Anupama starlife update Wednesday 29 May 2024

Baa tells Babu ji that her heart was restless due to this and she knows that something is going to happen. Dimpy asks her not to worry and says you will get unwell. Baa says I shall die and my eyes shall be closed. She says death is better rather than seeing all this.

Anupama asks Choti why she doesn’t sit with Riya on the same bench and why she makes fun of her, as she is her best friend. She asks her to say and says Mummy is asking you. Malti Devi comes there and asks Anupama, why is she scolding Choti. Anupama says I know what you are trying to do. Choti hugs Malti Devi. Anupama asks her to answer her. Choti says I didn’t do anything. Anupama asks her to tell and let Malti Devi to talk to her daughter. Choti says I told, and asks if she don’t understand. Anupama says if you talks to me like this again then I will slap you and says her tactics will not work for her. She asks her to say. Malti Devi says you can’t talk to girl like that. Anuj comes there and asks Choti to answer and says you have bullied Riya. Choti says yes, so what?

Romil and Nidhi pack the former’s bag. Romil gets emotional as he has to leave the family. Nidhi tells that they are trusting us and sending us abroad. She says we shall not break their trust. He says yes, if I do mistake then you shall stop me. She says and you shall stop me and says we will be each other’s friend and guardian there. Romil says it is a deal.

Anuj asks Choti who asked her to bully Riya and asks her to tell. Choti tells that Riya is teacher’s puppet and tells that everyone tease her, and they asked her to tease Riya and she did the same. Anuj says it is called peer pressure. Anupama tells that she has done wrong and should have stood by Riya. Choti says then they wouldn’t have become my friends and would have bullied me. Anupama says then you will know who are the real friends. Anuj tells that she has done wrong and asks her to rectify her mistake. Anupama asks her to say sorry. Choti refuses and tells that Riya is teacher’s puppet and tells that she will not say her sorry. Anupama asks her to say sorry. Choti says Mummy does this always, and says she spares Pakhi di when she does mistake and is scolding me just as I raised my voice once.

She says you are scolding me as I am your adopted daughter and not real daughter. She goes from there. Anupama sits in shock and recalls Pakhi blaming her. Anuj says what she said. Malti Devi blames Anupama for scolding her. He says it is our mistake that we didn’t see when she was attending online class. Anupama says I have to scold her. Anuj asks why did you come when Anupama was scolding her? Malti Devi says I have to come, as Anupama was scolding her. Anupama says Pakhi spoiled due to Mr. Shah and Baa and says she will not let Choti spoil. She asks Malti Devi not to interfere next time.

Baa thinks of recent happenings. Vanraj brings sweets box and tells that he got a job in UK company, and I am setting up their company in India. He says the owner is Indian and he has a son of almost Samar’s age. Babu ji congrats them. Vanraj says now I will take care of my family well.

Anuj gives tea to Anupama. Anupama asks where we went wrong. Anuj tells that sometimes kids say that their mother or father don’t love them and says she must have told this and she might not mean it. He says someone might have teaching her this, or may be our love is spoiling her. Malti Devi asks Choti not to say sorry to Riya and says it is not your mistake. She asks her not to talk to Anuj and Anupama till they realize their mistake. She says she will always be with her.

Kavya congrats Vanraj and asks until she gets house, if she can stay in Baa and Babu ji’s house. Babu ji says it is your house too, and you don’t need to ask anyone. Kavya thanks him and goes inside. Vanraj says she is asking me as if I asked her to go. Babu ji says you have forced her and asks him not to open his mouth. Vanraj eats the sweets. Baa and babu ji gets worried.

Anupama comes to Choti’s room. Choti pretends to sleep. Anupama thinks to talk to her tomorrow. Choti thinks she is adopted and that’s why she is doing this. Next morning, Choti comes to the dining table. Anuj and Anupama asks her to have breakfast. Choti refuses. Anuj says Mummy has kept things to make card for Riya after breakfast. Pakhi tells that it seems that Choti understood what I said. Ankush asks her not to say this infront of child. Anuj makes Choti sit for breakfast. Anupama gives her card stuff and tries to make her have food, but Choti shouts at her.

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