The Rules of Love update Wednesday 28 February 2024

The rules of Love 28 February 2024: A young girl chasing a man with stick in her hand, she shouts why did you drop my icecream. Man running away says it was just a mist. Girl chasing him and twist her leg. Other girl save her from falling and ask did you hurt yourself Nandu.

Nandu says he dropped my icecream. Maitree eating ice-cream hurt her gum. Nandu ask what happen. Maitree says I’m feeling sensitivity because of icecream she offer her icecream and ask her to finish. Nandu gets excited and start eating ice-cream.

Nandu and Maitree playing together. Maitree’s mother come and take her says it’s about to get dark come let’s go home. Maitree aak when will I meet Nandu now. Maitree’s mom says tomorrow after 12 hours, what you will do when you both grow old and get married. Both the girl say we will marry to one guy. Her mother says don’t say this, right now you are young when you will grow old you will understand for now let’s leave. They say goodbye to eachother.

15 Years Later

Maitree and Nandu in car. Maitree on call with someone says I need red roses for today’s function. Nandu eating snacks take her phone says first make your expression right if you will carry this face every rose will get ruined after seeing this and ask her to look at her makeup. Maitree scold Nandu for not looking after her health and tie seatbelt. Nandu says its all just because of baby inside me. Nandu and Maitree start arguing about car speed and try to involve mom and dad. Dad says we don’t want to get involve, it’s your matter handle it. Mom says correct, your argument will make us smile in future when we will remember it. Maitree’s brother says to mom let her go atleast I’ll be able to come ind sit infront.

Maitree says till the time me and Nandu are together you won’t be getting seat.
Maitree on call with Ashish Tiwari and ask him where are you. He says I’m busy with decoration. Maitree says you have to install lights which are given in list. A girl call Ashish. He walks to lady and ask her what happen. Lady says we went to office and from there we got to know you might be in office. Maitree on call listening there conversation.

Ashish says you don’t have to worry, you could have send all the data, information to office even with evidence. Lady says it will take time to get evidence but a computer guy is editing all the video. Ashish ask what do you mean by video, tgis means your husband don’t hit you and you are trying to forge evidence, for your kind information I don’t take fake cases. Lady ask how much money you want tell me. Ashish says I’m happy with my work and I won’t take your case. Lady walk away. Ashish get back on call and says to Maitree don’t worry I’m getting lights according to list and says let’s meet at home. Nandu says to Maitree let me talk to my husband. She says phone got disconnected.

Everyone reach there destination. Maitree help Nandu to get out of car and ask near by guys to finish decoration. Ashish walks toward them and asl everyone to work fast. Ashish greet mom and dad. Nandu says to Maitree it’s your engagement now act like that. Maitree says to Ashish this is my life’s first event which is given by you, you are my best friends, you are husband of my best friend and elder brother of my husband. Nandu says to Maitree your lawyer always commit but can’t fulfill.

Bhabhi ask Om why is Nandu coming with Girl side family for marriage. Om and his wife says they are best friend so we didn’t said anything to her. Bhabhi says Nandu is pregnant and she should not wear this kuch big heels it’s not good for her health. Nandu, Maitree, Mom and Dad walk inside house. Bhabhi says they are here and everyone greet eachother. Maitree get down to take blessings from in law’s but Bhabhi bring her leg in between and demands to get respected first. Maitree first touch her feet and then her in-laws to take blessing. Maitree apologies to her and says from next time I’ll take care of it. Bhabhi forgive her and hugs her, she says it’s your sagae why are you wearing pearls for your day. Nandu says I selected this necklace for her and its suites her well. Bhabhi give her necklace and ask her to wear it. Ashish come in between and praise Bhabhi for her work to handle situation for Nandu. Nandu says to Maitree come with me upstairs. Maitree take permission from Bhabhi and they leave.

Everyone sitting together. Dad ask where is son in law. Bhabhi says he came from London so he is taking rest and don’t worry our son will be ready before time.

Maitree and Nandu in room. Nandu helping Maitree to get ready. Nandu says I decided look for you but Bhabhi give you a necklace which is totally old timer but remember after function you will carry my decided look for photoshoot. Maitree says okay. Nandu says to Maitree you know until and unless Sona Tae (Bhabhiji) don’t disrespect me she don’t feel good and on other side look at my mother in law she is so sweet. Maitree says look from her perspective, you know what happen with her husband, she have only one child and Saransh is my problem not Sona Tae.

