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Jodha Akbar 9 November 2021: Jalal is fighting in war against Kurb. Voice over says that the war was not easy one, it was war to protect Jalal’s family, his beliefs. Jalal is shown fighting with great valor, he finally over powers Kurb,

puts sword on his neck, Kurb ask him to kill him, Jalal says my intention is to not kill you but to do friendship with you, he ask soldiers to bring him in his tent, Kurb is about to attack Jalal again, Jalal moves away and puts sword on him, he says you wanna kill me?

your friend? just for a king who is stubborn and doesnt want to let people luve freely, you wanna kill me then kill me, he gives sword to him, Maan ask what are you doing, Jalal says nobody will come inbetween, he ask Kurb to attack him, Kurb tries to hit Jalal with sword but stops, he says i cant understand why i am not able to kill you, also i dont understand why you are against muslims, Jalal says we all have Allah in our hearts thats why you cant kill me and i am not against muslims, i offer prayers, i am against the one who is forcing people to accept Islam, this is sin itself and i am against it, i can never be against Islam, i bow to God everyday, i just want to be your friend, Kurb sit in his feet and says i was wrong, now i realized it that i was part of sin, you have saved me from doing sin, now i am with you all by my heart, my government is yours too, Jalal makes him stand and says i dont need your land, or government, i just want your hand friendship, he hugs Kurb, both smile.

Jodha says to Salima that i wanna see Hamida once, she is getting ill day by day, Ruks says what if after seeing you she get another heart attack? you want Jalal to see dead face of Hamida, Jodha says dont say like this, Ruks says then dont go infront of her, Salima says she cares for Hamida, Ruks says i care for Hamida too thats why asking her to not even think of going infront of her, she doesnt like Jodha’s face, Ruks leaves, Salima says you wanna see Hamida, i will take you.

Scene 2
Hamida comes to Salima with a dasi, Dasi is Jodha, she is in veil, Hamida says to Salima that please come often, i feel alone in this room, Jodha came here like a daughter, became queen and forgot her duties as daughter, Salima ask her to eat, Hamida says i am worried about Jalal and soldiers, today was big war, dont know what happened, many soldiers would have died, wish if Jodha had changed her religion then many soldiers would have been alive, Ruks comes there so Jodha starts leaving but Ruks stops her, Jodha gets tensed, Ruks orders her to bring something thinking she is dasi, Jodha is relieved and leaves.

Jalal says to his soldiers that we respect every nation, we have proved that we can fight, he says to Fazal that send letter to Irans’ king that they were strong enough to attack Iran but they dont want to fight, they want to live peacefully but if someone interferes in our internal matters then we will answer them, he says we will leave for Agra soon, Jalal says that with our win, we will have a grand celebration in Agra and i will announce Salim as next king, SAlim smiles, Murad fumes, Daniyal says to Murad that Jalal didnt do right, Murad says i am nothing but just servant of Jalal. Salim thinks that Anarkali i am coming back, this time i will throw away Ghungroos from your feet and will make you wear crown of being my queen.

Scene 3
voice over says that inpalace, the message of Jalal’s winning didnt reach while otherside Jalal was heading for Agra. Hamida’s health was going down. Gul badan comes to Jodha, Jodha ask how is Hamida? gul says she is not eating so how she will become fine, jodha says i wanted to talk to her but what can i do, she doesnt wanna see my face, Gul says you can do alot, she can eat from your hand, Jodha says she doesnt wanna see my face then how will that happen?

her health is not fine but she is stubborn, Gul asys you are stubborn too, tell her that you are ready to change your religion, once you leave your stubbornness, she will eat too, Jodha says Jalal has taken promise from me, what will i say to him that i broke his promise Gul says Jalal has asked to take care of Hamida too in his absence, when he will comeback and se Hamida dead then what will you answer him? is your stubborness more important then her life? Gul Badan says to Jodha that if you want to see Hamida fine then you will have to leave stubborness, Hamida will not move from her stance, she will not eat anything, she is very stubborn, she leaves, Jodha what to do now, i am not able to think anything.

Scene 1
Jalal comes out of his tent, he finds soldiers sitting and having drink. he ask them to give him drink too, one soldier says but this is ordinary wine, you will not like it, Jalal says you fought with me so cant i have drink with you, he drinks it and likes it, he says are you all excited to go back home, one soldier says when i came in war, my wife was expecting , now my baby would have born, i cant wait to go back, Jala congratulate him, Jalal says just go and hug her, you dont know how much difficulties our family bear behind us, he ask them to enjoy the night, he misses Jodha, otherside Jodha prays that Jalal come back soon. Jalal ask soldier to go and sleep, we will have to leave for Agra tomorrow, he thanks them for drink and goes in tent.

