Jhanak starlife update Monday 27 May 2024

Jhanak 27 May 2024:The Episode starts with Anirudh seeing Jhanak dancing and smiling. She sees him and says you… He says you have to come with me. She says no, its not good to look into my personal life, go now, I have much work. He says you have 5 mins, get ready.

She asks where do we have to go. He says Arshi is waiting for ghungroo. She says you should have told me, I will give it to you, I can’t come with you. He says go and get it. She says my ghungroo is old. He says get it, we have to go. She says say sorry to Arshi, mum won’t like me to go. He says I will handle Maasi, go and get it. Jhanak thinks what to do.

Rahul says Jhanak is talented, she is ruining her potential. Urvashi asks did you get the ghungroo. Anirudh says yes, Jhanak went to take it, I will take her to the festival, I don’t know the route, map wasn’t working. Jhanak gets ghungroos. Anirudh says she will show me shortcut. Jhanak says no, you go. He says please understand, I will send you back home with driver, come. Urvashi says fine, Jhanak shouldn’t go inside the auditorium.

Tejas gets ready and leaves. Anirudh asks Jhanak to sit in the front seat. The festival starts. Pandit Brij Bhushan is called on stage. The anchor introduces Brij, Kaushali and Shrishti. Arshi waits for Jhanak and Anirudh. Shrishti says I m happy and fine. Brij says I feel tired, I hope I will feel good after seeing your daughter’s performance. She says its your blessing.

Anirudh says I forgot to ask about your pain. Jhanak says I will go now, we reached the venue, the pain didn’t go over. He asks why, didn’t you take medicines.

She says I get hurt on heart, mind and confidence by the daily drama, I will go now. He says Arshi asked me to get you. She says sorry. He says sorry, I can’t do this. She gets down the car. He asks are you okay. He stops her. He says you have to perform in this festival. She says I got beaten up yesterday, you want me to get beaten up again, mum will get insulted. He says no, this won’t happen, its my guarantee. Shrishti says you remember Urvashi, she stays here with Bharat, whatever happened, villagers ousted her, she was trying to give your name to her daughter, her daughter also stays here, she is just like Urvashi, I thought to tell you, she will try to meet you.

Brij says I m not interested in this, I will go after the festival ends. Anirudh says Arshi wants you to perform, your talent should come in front of everyone, it’s a great opportunity, no one will tell anything to you and Maasi, its Arshi and my promise, think of it, it’s a chance for your respect and dreams. Jhanak says no, I won’t perform. He says you forgot your ghungroos. She says its for Arshi. He says no, we need confidence and courage when we forget to live. He gives her ghungroos and says all the best. Everyone looks for Anirudh. Arshi says relax, he will come. Anirudh comes and says I was exploring the festival. Arshi asks did she come. He says I have fulfilled your wish. She asks where is she. He says I dropped her to main gate, don’t know she will come to perform or not, why are you increasing competition for you.

She says no way, she got beaten up yesterday, I thought she will dance and her mood will get happy. Urvashi gets angry on Jhanak. Radha says don’t talk of beating her always. Tejas comes to the festival.

The anchor calls him on stage. Tejas greets the judges. Vinayak says he is a criminal, not an industrialist, he has ruined lives of many girls. Bharat says he is sponsoring Kashmir festival, he is preparing for politics. Anirudh takes Arshi’s pics. The performances begin. Arshi comes on stage. She dances on Kamli. Everyone claps for her.

The anchor praises Arshi. He calls the next contestant, Jhanak. Shrishti and everyone are shocked. Anirudh claps. Jhanak comes wearing the ghungroos. She gets scared seeing everyone. Shrishti asks will she perform. Bharat asks who had put her name on the list. The man asks who had added her name. Rahul cries emotionally seeing Jhanak on stage. He says Jhanak’s life will change, it’s a chance to give them a solid answer. Bharat says look at her courage, she has come here. Mami asks how did Urvashi allow her to come. Anirudh wishes all the best to Jhanak. Shrishti asks Bharat to throw out Urvashi out of their lives.

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