These Streets update Monday 14 June 2021

These Streets 14 June 2021: Kaka takes puchki inside. Arpita says are you okay? Puchki says kaka said he wont come back. Arpita hugs him. Chanda says where is puchki? What happened to her. Thaku ma says she is fine. And you know she wont study. You know what she will do.

Murli says to arpita there is a client. Puchki says please dont go. I am scared. ARpita says sit here. I will come here.

Thaku ma says to chanda train puchki here. She shouldn’t study. Beauty says she is right. we have to prepare her like clients of future. They like girls who speak english.

Scene 2
Ravinddra says to Rindhma get him in the best school. Rindham says study with all your heart.

Puchki says I dont’ wanna study. Cahnda says there will be a lot of kids there. You will have fun. Puchki

says will there be shantanu? Chanda sy it will be fun. SHe says what if he comes here when I am in school. Chanda says he would be very happy for you. She says then I will go to school.

Anita shows Shantanu his new room. She says all of this is for you. Shantanu says this room is so pretty. He hugs her and swipes her tears.

Shantanu finds a phone. He calls chanda. Chanda says how is everyone there? He says everyone is really nice. I miss you all so much. Puchki takes the phone. She says dont’ cry. I will tell you something. You will be happy. I will be going to school. He says wow thats so good. Anita comes and says is there any call. She says who is this? Pucki says its me. Anita says where are you from? She says sona.. Chanda takes the phone from her. anita says shan dont’ be scared. You can call anyone you want. Chanda says we can’t kill him. Puchki says please call him. Puchki leaves in anger.

Shan says so much food. Anita says there are so many people. Ravindra comes. Everyone stands. Anita serves Shan. He steals a piece of cake. Roshni says what are you stealing? He says I want taking it for puchki. she likes sweets. There is no such food in sona.. He becomes quite. She says who is puchki? Rindham says his friend. Get ready. We have to go to school.
Arindham says to Shan you can never tell anyone about sona kachi. He says why? Rindham says please.Roshni says to Joy we have to keep and eye on this kid.

Scene 1
Chanda and Arpita come to Puchki’s school. Arpita says will she get an admission there. Chanda says yes why not don’t worry. Puchki asys I wont talk to you. Shantanu comes to the same school.
Principal meets Ravindham and Shan. Peon asks Arpita and chanda to wait.
Chanda introduces Arpita to a man and says he is Rakha. He runs an NGO. Arpita says your full name. He says I dont’ work for my family name. Chanda says he works for different kids.

Shan gives a test. Principal says he isa very good kid. He says Shan welcome to our school. Anita and Arindham leave with sahntanu.

Arpita and Chanda come in. The guy says this is Puchki. She wants an admission here too. Arpita says Puchki sing that poem. Puchki reads a poem. Arpita says we taught her in the house. she learns very quick. Principal says we will give you admission here. He says whats your full name? SHe says Puchki. I am from sona kachi. Principal says is she from sona kachi? NGO says how does that make a difference. Principal says our shcool has reputation here. Your father Ravindra is the trustee of this school. Take permission from he. Rakha says I will get permission from him.

Shan goes to his class. He sits in the car. Puchki sees him. She shouts Shantanu. Arpita says what happened. She says there was shantanu in that car. I saw him.
They come back to sona kachi. Puchki says did they give me admission? WIll he be in my school as well. Beauty dances and says what happened. Chanda you couldn’t even get her admission? You set your son but not her daughter. I don’t think she would study. Now you know how we are treated outside sona kachi. Better stay in your limits now. arpita says come puchki. Beauty says now I will do something. Her women grasps arpita nad they make pucki wear anklets. Puchki and arpita cry. Arpita faints. Puchki says ma open your eyes please. She cries.

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