Imlie Starlife update Thursday 27 June 2024

Imlie 27 June 2024: Chaudhry family sets up their bed in a corner of the house. Agastya helps Daadi. Daadi says she remembers old days where they all used to sleep in a single room, but after coming a long way, she can’t see her children like and wants to leave this house as soon as possible. Govind says she is right.

Agastya says they shall stay here to plan something and get back their house from Vishwa. Sonali says she is with him, Navya and Vishwa have to leave our house as it belongs to us. Daadi blesses them. Imlie enters Vishwa’s room silently while he is asleep and picks his mobile. She unlocks it with his finger print and forwards the accident video to her mobile, thinking she needs to find out who died in that accident. She keeps his mobile back and walks out of the room. She notices Agastya standing.

Agastya asks where is she going at this time, she should sort out her differences with Vishwa and forcefully takes her to Vishwa’s room. He wakes up Vishwa. Vishwa asks what is he doing here at this time. Agastya notices Imlie’s bed missing and asks if she got comfortable with Vishwa so soon that she shifted her bed with him. He warns Vishwa to be careful with Imlie as she is very practical and can do anything for money, she was with him for money and when he lost money and house, she shifted to Vishwa; Vishwa shouldn’t introduce Imlie to his rich friend or else she will shift her loyalty to him and will stay in this same room with that man for money.

Imlie stops Agastya and asks how dare he is to speak ill about her, he doesn’t have any right to do that. Agastya pins her to a pillar and says even she doesn’t have any right to come behind him; he for the first time started trusting someone and she backstabbed him, etc. Imlie stands heart broken. He walks away. Vishwa walks to Imlie and says he is enjoying seeing Agastya in pain. Imlie says she is a two-sided sword and can cut his throat, so he should be careful. Next morning, Jugnu serves tea to Chaudhry family. Navya walks to them and asks if their night stay was comfortable, she needs to ask them as they are staying in her house. She says she knows how it feels to lose the house and invites them for the griha pravesh ceremony tonight. Once she leaves, Alka says they had to listen to Navya’s taunts early morning. Daadi says she can see pain in Navya’s eyes and can’t blame her, though she snatched their house via trick; they need to figure out how to get out of this problem.

Vishwa gets a call from his lawyer that Agastya and Sonali are investigating about Vishwa’s takeover of their property and if they learn that they have 1 week to reclaim their property, Vishwa would be in trouble. Vishwa says he pays huge money to the lawyer to stop all such events and asks him to make sure they don’t find out the solution.

Imlie hears that and thinks of informing Agastya about it. She disguises herself as a tribal astrologer and with her witty dialogues insists Agastya to know his future from her. Agastya refuses. She gets him engaged in her talks, steals his wallet, and runs to outhouse. Agastya runs behind her. She hides behind a wall. He notices and pulls her out. Their nok jhok starts again. After much persuasion, she says she kept his wallet in a drawer. He opens drawer and finds documents.

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