Saransh in his room getting ready.

Nandu ask what is the problem don’t you like him. Maitree says it’s not about him it’s about me, I only meet him 3 to 4 times, I don’t know him well.

Saransh start shivering badly he try to control it

Nandu says you know me and Ashish and we think he is perfect match for you. Maitree says yes because of you two I’m getting married to him.

Saransh find a syringe in his suitcase he gets happy after seeing it but throw it away.

Ashish walks to Maitree and Nandu. Ashish says you are the second best girl in this world Maitree because you are getting married to Saransh. Maitree ask why second? Aashish says because first is Nandu who got married to me. Nandu make fun of him. Maitree also join her. Aashish praises his brother.

Mom says to Sona your daughter in great. Sona says praises her son and says your daughter is lucky that she is getting my son as her husband.

Saransh getting anxious he call someone and says can you deliver drugs to my home. Man on other side says no home delivery, if you want come to me and take it. Saransh throw his phone get out of window and run away to get drugs.

Aashish with Nandu trying to convince her with flowers. Nandu says only girlfriend will get convince by flower’s not wife. Aashish talks to his baby and ask him to convince her. Maitree walks in says you are best couples I hope me and Saransh also bond on same frequency.

Saransh driving car trying to get drug.

Maitree walks in with Aashish and Nandu. A lady says daughter in law looks beautiful. Other lady says to Sona, your Nandani did a great job for choosing her. Sona get’s irritated says she just suggested her I choose her because she is beautiful and cultured not like Nandu always being rebel.
Maitree see white roses. Aashish ask Nandu to go with uom for sometime.

Aashish take her out and show her heart made from red roses. Nandu get’s excited after seeing it says so this is your urgent work. Aashish says what you thought I’ll bring only 4 roses for you. Pandit ask Sona to call her son for ceremony. Sona call Saransh for the ceremony.

Saransh at location looking for drugs.

Nandu and Aashish together. Sona ask Aashish to go and look for Saransh. He says okay I’ll get him, he kiss Nandu on her forehead and leave.

Saransh looking for money to give to peddler. He says to him I don’t have money right now but will give, I always buy it from me. Peddler says no. Saransh gets angry and fight with, he give him ring and take drugs from him and even take injection. He get inside a room and take a dose to of it.

Aashish walk inside Saransh room and says come fast your mom is calling for ring ceremony. He see his room is messed up and says you are still a kid and looks for him. He finds a syringe in his room and his phone lying on floor.

Saransh feel happy after taking drugs. A man shouts run away police is here. Saransh try to run away from the location.

Aashish looking for Saransh in room and finds open window.

Police find Saransh hiding behind wall, they rush towards him to catch him.

Sona call Saransh for ring ceremony.
Saransh give his ring to buy drugs.
Aashish looking for Saransh in his room he finds his phone on the floor.
Saransh hiding from police.
Aashish walks in. Sona ask him where is Saransh call him fast pandit saud all the rituals should be done in time. Aashish thinks how will I tell them Saransh is jot in his room. A man ask everyone did Saransh ran away before ceremony. Everyone laughs. Saransh standing at door says a poem about winning Maitree. Everyone applauds for him.
Saransh remember running away from police and escaping the area. Saransh start walking towards Maitree. Aashish hugs him. Sona ask him where did you went. Saransh says I didn’t like your gold ring so I went out to get diamond ring for Maitree.

Saransh remember buying fake diamond ring for Maitree. Saransh says if I would have told you so would you have allowed me, specially Aashish would have stopped me. Pandit says let’s begin with the ceremony. Sona ask Saransh sit beside Maitree. Maitree thinks I wish these white roses should not be here. Nandu looks at Maitree’s face thinks what happen to her. Maitree signal Nandu towards white flowers.

Nandu says to Aashish we have a problem Maitree hates white and vendor decorated stage with white flowers, please help me. Aashish says we have only one thing and he looks at the red roses which he decorated to surprise Nandu and give her choise about love and friendship. She choose friendship.

Nandu and Aashish throwing red rose petals on them during there ceremony. Maitree get’s happy and both of them exchange rings. Maitree hugs Nandu.

