Imlie starlife update Wednesday 28 June 2023

Imlie 28 June 2023: Chini extends her had to apply haldi to Atharva when Imlie stops her. Chini asks why did she stop her while she always says that the latter has right on everything belonging to her. Imlie says Atharva is not a thing but her life partner and she will not share him or his gift with anyone. She says let her apply haldi to Atharva first and then Chini can. She applies haldi on Atharva’s cheek and congratulates him for the first color of their love. Atharva also applies haldi on her cheek. Family smiles seeing that while Chini feels jealous and walks away. Atharva fears Chini may try to commit suicide again and rushes to her. He says Imlie is sensitive and he can’t.. Chini says let us enjoy our haldi and applies haldi on her cheek from his hand. Atharva says its wrong. Chini says there is nothing wrong or right in love, he should trust her and be ready to tonight to marry her.

Atharva thinks Imlie, her family, and his family would be very hurt today, he doesn’t know how to explain Chini as he doesn’t want Chini to commit suicide again. He prays god to let gun speak to Imlie and reveal truth to her. Imlie walks to him and cleans his face with a towel. He asks if its fine now. Imlie says he should stop worrying so much. Atharva ask how does she know he is tensed. Imlie says someone told her. Atharva gets tensed thinking Chini revealed everything to Imlie and asks who? Imlie says god and asks him to share his every sorrow and worries with her as they are getting married. Atharva tries to speak when someone calls him and he walks away.

Akash and Keya get ready for the wedding and hope Atharva and Imlie’s marriage happens today and they get Atharva’s wealth. Keya says if greedy and wicked Chini marries Atharva, they will not get anything. Akash says they will make sure Atharva marries Imlie today at any cost. Devika notices Shivani wearing a dull sari and says they usually wear bright saris during happy events, so she will bring a bright sari for her. Shivani says she doesn’t feel like wearing a bright sari seeing Atharva unhappy, she is sure that something is bothering Atharva. Imlie gets ready as a bride and writes a poem. She gets news paper editor’s call and tells him that she will send him poem once its complete. Sundar walks to her and asks her to concentrate on her marriage today and not poem. Arpita, Sundar, Rupali, and others get emotional seeing Imlie in a bridal attire and express their love for her and how much they will miss her.

Atharva gets ready as a groom and recalls Imlie proposing her and Chini’s emotional blackmail and plan to replace Imlie and marry him. Rudra walks him and says he is looking good. Atharva asks if marriage in their house, what is a logic in getting baraat to their own house. Rudra says everything don’t work on logic, its a ritual they follow. He describes how pious and perfect Imlie is for him and would be his perfect life partner. Meethi also describes Imlie how perfect Atharva is for her and calms her nervousness. Imlie looks at baraat via window. Chini walks to Imlie and asks if she is eager to watch baraat. Imlie says aunt told to watch baraat hiding. Chini indirectly reveals that Imlie may not reach mandap. She ays she will get her make up and silently mixes some drug to make Imlie unconscious and replace her.

Chini does Imlie’s touch up. She thinks this brush will make Imlie unconscious for some time and she will take her place in mandap. Imlie stops Chini and asks her if the latter is happy. Chini says Imlie didn’t apply blush on her right cheek. Imlie feels Chini is always concerned for her. Chini leaves and Imlie feels dizzy. She calls Chini for help and the latter keeps eyes on her. Imlie faints and Chini comes in to check if the latter is hurt. Chini says Atharv and Imlie are same. Imlie fell in love with him after two meet ups and Atharv also fell in love with Chini like that. Chini says this is the only chance for her to make her life better.

Baraat arrives and Chini smiles looking at Atharv from the window. He looks tensed and Meethi performs his aarti. She prays for Imlie and Atharv’s happy married life. Narmada asks for Chini as she is Atharv’s saali. Chini gets ready as Atharv’s bride and Akash says muhurat will be over so they should focus on the wedding. Chini wears Imlie’s sandals saying she has to look exactly like her today. Devika tells Atharv that they see the light in Imlie but if Atharv is still not happy with their choice then he can clearly tell her. He shouldn’t be afraid of Rudra.

Atharv thinks if he tells the truth then Chini will end her life, and he can’t see Imlie’s life getting destroyed as well. He tells Devika that he can’t lose everything to get something. She tells him to give his worries to God. Chini gets emotional and says she is upset due to many reasons from childhood. She asks Imlie if the latter will deal with the mess. Sundar knocks on the door and calls Imlie. He says she will wear the bangles her in laws gave her.

Chini notices Imlie is wearing them. She takes them out of her hands and Imlie’s hand gets injured. Chini feels Imlie should have been there on her special day. She will miss her. Chini says she is good at snatching things always as she is left with no choice. Imlie’s friends knock on the door as it’s getting late and Chini sends a text to them saying Imlie is in washroom. They leave and Chini covers her face with veil. She also leaves after locking the door..

Rain water falls on Imlie from the window, and she gains conciousness. She sees the baraat has arrived but why noone came to call her yet. She knocks on the door and asks for someone to help her come out. She feels anxious and looks for her phone to inform her family but she doesn’t find her phone. Chini hides the room keys inside a vase and says Imlie cant come out of the room. Imlie thinks how to reach the mandap. Kia feels Chini is upto something and she will sit silently after seeing all this. She asks Arpita about Chini and the latter says Chini will take Imlie to mandap only. Kia tells Akash they should find Chini before anything goes wrong.

Imlie jumps off the window and takes risk. She gets saved and her feet gets hurt. She thinks why anyone would lock her in room in Atharv’s house. She feels she can’t enter the house using the front door else guests will insult their family. She goes inside using the back door. Kia looks at Chini and tells her not to be nervous. She tries to take a selfie with her and tells Chini to remove her veil. Chini gets nervous.

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