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Kindred hearts update Wednesday 26th June 2019

Wednesday update on kindred hearts 26th June 2019 Baba says to family that i wont eat medicine till this division line is removed. Adi comes there and recalls how Jhanvi asked him to use...


Kindred hearts update Monday 24 June 2019

Monday update on kindred hearts 24th June prev: Sunday update ON Kindred hearts Nisha is tensed. She comes to dining table and sees family sitting in lounge. Adi comes there. Kaki says i have...


Kindred hearts update Saturday 22 June 2019

Saturday update on kindred hearts 22 June Prev: Friday update on kindred hearts Nisha is drinking wine with her friends in hall of her house. She looks at Kaka and Kaki’s picture and says...


Kindred hearts update Friday 21st June 2019

Friday update on kindred hearts Prev: Thursday update on kindred hearts  Adi brings baba home. Nisha comes there, baba gets scared. Nisha tries to sweetly talk with baba but Adi pushes her away and...