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Jodha Akbar 14 June 2021: Benazir takes out one snake and other snake falls on ground, he bites benazir and dies, benazir says you didnt have guts to bite me, i am grown up by taking intake of snake’s poison, she gives it to zakira and says throw it, she says take care of other, i will need them to survive.

mirza comes to jalal and informs that i got benazir’s letter from maqsood’s room and remember she is from mali’s palace. Jalal says so what? She can write letter to her mother. Mirza says she can but she is a muslim then why did she used avdi language not urdu, persian etc. Jalal ask to read letter. Mirza recites without opening it. Jalal says you have learned it. Mirza says it was easy to remember it. Jalal is happy as mirza is taking interest in politics. He takes letter and says i will inquire about it to benazir.

zakira says to benazir that i couldnt take the letter from imtiaz which you wrote to abul mali, benazir says jalal will not get it otherwise… Servant comes and informs that jalal has called you, she is shocked.

Scene 2
jalal confronts benazir about letter asking why she wrote letter to her mother in avdi language? Benazir is tensed and comes very close to him, jalal ask whether you wanna kill me with these looks? He ask why did she used avdi language? Benazir start shedding tears saying my mother was not muslim and accepted islam after marriage but she use avdi language and i was missing her so i wrote in it, tell me whether its a sin? Jalal says no many people retain their language after marriage even like see jodha begum, he ask servant to send this letter to Kabul, benazir smirks.

Scene 3
shivani is in terrace, jodha is oiling her hairs and says why are lying outside its cold weather, shivani says i like it these stars, breeze etc, she says i am happy that i came here, jalal comes and shivani greets him, he says that you took my place, shivani ask what? He says jodha do my hairs’ oiling daily. Shivani gets up and ask jalal to take his place and jalal lies in jodha’s lap, shivani thinks he will come near mandir and ask jalal about mandir, jalal says we both go to mandir daily, jodha says lie, jalal says actually jodha daily ask me to go with her and doesnt understand that i am a king i have work,

shivani says thats bad jodha didi, she says i wanna go there, jalal says you cant as we are doing renovation there, jodha is happy that jalal is doing renovation of mandir, jalal ask jodha to massage good, benazir do it way better then you, shivani ask who is benazir? Jalal says she is special dasi and do massage very good, shivani ask jodha to prove that you are best and leaves. Jodha jerks jalal away and ask why did you talk about benazir to shivani?

He says i thought to told her that benazir is special before she got to know from other person, he is about to leave but jodha says i wanna talk, you are in danger, conspiracy is being done on you, jalal says i know, mirza have informed me and i am king so these things happen but i have my family, my begums and benazir with me. Jodha says so much believe on an outsider? Jalal says i believed my closed one but they pushed and threw me on ground, he leaves. Jodha thinks how to tell you that i met sharif and your life is in danger.

Scene 4
jodha applies medicine to injured pigeon, mirza comes and jodha tells him about her meeting with sharif and how jalal is in danger, he says thats true and recites the benazir’s letter to jodha, they both are confused.

Scene 5
abul mali reads benazir’s letter and fumes saying benazir hasnt done her work otherside sharif is in jail also, imtiaz got killed, he says now i will myself go to agra, his men warns him.
In agra, javeda says to shivani that you took our care in amer now its our turn, mirza comes there and shivani greets him but mirza doesnt see it then he greets her and says sorry for not seeing her 1st. Javeda says she cooks vey well, mirza says she cant cook here as she is guest, jodha comes there, javeda ask jodha can i show garden to shivani? Jodha nods, they leave. Mirza is going behind them, jodha stops him and teases him that he is going behind shivani, he confesses that shivani is beautiful but jalal hasnt fall for your beauty yet, he leaves. Jodha is shy.

Scene 6
jodha is praying to tulsi about jalal that he is in danger, she opens her eyes and sees jalal infront of her, she sees 2 soldiers running with dagger towards jalal, jodha runs and hugs him from back, jalal is stunned, suddenly moti and shivani comes and teases jalal about why he is here, he says for parsad, they say we should give privacy to them but jalal says maybe jodha doesnt like it and leaves. Jodha thinks i lost another chance to talk to jalal.

Scene 7
adham and jalal are sitting drinking when maham comes and gives idea that we should do jashn, adham suggests to present a dance from benazir, jalal says good idea, maham is angry on adham, jalal says this performance will be exclusive for man only, maham thinks that jalal will be drunk in jashn and benazir will come closer to him and jodha will be jealous.