Jodha in palace, says Jalal comeback soon,only you can show me way. Jalal in his tent, brings out Jodha’s letter and kisses it, he says i cant read it but i feel your fragrance in it, he recalls how Salim said that I love you is written in it, he says i won this war because of you Jodha, your steength made me win this war of belief. Otherside Jodha says i lost this war, i couldnt stand on your promise, i cant bear this anymore, i am going to do what you will never like it, Jalal is all smiling waiting to meet Jodha, otherside Jodah is sadly waiting for Jalal. Meri dhadkan dhadkan tum ho.. Tum Ho Zindagani plays..

Fazal and Rahim comes to Jalal. Jalal ask till when we will reach Agra, Fazal says it will take 25 days, Rahim says but there is one shortcut to go but there is problem in it, a man comes and says there is shortcut but its jungle, this jungle is called evil jungle, years back a king entered that jungle with this soldiers and never came out of that jungle so people are afraid of that jungle and dont go in that jungle, people say that there are balck magic and ghosts in that jungle, jalal says i dont believe all this, i am king and i cant get afraid, he says me and all soldiers are waiting to meet their families,

i only believe in one God there are no such things called ghosts, i will go from that jungle only. Man says ok keep in mind 4 things, one never look back in jungle, 2nd if you help someone then dont cross his path, 3rd keep reciting God’s name ,, Jalal says i will think about it, Man leaves. Rahim ask Jalal what you think? Jalal says i will go from that jungle but with less soldiers, you all come from other way.

Scene 2
Jalal and comes soldiers enter the evil jungle, weird noises can be listened in that jungle. Jalal starts going in jungle. owls, snake, big spiders are there in jungle. One soldier says that darkness is increasing as it is a bushy jungle, sunlight doesnt enter here and its cold too here, Jalal is leading his soldiers. the weather starts changing, heavy winds start blowing, horses stops moving.

Jodha comes to Hamida’s room, dasi says Hamida has ordered to not allow you in her room, Jodha says you cant stop me, she comes to Hamdia and says i know yu are angry with me, dont talk to me, dont look at me but dont give pain to yourself, Hamida ask her to go, Jodha says i will go away, i will do as you say but eat something,

Hamida says do what you want, i have no problem but let me live as i want, Jodha says ok you dont wanna eat from my hands then dont but eat from Salima’s hand, Hamida says i know you are stubborn but you dont know that i am stubborn too, i will not eat at any cost, Jodha says not for me, eat fro your sons, Jalal, Salim Murad, i promise you i will do as you say, i promise you that, Gul badan smiles. Salima makes her eat apple, Hamida finally eats, all smile.

Scene 3
jalal and soldiers are riding horses in jungle suddenly jalal listens some lady’s voice to save her, he ask soldiers did you listen the voice soldiers says no, he says that women is in problem, we have to help him, soldier ask him to not go but Jalal doesnt listen.
Hamida says to Jodha that till you dont follow your words, and till this war doesnt stop, dont enter my room, Jodha says to Hamida ok i promise you till i dont finish your work, i will not show you my face. she greets her and leaves.

Scene 1
Jalal leaves his horse n jungle, he walks, he listens some lady’s sound and tries to find her, he takes his horse and is walking, some lady (looking like ghost) is watching him, Jalal ask if someone here? the lady stands behind him only, she lies on ground, Jalal turns back and finds her lying her, he ask who ae you? she hugs Jalal and says please save me, jalal ask what you were doing here? she hugs him tightly, Jalal is stunned and doesnt know what to do, he breaks the hug, girl says some man surrounded me, i am afraid, Jalal says dont worry, i will protect you, he takes her with him.

Jodha looks at her and Jalal’s picture and says i promised you to not change religion but i also promised you to take care of Hamida, now if i dont change my religion then Hamida’s health will be worse, i have to break one promise, she says you will forgive me for breaking promise but if anything happens to hamida because of me then i wont be able to forgive myself so i have to take this decision, i have to change my religion.

In jungle, girl thinks that i like this man(Jalal), i will make him mine, Jalal says to lady that i will take you to your home, what is your name? she says Laboni, Jalal ask what are you doing in jungle? she says i came here to collect some wooden sticks, my mother told me to not come in this jungle, there are ghosts and souls in this jungle, you dont believe in all this? Jalal says no, she says somethings are not seen but they are present, Jalal says i believe in God only, i believe that by taking his name, all problem fades away, she doesnt like this.

