Imlie Starlife update Wednesday 26 June 2024

Imlie 26 June 2024: Chaudhrys are shocked to see Vishwa kicking them out of the house and taking possession of it. Daadi tells Agastya that Vishwa says this house doesn’t belong to them. Vishwa throws away Chaudhry mansion board and fixes Singh mansion board at the entrance and says Chaudhrys had mortgaged their house and he bought it.

Daadi asks Vishwa what did they do to him that he is doing this to him. Vishwa asks Daadi to ask Agastya who he really is. Agastya warns him to stop troubling his family. Vishwa reveals that his father’s real name is Tej Pratap Singh whom Agastya’s father Kunal looted of his factory and house and forced him to commit suicide. Daadi refuses to believe him. Navya says that is the fact, she and her husband were living happily in this house and her children used to play

in this lawn, Kunal tricked her husband and snatched everything from him and forced him to die. Daadi cries that her son can’t do anything wrong. Vishwa says her son did, now he took revenge from them and threw them out of the house.

Agastya holds Vishwa’s collar and shouts he will kill him. Sonali says Vishwa was acting good and entered their family to backstab them. Imlie stops them and takes Vishwa aside and warns him to stop misbehaving with Daadi and refuses to support him. Vishwa acts as calling his team and ordering them to arrest Agastya in ghati hit and run case. Imlie stops him. Vishwa says he was acting and will really get Vishwa arrested if she doesn’t obey him. He gives her a task of kicking Chaudhrys out of the house. Chaudhrys are shocked with Vishwa’s act. Daadi shows her concern for Shivani. Agastya nothing will happen to his sisters until he is alive. Sonali says Vishwa must have blackmailed Imlie to support him. Agastya says Vishwa would have blackmailed Imlie for sure.

Imlie walks in clapping and asks him not to be in a delusion. She says she knew Agastya loves his family and business and would dump her once their marriage contract gets over, so she befriended Vishwa and gave him an idea of buying outhouse and help him snatch their factory and house.

She continues to humiliate them, leaving them in shock. Vishwa feels happy. Chaudhrys try to walk away. Imlie says she wants to pity them by letting them stay in her house. Vishwa takes her in and scolds her for offering Chaudhrys to stay back. Imlie says she got so lost in her evil character that she invited them to stay at the house and get humiliated each day. Vishwa hesitantly agrees. Chaudhrys walk in. Vishwa asks them to vacate the rooms and stay in some corner of the house. Navya tells Daadi that she used to stay with her husband in Daadi’s room, Chauhdry family made her cry for years, now she will sleep peacefully and Chaudhrys will cry. Daadi says misunderstanding makes a person blind. Navya shuts the door on her face. Drama continues…

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