This is fate update Tuesday 9 November 2021

This is fate 9 November 2021: Prithvi comes to stand with Kritika, Preeta explains that she knows how all of it would have happened she explains how he would have forced her to sit in the Mandap with him but now she has come back to her house so there is nothing to worry about,

Kritika explains how she should not worry as the decision was made in the skies and she has therefor married Prithvi, Dadi asks how can it happen as she went to her uncle’s house, Kritika exclaims how it is the truth as she has been married four days before.

Sherlin walks away from the hall as she is not able to bear it, she goes to her room in anger and starts thrashing it all, Mahira comes and tries to calm her, she exclaims that he has married Kritika even when he said that he loves her so she is really in a state of distress saying how she is in the situation because of Prithvi and even married Rishab because of him and is even pregnant, Mahira pleads with her to calm down saying when Sherlin asks if she was calm when Karan married Preeta, she is adamant to reveal his true face in front of the entire family and reveal how the child belongs to him, Mahira tries to calm her saying how it might all be a plan and she should wait to look If something else happens, however Sherlin is adamant to go out and reveal the truth.

Kritika explains how she has been married four days before, Karina says how she has not answered the reason for marrying Prithvi when Kritika asks if she remembers when her uncle asked for some more time for her stay when she exclaims how she went to a mela with her cousins, she recalls how beautiful it all was and they were enjoying when she met some boys were teasing her and were constantly following her when she even ran away from monu and chintu, Karan asks why did she not call him after which Kritika explains how she was in Chandigarh when Prithvi explains how what has happened was better then what did not happen, Karan shouts at him asking why did he talk in between because he is talking to his sister.

Karan turning to Prithvi saying how he is aware of the heinous things which he said to Preeta, Kritika exclaims how she asked him to inform Dadi and her mother however no one answered his call so he was forced to call Preeta, Prithvi exclaims how he tried to call Rakhi however she did not answer it maybe because it was from an unknown number and so he had no other choice but to call Preeta.
Kritika explains how Preeta is angry with her because she has married prithvi and the reason is their history together, Prithvi pacifies her saying how it happens in life that those who have been hurt tend to be together, Prithvi looks at Preeta in anger saying how he was deceived by someone and the love which was his right was snatched by someone else, he exclaims how there couple is the best and it cannot be better because they were left by the world, Kritika also agrees with him.

Kritika asks Karan why did she not call him and she called her uncle who said how he would come to take her however till that time she should wait in the crowd however while she was waiting some goons wears till following her but till that time someone came and saved her, she recalls how when the person was about to take advantage of her someone came and beat them all and it was actually prithvi, she recalls how he came and was beating them all and when they were about to overpower him, she hit them with a stick and he threatened them questioning if they do not have any women in their house, she was crying when he came asking if she is alright mentioning how she is safe and advised how they should leave the place,

he once again inquired if she is okay explaining how she was still looking stressed when she mentioned how she did not think he would save her because they thought that he was not suitable for Preeta, Prithvi responds how if there had been someone else then he would not have saved her because he doesnot have any intention of becoming a hero however but knows that she is a nice girl, Kritika exclaims how it is strange because the person whom she loved left her in the Mandap, Prithvi exclaims how there is a lot of danger in the area, when they were leaving the goons once again came and surrounded them with a knife when prithvi was able to save her and they ran away, Dadi asks if she is mad as she married him only after he saved her from the goons.

Dadi exclaims that she married him only after he saved her life, Kritika says how she is not finish as the criminals did not stop following hem so after a while, she along with Prithvi je stopped at a communal wedding.

Kritika asks Prithvi why he stopped the bike, he explains how there is a crowd, and they would be able to blend in, then Kritika asks what is happening here, Prithvi explains how there is a communal wedding, the organizer explains how they have chosen a very good MLA who cares for them so he now asks the Pandit to start the rituals of the marriage.

