Anupama starlife update Monday 26 June 2023

Anupama 26 June 2023: Anuj and Anupama notice Leela standing holding her bag. Hasmukh asks what is it. Leela says last was late last night and she didnn’t want to leave in front of Little Anu or else Anuj would have given her a nice ear, why should she stay here when everyone are having problem with her. Barkha murmurs Leela should carry away even Pakhi-named luggage. Anupama and Adhik try to calm her down. Leela says Barkha accused her yesterday that yesterday’s event happened because of her.

Anupama 25 June 2023

Anuj says she is misunderstanding again. Leela says she just wants to go from here. Anuj says as she wishes. Samar says there is renovation work going on at their home. Leela says she will stay in a Dharamshala and even on road but not here. Anupama, Hasmukh, Toshu, and Adhikk try to convince her, but she gets adamant.Dimpy also requests her. Leela asks who is she to stop her. Dimpy says she is no one, but when Anuj and Anupama don’t let a stranger go out of their hosue, how can they let her go.

She forcefully takes her bag and walks in. Anupama cries recalling Anuj’s anger towards her and thinks why it happens only with her family. She gets a call from Kavya who informs that she and V got a job. She congratualtes them. Kavya says people take a break forjob, but she and V need a job desperately for a break; she loves V’s family, but couldn’t spend time with V after marriage due to family responsibilities; she can understand what Anupama must have gone through and was fearing if she is becoming like Anupama; Anupama should understand that family is on one side,

but husband and wife sould look after their relationship also or else there is no meaning for the family. Anupama recalls Anuj’s repeated advice. Kavya says they would be shifting to Delhi after joining and is glad that Anupama will take care of Hasmukh and Leela, asks if everything is fine as Leela and Hasmukh sounded upset on a videocall. Anupama says everything is fine, Leela just stretches a small issue. Kavya says she and V will roam around whole Delhi and then return home.

Anupama recalls Kavya’s words and cries recalling Anuj’s love for her and his advice. Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha.. song plays in the background. Anuj walks down talking over phone with his employee and notices everyone busy in themselves. He thinks a world because of which they start fighting with each other just continues to move on even without them. Anupama gives his forgotten file and says she prepared his favorite dishes and will pack them for him. Anuj says he will have lunch and dinner outside as he is having meeting with international clients and tries to leave.

She holds his cuff and asks him to return home before 12 before the year ends, she wants to start afresh. He says a family should be together if they want to start afresh. She asks because he sent Little Anu on a picnic. He says he had to send her to protect her. She leaves his cuff.Ankush asks Anuj if he is going to office even today. Barkha says they will spend their year with whoever they spend their new year’s eve. Ankush jokes he is sure Anuj doesn’t want to spend whole year with his accountant. Anuj smiles. Barkha suggests him to stay back with his family.

Vanraj asks Kavya if Anupama revealed something. Kavya gets angry and asks him to stop worrying about family or else return home right now. Vanraj acts as getting romantic and planning to spend time with her and then thinks Anupama hid truth again and something must have really happened with his parents. Kinjal returns home, pampers Pari, and thanks Anuj and Anupama for taking care of Pari. Leela complains that she alone took care of Pari with painting soulders, but Kinjal is giving credit to someone else. Barkha asks if she needs a trophy to take care of her own great-grandchild.

Dimpy rushes in and says they should celebrate new year with party. Kinjal says she and Toshu need to attend Rakhi’s office party, Pakhi and Adhik say they are having a party with their friends, Leela says she and Hasmukha are going for a satsang and cancel the party.Kavya jumps on a bed with V and informs him that she has booked a dinner for them at a 5-star hotel which she had dreamt of visiting during their last visit years ago. Vanraj smiles and asks her to get off of him as she is not a 40-kg young girl anymore. She says shewill not. Anuj imagines whole family business in themselves and recalls him and Anu fighting because of them.

Kinjal asks about Little Anu. Samar says she has gone to her friend’s farmhouse for a picnic. Kinjal says let us call her. Anuj says no, he wants her to enjoy there itself and already spoke to her. Anupama says he didn’t inform that he spoke to Little Anu. Anuj says Little Anu is even her daughter, so she can also call her sometimes. He walks towards door. Hasmukh asks him to drop him at a new temple which his friend built. Leela says its far away. Hasmukh says its in a city itself. Anuj agrees to drop him and takes him along.

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