Kindred hearts update Wednesday 26th June 2019

Wednesday update on kindred hearts 26th June 2019

Baba says to family that i wont eat medicine till this division line is removed. Adi comes there and recalls how Jhanvi asked him to use this fire in right direction to bring light in house. Baba is coughing in lounge, Adi brings kerosene oil and throws it around whole house, Nisha says what are you doing? Kaki says stop it. Adi says to Kaka that i didnt know i would stoop in your eyes, you and Kaki are my life, i wont be anything without you people, i will lose everything if i lose you both, i dont know how to prove my innocence, there is nothing that values more to son than his family,

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i dont want anything, Adi says to Kaka that my relations destroyed because of this property so I am going to burn it down, Kaka says enough, you think i would be scared of your fake threat? go ahead and burn this house.

Adi nods and touches his feet, Adi says sorry Kaka but this is my side of house where i threw kerosene and I can do anything with it, today i am going to put everything to ashes. Adi touches Baba’s feet and says i am sorry, i couldnt remain this family united, what is the need of this money when my family couldnt read their son’s heart? this property is the reason behind all broken ties so I am going to finish it to ashes today, All look on as Adi light matchstick, kaki cries. Adi is about to burn house but Kaka comes to Adi’s side of house and stops him, he slaps him hard, he says enough, you want this? we did what you wanted and we will do what you want, congrats you won and lost. Adi says your victory is my victory, i am nothing without you, my identity is from you, forgive me, he folds his hands and touches his feet, Kaka looks on, Nisha is angry.

All family members come to dining table and has removed division line in house. Baba says i will eat food from hands of person who have showed me path to bring this family together, who gave me idea to reunite this family and that is Nisha, he asks Nisha to feed him, Nisha feeds him, baba recalls flashback. Flashback shows Nisha strangling baba and says you wont eat anything till you dont remove this division line and if you are not able to do it then i will be taking flowers for you and Adi both in graveyard, Baba cries and says dont do anything to Adi, i will fight to remove division line, Nisha says dont forget to give me credit when you do it, flashback ends.

All family members retire to their rooms. Adi thanks Jhanvi for showing him path, Jhanvi says i understand why you did what you did, Adi says i knew Kaka would stop me because he loves me a lot, thanks again, he leaves. Jhanvi thinks that house is not divided anymore but Nisha’s threats and tricks are still hovering over this family.
Nisha comes to Jhanvi and says now you must understand why Adi thinks wrong about me, he misunderstands me, but now you are here, you will help me right? Jhanvi nods, Nisha thinks that i didnt want anything half, i didnt want divided house, i want whole house, I have right on everything, its all mine and my kids, i just wanted to win your trust and i have won it. Jhanvi thinks that Nisha is very smart, she thinks she has won my trust but now i am more doubtful of her, she can use anyone to gain what she wants.

Jhanvi comes home, she tells Survi everything what happened at Adi’s house. Survi says to Jhanvi that Nisha is so selfish, how can she do this with her family? you will not go there from now on right? Jhanvi says i am going to use Nisha’s trick against her, Adi’s family is very simple and thats why they believe every lie which Nisha feeds them, Nisha is very cruel, she uses weaknesses people against them but I am a woman and i can see evil in other woman, now I am not going to allow her to hurt Adi’s family more, i am going to bring her truth out to everyone, Survi asks how will you do it? Jhanvi says Nisha is clever but every criminal has weakness and when Nisha will show her weakness, i will take advantage of it and use it against her.

Nisha does aarti in house. All family members are standing with her. Adi thanks Kaka for removing division line, Kaka says you didnt leave any chance to break this family, its good that Nisha is in this house and she has been praying to reunite this family, we are united because of her only. Jhanvi comes there and hears it too. Adi says to Kaka that we can go to office together, Kaka says removing division line doesnt mean you can remove pain of hearts too, the pain which you have given to us cant be forgotten, i have reunited family because of baba only otherwise you didnt leave any chance to break us, he leaves. Adi sadly leaves too. Jhanvi looks on. Nisha says to Jhanvi that you are like an angel in our lives, i feel like with your help, i am going to set everything right, we are going to make everything fine. Jhanvi says you are right, God send angels to help families and if God has sent me to help this family then I am going to do it, I am going to protect this family, no matter what, she gives her fake smile and leaves. Nisha says so Jhanvi is doubting me? What Jhanvi threatened me about indirectly right now, i can understand it directly that she doesnt trust me, Nisha smirks.

