Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 26 June 2024

The strings of love 26 June 2024: Keerat tells Gurleen that Veer is severely injured, he is her friend, so she came here. Gurleen says she knows what Keerat is up to, Keerat is just Sahiba and Seerat’s sister for them and should leave from there. She holds Keerat’s hand and drags her out of the house.

Angad and Sahiba asks what is she doing. Manveer says she is doing right. Veer asks why is she misbehaving with Keerat. Gurleen says she accepts that Keerat is wronged, she is shocked with the way Veer reacted and fought for her like a goon. Veer says he proposed Keerat, Keerat didn’t even know about it before. Seerat asks Keerat to stop pestering Gurleen more and get out of there.

Jasleen comments that looks like one more doli/palanquin from Mongas will reach Brar mansion again. Manveer in her usual rudest tone shouts that she will never let that happen as they already made mistakes by getting Seerat and Sahiba in their family and can’t bear a third mistake. Angad asks Gurleen and Manveer to stop abusing Keerat. Gurleen refuses to listen. Keerat apologizes Gurleen and leaves from there. Veer hugs Angad and cries. Sahiba comforts Keerat. Keerat says she really didn’t know that Veer loves her, she thought he likes her as a friend.

Jaspal asks Gurleen to calm down as she already humiliated Keerat. Manveer says she should never let Veer marry Keerat and accuses Sahiba that she planned to get her sister in Brar mansion by trapping Veer. Sahiba refuses allegation, but Manveer continues and warns her to dare not think of that. Sahiba tells Angad that she really didn’t know about Veer and Keerat’s love, she thought they are just friends, Manveer is wrongly accusing her. Angad says he believes her and asks her to relax.

Yash takes Jasleen to his office. Jasleen says it’s really good. Yash indirectly taunts her for her past. Jasleen apologizes him for whatever she did in the past and expresses her wish to spend rest of her life with him, asks if he also thinks so. Yash says his thinking doesn’t matter as her family hates him. Jasleen says her family likes him after he saved Angad and Veer, they won’t have any problem if they reunite, he was in her heart from the beginning and would always be. He hugs her.

At the office, Jaspal tells Angad that Veer is still upset and not taking food or medicines properly. Angad assures him that Veer would be fine soon. Sahiba visits them with prasad. Angad informs her about Veer’s condition. Sahiba says everything will be alright soon. Malhotras walk in calling Angad and accuses him of selling a fake diamond to them. Angad says they are mistaken. They asks him to check it by himself and produce reports from 3 different experts. Sahiba asks Angad if the diamond is really fake.

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