The MLA is shocked to see them and even asks his adviser to go and throw them all out because they will now ruin the wedding, they come to him and after taking his blessing exclaim how there is a someone who has come to hide

after beating them and he should just allow them to look for once, the politician agrees however warns them how if they create any problem then he would ask his mother who would take them after beating him.
Prithvi and Kritika are both performing the rituals, he even feels her Mang which worries her as she feels that it is a ritual and they also start performing the circles, when Kritika remembers how they took the clothes of one of the couples who were not ready to get married and it is when they both took their clothes and got married.

Karan exclaims how he doesnot believe in such a marriage Preeta also explains what Karan said mentioning how she doesnot have to accept such a marriage with Prithvi who a kidnapper is and doesnot have any character, Kritika says how Preeta said the same about Akshay, Sherlin also takes the side of Preeta and Karan mentioning how she doesnot have to accept such a marriage as she should not say that she can live her life with Prithvi.

Prithvi asks what he has done wrong to receive such hatred from then and they are thinking wrong of him, karan shouts at him ordering how he should not talk in between, prithvi says how he would talk when they are judging him for his past, but he is a changed man now, Kritika turning to him exclaims how she would always stand by him and not judge him on his past.

Preeta mentions how she should not say this because she is not thinking clearly and even they were not married with love but it was just because of the situation so she should not even think of living her life with such a man who is not worthy to be a husband, Kritika then says how she has also marred Karan in disguise and is fulfilling her life so why can she not do the same, Preeta explains how she was married to karan even before and had accepted him as her husband so why can she not accept her marriage,

Preeta explains how she should not even worry about her and not listen to anyone but should only think if she would be able to live her life with such a man, Kritika exclaims how she can live because she has also married Prithvi according to all the rituals and has accepted him as her husband, Prithvi also comments how he has also accepted her as his wife.

Karan refuses saying how he doesnot believe in such a marriage and they should consider it null and void, Kritika stops him asking why is he doing it because she has accepted Prithvi as her husband so what problem do they have with him. as she is now his wife, Karan holding her tightly inquires why is she not understanding what he is trying to explain and leaves saying that he will never accept the marriage. Kritika starts crying hearing this.

Rakhi rushes to Kritika pleading with her to not cry as everyone would be with her but they just need some time, Dadi also coming to her mention how she should not cry because she is with her, Prithvi takes her blessings, Karina then exclaims how she has not still yet accepted her, Preeta thanks god when Karina mentions how she has no personal problem with him but is bothered by the fact that he is the ex-fiance of Preeta, and she cannot change what has happened however she cannot accept their marriage as it did not happen in front of her, Kritika rushing to her exclaims how she can understand her feelings as she is her mother and is worried because she could not be a part of her wedding so she would once again marry Prithvi,

she asks him if he is okay with it, he exclaims how he doesnot have any problem and would love to marry her if it causes happiness to their family, he however mentions a condition that the entire preparations would be done by Preeta, Rakhi asks what is he saying, Prithvi explains how she has a lot of experience in marrying as she has married Karan twice and also held four functions with him, even Shristhi is a professional, Karina agrees saying how Preeta caused the marriage to end between Kritika and Akshay however this time she would be in charge of arranging the entire functions and must make sure that there is nothing that causes problems for them.

Prithvi after coming to Karina exclaims how he would never ask her for the reason which caused Akshay to leave the Mandap as he feels that she is his present and thinks that couples are made in heaven, Karina then asks them both to go and freshen up while she would send their belongings.

Mahira is with Sherlin who is constantly crying, she asks her to not be so worried as everything would work out, Sherlin explains how nothing would happen, Mahira is worried when Sherlin asks why is she looking at her in such a manner when Mahira says how she never saw her like this, Sherlin says how this is because nothing of the sort ever happened so she feels as dying, she then asks Mahira to leave as she needs to rest and doesnot let her stay, she sits on the floor thinking how Prithvi has wronged her after marrying Kritika.

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