Jhanak starlife update Wednesday 29 May 2024

Jhanak 29 may 2024: The Episode starts with Tejas saying Jhanak came first, I will marry her, if anyone comes in between, then you kill him. The man agrees. Urvashi says I m going to get her.

Radha says if you get Jhanak, don’t beat her. The man says Shrishti ji, I have a request, please say a few words. Shrishti tells about her life. Urvashi and Radha come there. They look on. Shrishti tells about her sister Urvashi and insults Jhanak.

Anirudh says Arshi, this isn’t right, why does aunty need to say this. Radha says she is like your enemy. Arshi argues with Anirudh. She says I helped Jhanak, I didn’t know she will take my place. Shrishti praises her daughter Arshi. Urvashi asks did Jhanak participate in this competition. Radha says don’t beat her this time. The anchor calls Arshi and Jhanak on stage. Jhanak says sorry Arshi, you have to share the first prize with me, but I would have been glad if you won. Arshi taunts her.

Jhanak says thank you for help, you have encouraged me to understand that I want this. Arshi says always remember, favors aren’t made always, I hope you do something on own in future. Shrishti stops them and requests the organizers to keep a tie breaker round. She announces a dance face off between Arshi and Jhanak. Rahul says Jhanak will make their mouths shut. The anchor says the organizers have given a green signal, it will be a tie breaker round. Urvashi says Jhanak doesn’t worry about me. Radha says Jhanak won. Urvashi cries. Shrishti thinks to talk to Brij.

Shrishti and Madhav go to Brij and invite him in Arya’s marriage. Madhav says Shrishti, I will wait for you outside. Shrishti asks Brij about Jhanak’s performance. Brij says I liked it a lot, she has special talent. She says yes, right, do you know her identity, you remember Urvashi. He says yes. She says Jhanak is her illegitimate child. He gets shocked. She says no one knows about Jhanak’s father, even Urvashi doesn’t know, you know our society has no place for such women, Bharat pitied Urvashi and kept them home, I thought you should know, I didn’t forget, I know Urvashi had insulted you in front of everyone, remember this when you give points, Jhanak has come on stage by going against many people, there will be a big drama. She goes.

Arshi and Jhanak perform on Mere dholna…. Urvashi looks on from far and smiles. Anirudh smiles. Everyone claps for them. The anchor says its time for results, the judges have given their decision, who will become the winner. Everyone cheers for Arshi and Jhanak. The anchor invites Brij on stage. Urvashi looks on. Brij says there is just one work to succeed in arts, that’s practice, I didn’t know that I will see such a good dance art today, I m sure that Arshi will touch heights of success one day. The anchor asks Shrishti to announce the winner. Shrishti checks the winner’s name, Arshi Mukherjee. Everyone claps.

Rahul says she made her daughter win, its fixed, cheating happened with Jhanak. Radha says we will take a pic. Urvashi says if anyone sees us, then what will happen. Brij gives the trophies to Jhanak and Arshi. He thinks if Urvashi told the truth then… no this can’t happen, I have a wife and child. He says Arshi, you have touched my heart, touch the heights of success now. Arshi thanks everyone. She says special thanks to Anirudh, he is my fiancée and soon to be husband. The anchor asks Jhanak to speak a few words. He says your parents would feel proud of you today. Jhanak says I m tense, I have come on stage for the first time and performed, I don’t know what to say on stage, I never met my dad, that’s the truth, I don’t know who is he.

Urvashi cries. Jhanak says many people here know this truth, but I just know that I have my mum, people asked my mum about my dad’s name, my mum didn’t have an answer, they insulted my mum, even family insulted her, even then I want to thank her. She gets emotional. She says I love to dance, mum doesn’t like it, she doesn’t know that I have come here, its not her fault, she is forced to stop me, I m tired seeing her tears and pain, I thought to not dance ever, good people are also there in the world, I have met some good people, they made me realize that dance is my love, my dream, and encouraged me to dance on stage, thanks. Anirudh smiles.

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