members come to mandir, Karona says God will listen to us on Navratri, we will pray with pure heart and she will listen. Sharma and Khanna family starts praying to Mata rani. Kanta cries while doing aarti.

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