Imlie starlife update Tuesday 27 June 2023

Imlie 27 June 2023: Chini tells Rupali that Imlie is her sister and not enemy, hence she went in search of Imlie at midnight. Rupali asks if Imlie is not at home, where is she now. Chini says she doesn’t know. Arpita with Meethi walks to them and asks Rupali if there is any issue. Rupali informs that Imlie has gone somewhere and shows concern. Arpita calls Imlie and finds her number not reachable. Chini thinks she had to use Imlie to protect herself. Sundar smiles thinking Imlie went to meet her savior Atharva. Arpita asks why is he smiling instead of getting worried for Imlie. Narmada hears their conversation and says where did Imlie go at 2 a.m. in a bad weather.

Atharva while dropping Imlie in his car thinks he wants to drop her home as soon as possible as she trusts him and came to meet him at night, he is betraying her by not revealing truth because of Imlie, he doesn’t know what Chini has planned. Imlie hopes she can stop these moments. Atharva asks if he should stop his car at a petrol pump if she wants to use a washroom. Imlie nods yes. He stops his car. Imlie hopes this moment freezes. Narmada tells Meethi that senior Imlie used to go out of house as Araav used to trust her immensely, junior Imlie is completely opposite to bold and brave senior Imlie and she fears who will marry Imlie if something goes wrong.

Chini senses an opportunity to defame Imlie. She calls Rudra and asks if Imlie came there. e asks why would Imlie come there. She acts as worried and says Imlie is missing. Rudra also gets concerned and informs Devika and Shivani. Shivani says she can understand if Chini goes out of house at midnight, why would Imlie go out at this time. Keya hears that and prays god to send Imlie home safely as they can’t grab Atharva’s property share if Atharva doesn’t marry Imlie. Chini feels happy thinking Rudra will change his decision now. She turns and finds Meethi standing. Meethi asks if there is any concern, she is worried for Imlie. Chini assures that nothing will happen to Imlie.

Atharva informs Imlie that car’s petrol got over. He calls someone to bring petrol and learns he needs at least 1 hour. He notices rain starting and holding Imlie’s hand stands under a shelter. Imlie feels shy seeing him holding her hand. Atharva realizes that and leaves her hand. Her jewelry gets stuck in his T-shirt. He removes it feeling anxious while Imlie enjoys his touch. A romantic song plays in the background. Imlie’s family gets more concerned seeing rain starting. Chini also hopes Imlie is safe. Imlie runs into rain and enjoys drenching in rain. Atharva tries to stop her. She splashes water on him. He acts angry at first and then enjoys rain. He thanks her for letting him enjoy rain. She confesses her feelings for him and with closed eyes says I love you. He stands shocked. She extends her hands and repeated I love you Atharva ji.

Imlie expresses her love for Atharva and with extended hands says I love you. Atharva is shocked to hear that. Atharva holds Imlie’s hand and is about to reveal truth when both Rana and Rathore families arrive there and stand speechless. Atharva looks at Chini. They return back home. Rudra angrily asks Imlie if she knows that her family was worried for her. Atharva says its not Imlie’s mistake and says their anger is valid. Rudra laughs and says he should have met Imlie alone much before. Arpita says because of Atharva, Imlie at least became adventurous. Meethi says Sr Imlie was adventurous than jr Imlie. Chini thinks they always praise Imlie even for her mistakes, she will also do mistakes then. Rudra says only Imlie has right on Atharva. Devika says they will go now as they need to make preparations for Atharva and Imlie’s wedding.

Atharva gets into his car. Chini walks to him and says she will replace Imlie in mandap during wedding rituals. Atharva says he will not marry either her or Imlie as he cannot live on lies and will reveal truth to Imlie. Chini emotionally blackmails him that she has to sacrifice for her family and her sister and need to keep the secret about their affair. Atharva says he will reveal truth to Imlie as he can’t keep her in dark. Chini thinks she doesn’t want to lose a chance of a super comfortable life with Atharva and has to do something.

Imlie wears a bridal dupatta and looks herself in mirror. Arpita walks in and reminds her that she used wear her dupatta in childhood. Imlie says her height has increased a bit, but she is still Arpita’s little niece. She senses Atharva coming and informs Arpita. Arpita says she is imagining Atharva everywhere. Chini acts as trying to jump from terrace and attempting to commit suicide in front of Atharva. Atharva requests her to get down. She says she cannot live without him and hence its better she dies. Atharva pulls her down and says he will whatever she says. She explains her plan.

Next day, Imlie’s hali ceremony starts. Imlie’s friends taunt her to retire maiya now and instead of saying mangal karo maiya say mangal karo Arto. Imlie feels shy. Sundar asks her to stop bullying Imlie. Imlie asks who is bringing haldi from Atharva’s house. Atharva enters with haldi bowl and says he brought haldi. Imlie feels shy. Anu asks Chini wh Atharva brought haldi for Imlie. Chini says its as per her plan. She walks towards Athrava and tries to apply haldi to him. Imlie stops her. Chini says as per Imlie, she has right on Imlie’s everything. Imlie says Atharva is her would be life partner and not a thing and hence she will not share him or his gift with anyone.

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