Jodha comes in garden of palace to walk, she finds Zil offering prayers, she smiles, Zil completes her prayers and finds Jodah there, she says i was going to meet Anar and prayer time happend so started prayer here. Zil Bahar says to Jodha that i am sorry if i disturb you, Jodha says you were praying, it cant disturb anyone, she ask your offer prayers? Zil says yes, i am praying for mughal soldiers in war, she ask what is news of war? Jodha says no news came till now, Zil says dont worry everything will be fine,

Jodha says i hope so too, Zil leaves, Jodha thinks that yes everything will be fine soon as i will accept islam. PRECAP- one priest says to Jalal that one lady has come to convert to Islam, i request you congratulate her on that, Jodha comes there, jalal says congrats, Jodha is shocked to see him.

Scene 2
Jalal is going with the Laboni, his feet hits a prick, blood comes out and falls on leaf petal, he ignores and leaves, he leaves Laboni to her home, Laboni smirks and brings leaf petal, Laoboni comes in house, her mother is doing black magic, because of black magic a lighter starts floating in air, she says i have done black magic on person and he wont live more than 5 days, she laughs like crazy, she ask Laboni what you have brought today for me? she shows her the blood of leaf, mother smells it and says this seems to be royal blood, Laboni says this Jalal’s blood, i want him for myself,

Mother says you will get what you want, you know how to do black magic and you can make anyone yours with it, black magic is poweerful, if you want Jalal then Jalal will become your servant, she starts doing black magic with Jalal blood, mixes blood in mud and starts reciting some lines, Laboni ask what are you doing? mother says on chagus night, we will attack king Jalal and then Jalal will be yours, then when you want and how you want, you can make king dance, be ready, wait for that night, Jalal will come to you by himself. Laboni says i will wait for that day.

Scene 1
In jungle Fazal and soldier are finding Jalal, they say dont know where he is, Jalal comes there on his horse, Fazal says thank God you came, i thought something happened, Jalal says what you thought that i got some ghost in jungle? i found a girl and helped her, this jungle is bushy thats why people are afraid of her, Laboni comes there and finds them going from jungle, she drowns herself in lake and washes her face, she says Jalal you can go away now but you will come back to me soon Jalal Uddin Muhammad Akbar. otherside Jalal stops and says to Fazal that i felt like someone called my name, he says ignore it, Laboni smirks, an owl sit on her shoulder.

In Agra, Jodha comes to Hamida’s room and finds her sleeping, she folds her hand infront her and is about to leave, Salima comes there, Jodha says i came to see her, how is she now? Salima says health is not good, she ask Jodha are you going somewhere? Jodha says going to Mandir to pray for Hamida, Salima says maybe your prayer will work, Jodha is about to leave, Salima congratulate her about Navrose day, Jodha says you too, Salima i pray that everything becomes, Jodha thinks that i will set everything right.

Voice over says that Jalal was coming back to Agra, otherside Jodha who didnt know it, was going to change her religion. Jodha wears same Muslim style dress and goes to mosque to change her religion.

Scene 2
Jodha comes at Dargah, Sufi songs are playing there. Jodha comes in Dargah and recalls how she came there with Jalal, Jodha prays Allah i have come to you, take me under your guidance, make Hamida fine, she ask Dasi to call priest, she thinks i have to do this for my mother, for my son, my nation, i have to do this, priest comes there and says you have to wait for a while, let good time start then we will start rituals, Jodha says ok.

Jalal with his soldiers reaches the same Dargah. he washes his face and leaves from there. Jodha says to priest that i am ready to change religion, start ritual. Priest says ok, he ask Jodha have you willingly come here? Jodha says yes, he ask did someone force you? jodha says no, its my decision, priest says earlier you didnt accept Islam, i want your guarantee, she says yes, he says Islam have five basic pillars, first is Kalma which means that God is one and Muhammad is his last Prophet, 2nd is Namaz, third is fasting, 4th is Zakat(charity), fifth is you have to offer pilgrimage if you have money, he ask are to repeat all this and accept Islam.

jalal’s horse stop moving, he says maybe God wants me to stop there, he says i will offer Namaz in Dargah, i want to thank God for making me win this war.
Jodha start reciting Kalma reluctantly. Jalal has come there too, he is on otherside, Jodha doesnt say full Kalma, priest says you have to recite whole Kalma to accept Islam, but she doesnt. otherside one priest comes to Jalal, Jalal ask what is going on otherside? Priest says one lady is accepting Islam, Jalal ask if she is forced? he says no, he ask Jalal to congratulate her, Jalal says if she comign in Islam on her own will then its good, i will tell her she is safe in Mughal saltanat.
Jodha is still mustering up courage to say whole Kalma, Jalal comes there and says congrats, he is shocked to see its Jodha.

