Force of attraction update Wednesday 26 June 2024

Force of attraction 26 June 2024: Shakti looks at Gauri’s photo and says my love couldn’t be completed, my only dream was to become a doctor but Shiv came in my life and I thought I just respect him but I don’t know when I fell in love.. I fell in love with a person who is unattainable, I started dreaming about him but he doesn’t even love me.. he just wants to be my friend, my love story ended before it could start, it pains me so much that I can’t fulfill my love. She cries.

Otherside Shiv is going back home and is hurt recalling Shakti’s words that they can’t be friends or partners. He is crying silently and says why is it paining me so much.. why do I feel like its a big deal, like her friendship is important for me. I stopped fighting for my rights but Shakti

fought for me, she stood up for me when I couldn’t. I don’t understand why she denied my friendship. She thanked me but she doesn’t know that she has brought purpose back in my life. What did I do wrong that she said no? maybe I crossed a line?

Manorama comes to Shakti and sees her sad. She looks at Gauri’s photos and says some people come in our lives for a purpose and then we should let them go. Shiv and you made good memories but he doesn’t love you so let him go and move on. Shakti cries, Manorama consoles her and says you did a right thing, Shiv is just a memory so move on as he doesn’t love you. Shakti says you heard him? Manorama says I had to as I am your mother and wants to protect you. She asks her to get ready for the function. She leaves.

Scene 2Shiv’s family is preparing for a rakshabandhan pooja. Nandu asks Shiv why does he look stressed? Shiv says because of Shakti. Dadi says today is Koyal’s day. Padma says I don’t know my brothers will give me a right to be a sister today, Bharat and Ragunath didn’t even come. She starts to leave but they arrive there. Ragunath asks her to tie them rakhi. Mandira is angry and thinks this is all happening because of Shakti. Padma gets happy and ties rakhi to them. Koyal ties rakhi to Keertan and Nandu. Padma ties rakhi to Mandira as well. Dadi asks her to tie it to Gayatri also, she nods and does it. Koyal applies tilak to Shiv and asks where is he lost? he looks on.

Shakti ties rakhi to Dharam and is lost in thoughts. He asks her to apply tilak to him, she nods and does it. Dharam asks if she is okay? Rimjhim says I know what’s wrong with her.

Koyal applies tilak to him and it smears on his face. Dadi says this is a good sign, it means he is going to get married soon. Mandira gets scared hearing that but she smiles. Dadi says he is already lost in thoughts.. who are you thinking about? Shiv says Shakti.. all are shocked.


Dadi asks Shiv who is he thinking about? He murmurs Shakti before he can stop himself. Dadi teases what is he thinking about her? Nandu says ask him about his heart. Koyal says you should be thinking about rakhi. Shiv says I was just thinking how I can help her in the wedding. Koyal says stop it, she ties rakhi to him. Mandira thinks Shakti is going to marry Ranjan and then Shiv won’t be able to talk to her.

Rimjhim tells the family that Shakti looks down because I am going to get married and leave the house soon, we have done everything together, she would always fight people for me. I don’t know what I will do without her there. Shakti says just call me and I will come there to fight anyone you want to. Rimjhim smiles and says I know that.. so we are going

to start a new tradition. She ties rakhi to her and says you are just not my sister but my brother too. Shakti says I will do anything to protect you, I don’t need to be your brother. This is promise and only brothers don’t need to make promises. Sisters can protect each other too. Shakti thinks she will find out if Ranjan is good for her or not. Manorama says they are truly sisters. Dharam says I don’t think they need my gift. Shakti and Rimjhim stop him.

Shiv tells Nandu that I felt like I had some relationship with Shakti, I wanted her to be part of my life that’s why I asked her to be my friend but I am a fool to say anything. Nandu says maybe you were pitching a wrong relationship? maybe you should have asked her about a love relationship? Shiv starts panicking and says my love is a curse.. I can’t love anyone, anyone who loves me gets destroyed.. He shivers and says I can’t love Shakti.. she is just my partnership and that broke too. He recalls the woman dying at his hands. Nandu gives him the medicine and asks him to calm down. He makes him lie down and Shiv goes to sleep. Nandu sadly looks at him and says he has so much love to give but Shakti is going to make him recognize that he deserves to love.

Ranjan’s family arrive at Manorama’s house for rakhi bandhan. Shakti gets a gift from Dharam which is a scooty key. Manorama calls them and says see who is here. She asks Rimjhim to sit with Ranjan. Shakti brings water and Ranjan holds her hand while taking the glass, he smirks at her. Ranjan’s sister says I came to tie rakhi to Rimjhim. Shakti says Rimjhim tied rakhi to me so I am going to protect her so be careful Ranjan. He looks on. He smirks at her, Shakti feels weird and goes from there. His brother whispers to keep in control. Ranjan whispers I just can’t control myself. His brother takes Manorama aside and tells her to give something to Ranjan’s sister Bubbly, she says sure. She calls Chacha and takes money.

Ranjan’s brother says just 1000rs? this is too less, you shouldn’t insult us like this. Manorama says you are right, she asks for another 1000 but he says its our first function together so you should give her some gold. It will make us proudly show off to our relatives. He tells Manorama that her bangles are nice.. she says my mother gave those to me so I can’t give these. He says isn’t she like your daughter? Manorama says I will get another madde but I can’t give this. He says you are saying no to us? we can’t promise to keep your daughter happy then. Shakti hears all that. He says don’t forget what kind of news your younger daughter had so you shouldn’t be saying no to us. Manorama gets scared and takes off her bangles. Shakti thinks I won’t let them take her bangles.


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