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Guddan 20 December 2022: Durga says to Guddan you can stop this wedding. Why are you doing this. Guddan says I did what I could. Durga says how can you.. Guddan says please go. She locks the room and cries. Guddan says I know you wanna help me. But I can’t tell you why am I doing this. I would always be AJ’s. Guddan says I did all this drama to see if you still love me or not. If you still care. But you showed you still love me. You are still mine. I can do anything for you. I want you to hear about Antra with a clear mind.Guddan calls AJ. He is fainted in the car. Guddan says why is he not picking the call. Antra says AJ won’t come. He respects your decision. Leave him and get married. Guddan says you know he won’t get me married. Nothing can come between me and AJ.

Guddan 19 December 2022

He won’t let this wedding happen. Antra says his love would be over when you are married.Antra says to the old man I have paid you enough. If she tries to run stop her. Antra makes him wear sehra. Antra says our bride is coming as well. Guddan comes downstairs. laxmi says please don’t do this. Guddan says only AK can stop this wedding. Antra says your AJ can’t stop this wedding. Antra says sit down.The wedding starts. Pandit ji says get up for the rounds. Durga says I have to do something. Durga picks fire and says stop this wedding. I won’t let you do this.

I won’t let this wedding happen. Antra says this is her wedding. Durga says till I am here I won’t let this happen. Saru says why are you doing all this for gudan. Laxmi says we all know she is forced into this wedding. Guddan says enough. She takes the fire from Durga. Guddan says not a single more word. You helped Antra when you could be DIL of this house. You shouldn’t be doing this drama. Only can AJ can stop this wedding who isn’t here. Pandit ji start the wedding.Antra says now who started this wedding would tie their knot. Pandit ji says get up for rounds. Guddan starts taking rounds with him.

She recalls her moments with AJ. Pandit says today you will be husband and wife. durga says you didn’t do right. Guddan says antra I did. Now your turn. She says I have signed the papers.Antra says you did your part, so I will do my part. You saved your family. But you lost your husband. Your love had to bow in front of my power. See I signed the papers. You saved the family who never trusted you but they always trusted me. AJ is such an idiot. They were crying like idiots for the child who was never there. Antra says AJ would never know my truth. He won’t know I killed my brother. And I am smarter. NOw I would show you your real worth. You thought I would leave just like that? Guddan says you promised.

She says now there is a twist in this story. I thoyght you would go, so there would be a space here. I would stay with AJ. So you can cry all your life. Guddan says you promised how can you do that. Antra says just go from here. take your wif from here old man. Guddan says how can you do that antra. Antra leaves in anger. The groom takes off sehra. It is AJ.Aj says antra did all this. Laxmi says AJ you.. You married Guddan. Durga smiles.Saru says to antra yous showed Guddan her right worth. SHe says I will take everything from her. AJ would hate her forever. You are my right hand. Stay with me. Antra says lets go see if AJ is conscious. SAru says let’s celebrate first. SAru says lets get champaigne.


Guddan says Antra hit AJ on head and he was fainted. I kept calling him. Durga saw him in the car. Durga broke the window and got AJ out. Durga picked GUddan’s call and told her AJ is fainted in the car. Guddan said this is your moment to show you’re on my side. Get him up and tell him everything. Durga woke him up. AJ said someone hit me on head. Guddan said Antra hit you. AJ says you are marrying somene else and still saying all this? Guddan said for few moments without questions do what I ask. AJ says then Guddaan replaced me with that groom. Guddan says I did all this to show her reality. This was my only way to expose her. Now reality is in front of her. durga says Gudan showed me the right way too.

she was always wrong. If there was anyone but her, they would have given up. Aj kneels down. He says I know I don’t deserve your pardon. You shouldn’t forgive me after all that I did. I am kneeling down after I proposed you. I am sorry but I never stopped loving you. I don’t know if you would forgive me. I love you and I would always. I am sorry. Guddan says I forgive you.Gudaan says humans make mistakes. by the time you realize them.. AJ hugs her. AJ says no one would ever come between us. I am sorry. Guddan says I have forgiven you but haven’t accepted you back in my life. What is a relationship without trust? HOw can I accept you back? The cracks never fill. I have no strength to accept you back. You left me so easily.

How can I trust you that you would be on my side? You promised you would protect me. You broke your promise and trusted an outside. I am sorry I won’t be able to accept you as my husband. Won’t be able to accept you. Guddan leaves. AJ puts his hand on fire. He says I loved you and I couldn’t see your pain. I would move my hand when you trust me again. Guddan moves him she says what are you doing. He says you still love me. Guddan says I can’t trust you but I have learned to live alone. I can’t accept you as a husband again. You broke my trust. AJ says I promise you in front of this fire that I would do all that you did. I will win your trust back. Guddan leaves.

Antra comes to Bhushan and says your daughter lost all the values. She only cares about money adn married a 70 year old. Saru says AJ tried to stop it but she kicked AJ out. I feel so bad. ,DAdi sits down crying. Antra says don’t be sad. I got all the wealth back from her. I won’t let her take anything from us. I will take you back home. Dadi says I loved and respected her so much and you still care about this family. Thank you. You saved this family. AJ says enough antra.

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