Imlie starlife update Tuesday 20 December 2022


Imlie 20 December 2022: Aditya calls Imlie. Imlie walks to him. Family gathers, and Harish asks why is he shouting. Aparna asks Adi where did he find her necklace. Malini says they found it in Imlie’s room. Aparna asks if she stole the necklace. Rupali says Imlie will never steal a necklace. Imlie tensed says she didn’t steal a necklace and it must have stuck in her clothes by mistakes. Adi says she made a mistake and hence he called someone to correct it. Nishant asks if he called police, how could he. Sundar brings people in. Adi asks them to show jewelry sets and asks Imlie to chose one. He says his mom should have given jewelry and clothes to her bahu, but she didn’t and hence he ordered jewelry for Imlie; Imlie would have been more happy if he had if he had gifted her books, she should keep the jewelry as shagun and sweet memories.

Radha says Imlie is getting jewelry now and will demand property share next. Adi says Imlie never demanded anything else than love, its good that Malini reminded him his duty, insists Imlie to choose a jewelry. Imlie thinks if Malini planned this jewelry gift idea and says she doesn’t need it. Aparna says she trapped Adi with her drama, she is getting whatever she wanted. Imlie says she will if Aparna is insisting, but she will not stop with 1 necklace. She selects one and praising its design offers it for Radha, then one for Aparna giving her reasoning, then another for Rupali, then a diamond one for Malini saying she cannot differentiate between gold and brass but Malini herself is a diamond. She tells Malini that she doesn’t need any jewelry until her husband’s trust is on her, so Malini can keep the jewelry. Malini stands fuming.

Adi walks behind Imlie and says she chose necklace for everyone except herself, so he brought one for her as he doesn’t want her to feel bad when Malini wears jewelry. She says she will not. He repeats that his mom should have given her jewelry, but she gave it to Malini and hence he wants her to accept this jewelry. He himself fixes it in her neck. She smiles and thinks she doesn’t know what Malini is trying to do. Malini returns to her room frustrated and thinks she doesn’t know how to separate Imlie from Adi. Imlie walks in and says its impossible as Adi loves her. Malini says he loved her for 7 years, she will snatch him back like Imlie snatched him from her. Adi says he just had a just friendly feeling for her for 7 years and he realized he loves Imlie. Imlie holds his hands and says nobody can separate them now.

She angrily breaks the mirror realizing its her imagination and thinks Adi and Imlie’s relationship cannot be stronger than her relationship and will break like this mirror, she needs to do something now.Next morning, Radha, Aparna, and Rupali return from rakhi shopping. Rupali offers rakhi to Adi. Adi says he will give her only 100 rs as usual. She demands 2100 rs and gives rakhi to Nishant next. Nishant says this is his first rakhi after 10 years and maybe last. Radha scolds him. Rupali says not only brothers can protect sisters, even sisters can protect brothers and she prays for his long life. Imlie thinks she will tie rakhi to Malini and remind her that their bonding is very strong. Malini thinks Imlie is a stuck bone in her throat and will never bond with her. Imlie with Sundar buys rakhi. Sundar thinks its for him and says he will not protect her if she ties rakhi to him.

She says she is a tigress and he is a monkey, then how will he protect her. He asks then its for whom. She says for Malini, she was devoid of a sibling bonding for 18 years and now wants to make it strong. Back at home, Malini speaks to her chemist and says she will send a girl tomorrow and orders to do as she said. Imlie excitedly rushes in. Malini asks her to knock first and then enter her room always. Imlie asks if she will wake up early morning tomorrow for rakshabandhan rituals. Malini says she can’t as she needs to visit her chemist as her medicines finished. Imlie says she will bring her medicines. Malini agrees.

Next morning, Rupali ties rakhi to Adi and demands money. Adi counts 2100 and offers her 100 rs. Rupali demands 2100 rs. He puts a money in a new bag and gifts it to her. She likes it. Imlie reaches chemist. Chemist checks her photo and offers her medicine. Rupali ties rakhi to Nishant next and he gifts her spa package. She likes it. Nishant says he is her favorite brother then. Adi says he is. Rupali says her favorite is Dhruv bhai. Malini clicks their pics to send it to Dhruv. Chemist calls her and informs that he gave her ordered medicines to that girl and asks her not to give that medicine to anyone. Malini says she will not.