Aashish, Maitree and Nandu together. Nandu says to Aashish you know Maitree’s mom use to say how you both will live after marriage. Maitree says one day we said something and my mom scolded us badly. Nandu says one day me went to temple and pray to god so that we don’t get separated. Maitree and Nandu thanks god for granting there wish.

Photographer ask Saransh to wipe his sweat. Saransh takeout his hankie and drops his drugs he looks at ground and finds his packet. Saransh get anxious and he get down to pick it up. Maitree see him hiding something. Aashish make duj of Saransh. Nandu says I think he dropped something. Aashish mocks him. Saransh give rose to Maitree and tell I was picking up rose for Maitree but our photographer was in hurry. Nandu mocks Aashish. Aashish says to Saransh now because of you I have to also do it. Nandu says to Maitree he is very romantic. Maitree thinks everything is fine but still I feel something is wrong.

Everyone having dinner. Aashish ask Sona to try daal. Sona praises Maitree for food. Saransh busy eating and trying to control his other hand. Maitree looks at his ahnd thinks why is he shivering. Nandu start coughing. Maitree ask her what happen. She says I’m feeling different. Maitree walka to her and help her to relax, she rubs her feer. Sona thinks, she is my daughter in law but Nandu is taking service from her. Sona ask Maitree what is this red food come serve me so I can have it. Maitree walks to Sona says this is thai res curry.

Sona disrespect Nandu infront of everyone with humour. Saransh thinks I think so I took high dose I’m craving for sweet and start looking for it. Saransh start eating sweet back to back. Aashish father ask since when did you start liking sweet (Gulab Jamun). Aashish says I think he didn’t get in London and ask Saransh to eat till you want. Saransh says you are absolutely right and says to this his uncle marriage is just and excuse to have sweet. Maitree looking at him thinks something is wierd.

Maitree mom leaving and invite everyone to mehendi ceremony. Sona says don’t worry we all will come but gents won’t be there. Aashish dad says atleast have some space for us to in any corner. Sona says gents always ruine plan, it’s my son’s wedding and I don’t want anything should be spoiled so from my end gents not allowed. Aashish cracks a joke and everyone leave.

Maitree in her room feeling anxious and thinking about Saransh. Her brother walks to her says were you thinking about post dinner tea. Maitree says you have super power bro. He ask her to make tea. Mom walks in. Maitree and her brother arguing about who will make tea. He mocks her. Maitree in kitchen still thinking about Saransh behaviour. Dad walks to her says give me I’ll help you, I’m the one who make best tea in this house.

Maitree says you are right. Dad ask her what are you thinking, don’t you like Saransh should I cancel it. Mom walks in says everyone gets worried about situation when you get married. Dad says in this matter you are lucky to have me. Mom says Saransh is also best. Maitree says I hope so. Her brother mocks her and talk about her honeymoon. Mom scolds him and says to Maitree no need to worry. Maitree says I know and I believe and Aashish and Nandu.

Saransh standing infront of mirror says again I took high dose, let’s wear glasses, he finds mark on his hand he apply bandage. Sona walks in. Saransh gets anxious and ask what happen mom. Sona ask what happen why your changed your expression after seein me and why are your eyes red. Saransh act infront of her says this might be because of dust and I’m also busy in marriage so that could be reason. Soan says no worries I’ll leave you can take rest. Saransh ask what happen is something wrong. Sona start crying because she missing her husband and was scared that her son won’t come back. Saransh says don’t worry I’m not leaving you or anyone and first of fall stop comparing me with him, I have never seen mean person like him, I was small when he left us because he wants to be a monk in mountains, nobody leave his family to be monk and you everything to me mother don’t cry. Sona says your Om uncle called him to tell him about marriage but he finds it not so important. Saransh says no worries you are with me so I don’t need anyone else and if you will talk about him and cry I’ll leave you. Sona start crying says don’t talk about leaving. Saransh says don’t worry we all are here for you. Sona get’s happy and hug her.

Nandu says to Aashish did you see how sad was Maitree, she says I’m feeling very restless. Aashish says wait I’ll switch on tv for youto distract.

Maitree and her dad watching news. Maitree ask is everything all right. He says I gave a tip to my team to raid at a location for drug gang so I’m watching same news. Everyone looking at news. Reporter talking about drug gang leader and says is there leader is in shervani running away with his face covered with handkerchief. Everyone gets nervous after seeing the news.

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