Scene 1
Jalal comes to congratulate the girl, he is shocked to see its Jodha, he comes to her and says what you were going to do, he ask priests to stop all this, priest says we didnt know she was being pressurized, he ask all to go out, all leaves, Jalal curtly looks at her and says you promised me that you will not change religion then why you are doing this? Jodha says i was helpless, Jalal says thats what i am telling you its sin to accept islam because of helplessness, why were you doing this Jodha says what else can i do? there was no news about you, Jalal says i wanted to surprise you that i won the war, i tried to make you understand alot that there is no need for all this, i did war for freedom of my nation, it has nothing to do with you being Rajvanshi, Jodha says i thought it wil settle down things, Jalal says you have done wrong, you were in pressure to accept islam, you have committed a crime, you have insulted me, my religion, my order, my promise, he is hurt with her and leaves from there, Jodha is sad.

one dasi strikes with Hoshiyar in palace, he ask where are you going, she says there is one news for Hamida, he ask what is it she tells him, he ask her to get lost now.
Hamida says no such news comes which make me happy, there is no news of Jalal and sons, ruks says i sent soldiers to find about Jalal but they didnt comeback. Hoshiyar comes and says there is one good news, Jalal is coming back to Agra soon, Hamida and all get happy, Hamida ask if everyone is fine? Hoshiyar says they all are fine and they have won war too, Hamida says Gos is great, she says we have to welcome them grandly. Ruks says we will do that, its such a good news, she says to Hoshiyar i will give you costly gift for this breaking this news.

Scene 2
Jalal with his army comes back to Agra palace, Ruks, Hamida and all smile seeing him. Birbal and Todar congratulate him, the palanquin comes in palace too, Jodha comes out of it. Ruks says what Jodha is doing with Jalal and that too in this muslim outfit, Salima says she said she was going to mandir but wasnt wearing this dress, Ruks thinks something is wrong. Jalal says Murad, Daniyal and Salim will come after checking stability in Iran. he goes to meet Hamida.

Jalal comes in Haram, all wives give him rose and congratulate him, he hugs Salima and Ruks. he looks at Hamida, sit beside her, she congratulate him for winning, he kisses her hand, Jalal says i got woried as i got to know about your heath, he ask Ruks why you didnt send letter to me about her ill health, Hamida says i asked them to not disturb you in war, Salima says now atleast she will eat something, Jalal says what? Salima says Hamida she was stubborn that till you dont come back she will not eat, Jalal makes her eat, Hamida says every matter ends here as you have returned, she ask where are my grandsons, Jalal says they have gone to different cities which we have won and will apply new rules there, they are walking like brother hand in hand now. he makes her eat,

Jodha comes there and greets Hamida, Salima ask Jodha that you went to Mandir then how come in this dress and how you came with Jalal? Jalal ask Jodha to answer her, tell her how you returned with me, did you bring Parsad from Mandir? Jodha is silent and looks at Jalala. Jalal says she didnt go to Mandir, all looks on, Jalal says to Hamida that she went to Dargah to change her religion, to accept Islam, all are stunned, Jalal says good thing was i came there and stopped her, she went against her husband, her heart,

she went against her promise, i dont know why she did this, i will not blame anyone else for this as she didnt give importance to my promise then how can she listen to others, she have made me feel ashamed, the reason for which i did this war, she spoiled that reason, eh curtly looks at her and says i am tired, he leaves, Hamdia is sad.

Scene 3
Ruks is getting in her roon, Hoshiyar says first Jodha denied to change religion and now agreed, Ruks says it doesnt matte, whatever she did was in my favor, Jalaa is angry with her so he will not go to her room, she says i will go and give company to Jalal.

Jalal is royal bath tub, he drinks wine and recalls how he had seen Jodha in dargah, Ruks comes there, she touches jalal, he ask her to leave him, Ruks ask whats matter? Jalal says you know it, Ruks says ok i will not talk about it, Jalal says this thing is hitting me hard, i did war so that no one is forced to change religion and when i returned, what i saw was unbearable, he says i will leave now, he leaves. Ruks says that you dont have time for me and neither love.

Jodha says to Moti that Jalal is angry with me and i am reason, what i did wasnt right? Moti says situation was such that your decision was not wrong, Jalal will understand it too, pacify him, Jodha says dont tie my hairs, jalal likes my open hairs.
Jodha comes to Jalal and ask if you are still angry with me? Jalal says you remember first promise we did in marriage?

Jodha says yes that wife shoud obey husband’s order, should follow it till death, Jalal says i feel that promise should be removed from pheras as its not being followed so need for it, Jodha says i know i did mistake, you can punish me but dont be angry with me, Jalal says after all thsi, you want me to not get angry, ok i will not be miffed, Jodha says your behavior is hurting me, Jalal says before i say something inappropriate just leave from here, Jodha says be angry on me, scold me but dont ask me to leave, i wanna be with you, she holds his hand, Jalal says how can i go against your orders, you did that but i will not do it, ok stay here and i will leave from here, he leaves.

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