Imlie returns home. Rupali asks where was she since morning. Malini says Imlie had gone to bring her medicine, thanks Imlie, and says let us finish rakhi ritual first. Imlie insists her to have medicine first. Malini thinks even she wants Imlie to feed her medicine in front of everyone. Imlie gives her medicine and water. Malini thinks she doesn’t know what will happen to her after having this wrong medicine, but she can take any risk to keep Adi away from Imlie. She starts feeling uneasy and cough vigorously. Aparna and Radha concerned asks what happened to her. Malini says she cannot breathe. Aparna asks Adi to check the medicine. Adi checks and says this is not Malini’s medicine. Imlie says Malini gave same prescription slip. Pankaj calls doctor. Malini gets red due to allergic reaction. Imlie tries to help Malini. Aparna warns her not to come near Malini.


Harish asks Imlie which medicine did she give to Malini. Imlie shows prescription slip. Adi says this is not Malini’s prescription. Radha brings another slip and says she found it in dustbin. Adi says this is Malini’s prescription. Radha blames Imlie for changing the prescription slip and trying to harm Malini. Malini reminisces throwing original prescription in dustbin. Radha and Aparna continues blaming Imlie.Mithi over phone informs Dulari that she cannot return to Pagdandiya as Imlie needs her. Dulari yells Mithi is enjoying feast there and left her to have stale food and demands her to return to Pagdandiya soon. Anu rudely asks Mithi to give her telephone bill money and says she is enjoying free food, stay, and phone calls since she came here.

Mithi says she just called now. Anu says soon Malini will kick out Imlie from Tripathi House, then they both together can return to Pagdandiya. She gets a call regarding Malini’s condition and rushes out worried. Dulari tells Mithi that she will set things right now and disconnects call.Imlie walks to Malini’s room. Malini say she is fine now after doctor’s treatment. Imlie asks why did she give her wrong prescription slip. Malini asks why would she consume wrong medicine and risk her life. Imlie says she doesn’t know and insists to answer her. Malini finally agrees that she wants Adi back in her life and says she sacrificed everything for Imlie and forgot that she doesn’t have anything left for her; Imlie is unable to handle whatever she gave her, unable to handle Adi and his family and like Adi is struggling here, her father is struggling and fighting with his family only for Imlie; what will Imlie gain if both families are shattering because of her.

Imlie says she didn’t do anything for benefit or loss. Malini says she is fighting for her rights, even she supported her once, but now she will fight for her own rights and will not let her win after giving everything. Imlie says she never thought about her rights and always preferred Malini’s happiness above everything. Malini asks to go from here then. Imlie says she can’t, she tried her best to stay away from Adi, but Seeta Maiya got them near and now everyone has accepted their relationship. Malini asks on what basis. Imlie says Adi and she love each other immensely. Malini says even she loves Adi. Imlie says she is just adamant to get back Adi and even risked her life for that, its not love but madness. Malini says she can do anything for Adi. Imlie says she doesn’t have to repeat what she did for Adi and what she can further do for him.

Malini asks if she will not move away from them. Imlie says Malini is in between them instead. Malini says now that everything is in open, they will fight in open. Imlie says she has faced goons and terrorists and is ready to face even her sister and will end her hatred.Adi reaches pharmacy and showing prescription slip asks pharmacist if he sold this medicine. Pharmacist agrees. Adi asks him to show CCTV footage. Pharmacist says they can’t show it like that. Adi says he sold medicine on a fake prescription slip and can be prosecuted. Pharmacist gets afraid and agrees to show CCTV footage. Adi checks CCTV footage and finds Imlie buying medicine, thinks she looks happy and wouldn’t have left original prescription in dustbin, he needs to support Imlie at any cost even if she is wrong.

Anu reaches Tripathi family and tongue lashes them that their son brought Malini here promising to take care of her, but her condition worsened more. Rupali says she should take back her daughter then. Anu replies just like her parents brought her back here from her in-laws’ house. Radha scolds Rupali not to interfere between elders and sends her away. Anu asks who brought medicine for Malini. Harish says Imlie. Anu says they blindly trust their servant bahu and one day they should be ready to die via her; Aparna has only 2 choices, one to accept servant bahu or kick her out of house and make sure not to let her near their family. Imlie enters and says she will not go as Radha knows that she always thought good for Malini and this family. Anu says she wouldn’t have lied on the first day then. Imlie says she can bear her family’s insult as they love her and would accept her one day.

Anu says its nonsense, they had accepted her as a servant and not a bahu. Imlie says she will not understand it as family elders scolded and loved her like their own daughter, they may be angry on her today but love her immensely even today. Pankaj says they all used to love her before. Anu asks Aparna if she loves a girl who made her son against her, then asks Harish and Radha. They stand silently. Imlie walks away. Anu says finally shameless servant is in shame now and looks like she left home.

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