Jhanvi comes to baba and says can i ask you something? he says yes, she says promise me that you will tell truth, he says bracelet promise. Jhanvi says why did you credit Nisha for ending division in house? Baba says Nisha.. he tries to recall how Nisha threatened him and strangled him too, Baba starts shaking and says i dont remember anything, i dont know what she did or said, i cant remember, I just have very dark image of her, i am very scared that she will do something that will make me go very far away from my family. Jhanvi says i will never allow her to separate you from Adi and family, baba says what will you do? beat her? Jhanvi says i wont beat her but i will beat away her evil intentions, Jhanvi asks Baba if he will help her to protect this family? you have to lie for me, baba says then what will be difference between us and Nisha? Jhanvi says we will lie for family’s good, Baba says i will be with you, what i have to do?

All family members sit around dining table to have lunch. Jhanvi brings baba there and says baba is injured.
Jhanvi says to family that Baba bumped into furniture and hurt his neck but he doesnt remember anything, all get tensed for baba, Nisha glares at Jhanvi, Nisha says baba was fine till morning. Jhanvi says Baba fainted too, i think we should take care of him 24hours, its serious matter, i am not family member but i want to say that we should install CCTV camera in baba’s room and Adi, Kaka should have direct connection of that CCTV to their phones so that one family member is always watching baba and keep close eye on his health, all are stunned, Nisha says i dont think we should install CCTV, this is home and we have privacy, we dont need it, we take care of baba well, Jhanvi says you are right but its about baba’s health, we should care about him first.

Nisha asks baba where did he hit himself? Baba says at the back of neck, Nisha says are you joking with us? you said you got hurt on left side, are you playing April fools prank? we take care of baba so well, he cant get hurt like this without us knowing, Jhanvi we will not install CCTV camera in his room. Baba puts hand behind his neck and shows blood on his hand, even Jhanvi is shocked is to see blood.

Nisha asks baba if he is fooling family? we take care of you, you cant be injured like this, she says to Jhanvi that we will not deploy CCTV camera in his room. Baba touches back of his head and blood drips from there. Flashback shows baba saying that i wont any chances for Nisha to destroy our plan, baba hits his on needle on wall, blood drips down, flashback ends. Jhanvi thinks that baba injured himself to make my plan successful. Adi says i should have been careful, he is hurt. Kaka says to Nisha that we should instal CCTV camera in his room, he is not safe, i will call engineers, all take baba to room. Nisha says to Jhanvi that you take care of baba so much but i didnt call you to help baba, i called you to help in solving Adi and my matter, you dont have to take care of others.

Jhanvi says you are right but sometimes we have to go in depth to solve problems, do you have problem with CCTV camera in baba’s room? Nisha says not at all, Jhanvi says you worry about family so much so i am making this easy for you, i am doing this for you, she leaves. Nissha says CCTV camera?

Baba thanks Jhanvi, Jhanvi says you didnt need to hurt yourself, Baba says you are doing so much for Adi so cant i get hurt a little to protect my family? i am sure till you are with us, Nisha is not going to hurt my family. Jhanvi says i will not here forever but I will make plans that will be permanent and wont allow Nisha to do anything, Baba says Adi is naive, he loves kaka a lot and kaka’s hatred is breaking him, do something which will make kaka and Kaki trust Adi again. Jhanvi says i am here for that only, can you tell me this house is whose name? Baba looks on.

Nisha is going to her room but sees Adi and Jhanvi talking in garden. Nisha says why this Jhanvi talks to my Adi so much?
Adi thanks Jhanvi for taking care of baba. Jhanvi says no need to thank me, you have got another chance to be close to family because of baba. Nisha sees them talking, she calls Binni and says papa and Jhanvi are planning surprise for you, go and check what it is. Binni runs to them.

Adi asks Jhanvi if she thinks this is good idea? Jhanvi says atleast we will get to know about Nisha’s real intentions, Adi nods. Binni comes there and says to Adi that i will hear about your surprise and will tell mama about it, Adi says you detective, go to your mom and tell her that i am going to surprise her myself. Binni comes to Nisha and says papa said he is going to surprise yourself. Outside Adi says to Jhanvi that done, now just wait and watch.