Jodha Akbar 15 June 2021: Diya in jodha’s mandir is about to blow off but jodha holds it in time, she says i will tell jalal that i went to meet sharif, i know he will be angry as i didnt ask his permission but i have to tell him truth.

Jodha Akbar 14 June 2021

Scene 2
the jashn of man on terrace is being start, jalal and adham are drinking and benazir comes in veil to perform, mirza is also present there, adham ask benazir to remove veil, she does, jodha is coming to meet jalal but soldiers stop her saying women are not allowed to enter, jodha insists, maham comes and says that it is a male jashn and you cant go in there and also benazir is performing for jalal, jodha fumes and says i want to meet him, maham says why dont you go to your sister, spend time with her when jashn will be over then come, maham leaves.

Jodha is angry. Inside jashn starts and benazir removes her veil and start belly/arabic style dancing, jalal smiles while adham is amused, all males are enjoying her dance, she comes to jalal while dancing, he is drinking and smiling, she moves her hand on his hairs, suddenly jalal start imagining jodha romancing him and is confused, jodha comes from behind and is enraged seeing jalal and benazir, jalal comes out of his imagination and romances with benazir, jodha closes her eyes and leaves.

She comes in her room and says to kahna why i am feeling so bad? He spend night with different women then why today i cant see him with her? She ask aloud why? Outside benazir is with jalal and she thinks today is day, inside jodha says to kahna that you had many wives but you were only of radha then why jalal.. She thinks whats happening with me. Outside all leaves seeing jalal so close with benazir.

Maham thinks why they are coming out, benazir is thinking that today your game will be finished, inside jodha prays to protect jalal from evil eye while crying, outside maham comes to jalal and sees him with benazir and turns, jalal is romancing with benazir, he again imagines jodha placing fingers in his hairs,

he remembers how he threw him and pushes her and she falls on ground, he blabbers in drunk state that to leave my sight, i still remember what you did with me jodha, inside jodha says to kahna that you did for your people, please protect him also, outside jalal shouts that i hate you jodha i hate you, benazir leaves, maham is angry, inside jodha says to kahna that i am giving his protection to you.

Scene 3
benazir is fuming in her room, maham comes and says i know he did wrong with you, his way was wrong to avoid but it can be wrong that you dance with him and he will be lured, she says its difficult to make place in man’s heart when he have someone else in it but now you have to do something that jalal himself will come to you, only think about your wish, she leaves, benazir thinks i am here to do my mission not to make place in his heart.

Scene 4
in morning, jodha is going to mandir suddenly mirza pushes her aside, he shows her snake and says its dead but not normal death, it seemed like it is used to intake poison, some girls take poison and live on them, jodha says i thought its a false story, inside benazir room, she is waiting for snake, mirza says that these girls are developed by giving them poison then are used against kings, inside benazir says to zakira that it all started when i was 8 years old and snake bitted me but it didnt effect me, mali’s soldier got this info and kidnapped then i was being trained to lure man and how to dance and poison was given to me and thats how she grown up, outside mirza says to jodha that these poisonous ladies are used against kings as they are beautiful and weakness of kings, many kings died suspeciously, jodha is thoughtful.

Benazir thinks that i did many things for mali, i killed many but this jalal he fail my every plan, outside jodha says maybe mali send someone like it, mali says we will see to it but what about me and shivani, jodha says in rajvanshi we talk to families first, jodha comes to hamida and tell her about mirza and shivani, hamida is happy and says to send letter to bharmal then tell jalal, she nods.

Scene 5
maham comes to jalal and says you did wrong with benazir yesterday night, jalal ask what i did? She says you pushed her to ground, jalal says i dont remember but i will talk to her, Jodha comes to jalal before she could enter his room Maham meets her there and talks about Jalal and benazir’s close moment that yesterday only she was allowed in jashn, Jodha fells angry but doesn’t react ,Jodah comes to Jalal and says I want to talk to you , Jalal tells a baandi that he wants to meet Benazir so asks her to come and meet him Jodha is shocked

jalal calls benazir and jodha says you called her to avoid me, jalal thinks how she knows? Jalal says i have some work with her, jodha says yeah you had work last night with her also, jalal thinks how she knows that i didnt touch benazir.. He ask jodha what work she have? Jodha says mirza has started loving shivani, and i have no problem with this relation, i will talk to bharmal, jalal says its good that you dont have any problem, jodha says he is a very good man, sensible, jalal says i have these qualities too.

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