Nisha says to herself that I called Jhanvi in this house for my benefit but this Jhanvi is playing her games, first CCTV camera and now talking with my husband? Adi comes there and hooks Nisha’s blouse, she jumps seeing him behind her, Adi says its okay, i am your husband, there are servants in house and i dont want them to see you like this. Nisha is confused. Adi says is there no one at home? she says no, Adi caresses her face and tucks her hair behind her, Nisha comes to close to him, Adi moves away and says one second. Adi opens cupboard and looks around, Nisha asks what he is doing? Adi takes out papers, he holds Nisha’s hand and brings her in lounge.

Adi says Kaka and baba build this house with love, they might have given this house to us but it really belongs to them, Adi says i think we should return this house to its real owner, i am thinking to making this house in Kaka’s name again, afterall its all his, am I right? i want to give them their honor back, you say you want to give another chance to this marriage right? i have taken my step forward by becoming CEO at office and now you have to show your dedication by giving this house back to kaka, we have to rebuild this relation together, you think about it, I have not talked to Kaka till now, i wanted to talk to him together, I am going to office but I am leaving property papers with you, i hope you sign them till I comeback, he gives her papers.

Nisha gets tensed hearing it, Adi leaves. Jhanvi comes to Nisha and says this is your chance to make place in Adi’s heart, you know how much he loves his family, if try to reunite him with his family then you will win his trust back, give this house back to Kaka and show Adi that you care for this family, this is your chance, just think carefully before taking any decision, Nisha looks conflicted.

Adi is leaving house, Jhanvi comes to him and says dont worry, you did everything good. Adi says will Nisha agree to give property back to Kaka? Jhanvi says we will get to know about her truth. Adi says i am going to do paperwork, i hope what you said will be true, you know when you came in this house, i felt bad that Nisha will use you and will trap you too but I get strength from you, you have stood infront of Nisha like protection shield for all of us, Jhanvi smiles.
Nisha does aarti and says Jhanvi you didnt do good, i brought you in this house to use you as my protection and you are making my Adi against me? how dare you? i fought in this house for me, my husband, my kids to secure our lives and you want to snatch everything from me? i wont take any step and my Adi wont go away from me, everything will be mine.

Jhanvi says to Adi that your family wont go away from you, dont worry, you know smile looks good on you, keep smiling, smiling gives you strength to fight.

Nisha says i am done with you Jhanvi, now you have to taste your own medicine, what you sow shall you reap, sorry not sorry.
Adi says thank you Jhanvi for everything, Jhanvi says please. Adi says i know there is no thank you in friendship. Nisha comes there and says baba is calling you Jhanvi, its his medicine time and he wont eat without you, can you go to him? Jhanvi says sure and leaves, Adi looks at Nisha and leaves to go to office. Nisha says I am sorry, i have to give you a little pain to make you fully mine so thats why tonight.. sorry baby.

Jhanvi comes to baba’s room and asks all okay? Baba says no, Baba says to Jhanvi that i am really scared, i feel like something really bad is going to happen tonight, Jhanvi says dont worry, everything will be fine, did you take your medicines? he says no, Jhanvi goes to bring his medicine. Nisha hides behind window and hears their talk, she says first step of tonight’s plan is completed, she smirks.

At night, Jhanvi is sitting in her room, she says to Maa that you were right about Nisha, she is not like she pretends to be, Jhanvi tells her about Nisha true evil face, Maa is shocked to hear such cruelty and says she talks to sweetly and her antics? she got such good family and still do this? some people are ill-fated like her. Maa asks if she will not go there anymore? Jhanvi says i have important work there, when its done then i will not go there, i need one more week to do it then i will not go there, Maa says i know you, dont get entangled in all this, i am not going to stop you but i feel like Nisha calling you there is not a good sign, be careful, Jhanvi looks on. Nisha calls Jhanvi and says Baba is frightened, he looks terrified and is not listening to me, Jhanvi asks if anything serious? Nisha says no but Can i call you if i need to? Jhanvi says did you call Adi? Nisha says Adi is at office and he is not picking up my call, Can i call you if need be? Jhanvi says sure, Nisha thanks her and ends call. Jhanvi looks at Maa and leaves house.

Nisha ends call and says second step of tonight’s plan is completed too, lets see what happens tonight and who loses what, she smirks.

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