Imlie starlife update Wednesday 21 December 2022


Imlie 21 December 2022: Imlie cries thinking Malini hates her now and everyone thinks she gave wrong medicine to Malini, whole family hates her, etc. She walks away from home. Adi returns and calls Imlie. He then sees Anu and asks what is she doing here. Anu says he brought Malini here with so much confident and promised to take care of her, but she is resting ill in a room. Adi says she left Malini in a hospital and if she stops her evil ideas, half of their problems will be solved. Anu stands fuming. Adi then walks to Malini and asks how is she now. She says she is fine now and asks where had he gone. He says to pharmacy to find out truth, Imlie went to pharmacy, but he is sure she cannot change prescription and harm her. She says they always blindly trust Imlie and let her continue her mistakes. Adi asks to trust him instead and he knows Imlie cannot do harm anyone.

Pankaj informs that Imlie left house after Anu alleged that Imlie will harm even them. Adi asks why do they allow Anu inside their home and goes to search Imlie.Imlie walks to bus stop remembering family’s allegation and is about to board bus when Dulari stops her. Imlie gets nervous seeing her. Dulari asks if she cannot come to meet her and after much dialogues says she knows her sautan has barged into her house, so she came here help her kick her sautan out of her house. Imlie says she is right that they cannot get the ghee with straight finger and will have to bend the finger to get it, now she will take Naani’s help to handle Malini. Back at T house, Adi calls Mithi and finds out that Imlie didn’t come even there.

Radha says its time for evening aarti. Rupali says they kicked a person out of house who used to perform aarti. Aparna says they don’t need her and Malini will perform aarti. Adi vents out his anger on Aparna and Radha next. Aparna asks not to vent out his frustration on her instead of controlling Imlie who must have gone out for an evening walk. Pankaj asks Aparna if she argued with Adi again. Aparna asks why should she and asks Malini to perform aarti. Malini says its bahu’s right and Imlie will feel bad. Aparna says she is her bahu and ask her to perform aarti. Adi thinks whom to call and find out about Imlie.

Malini is about to start aarti when Imlie returns and says she will light the lamp. Rupali gets happy seeing Imlie back. Imlie says its her right to perform evening aarti as per Malini. Malini returns her matchstick. Imlie with a grin on her face performs aarti while everyone pray god. She then shows aarti to family and tells Radha that she heard that people didn’t believe at first that world is round, but then believed it later; even she will remind everyone repeatedly that she is this family’s bahu and its her responsibility to protect this house from evil people and evil nazar, pointing at Malini. Anu asks why did she return when she had left the house. She says she had, but returned with an answer.

Dulari calls T family to come and welcome their samdhan. Imlie says answer is very strong. Aparna with family walks to living room and seeing Dulari ordering Sundar to press her feet asks who is she. She says she is Imlie’s nakli naani/grandmother and explains that she is Mithi’s stepmother and hence Imlie doesn’t like her. She continues her usual behavior and says Kalpana/Malini knows her well. She then irritates Anu with her greedy behavior, touching her jewelry, etc. Anu walks away with Malini. Imlie stands grinning. Adi touches Dulari’s feet and says if she had informed him, he would have picked her up. She blesses his and Imlie’s jodi.

He takes her to show her room. Nishant tells Imlie that her naani is more cool than her. Imlie walks to Malini’s room. Malini asks why did she come here. Imlie ties her rakhi and says she will protect Malini from any evil and will protect her suhag from Malini. Malini breaks rakhi and says considered her as her sister, but she made a joke out of their relationship and hence she will break Imlie’s ties with this house like this thread and will not compromise on her rights.

Dulari munches food while Sundar serves her food. Aparna with others walks to her. NN asks her to sit as its her house. Anu taunts Aparna this is her house and soon will turn into a free hotel as servant Imlie will bring all her other relatives here. Imlie grins hearing this. Anu says Aparna must be feeling good serving her bahu’s relatives. Dulari finishes food and asks Imlie to make arrangements for her stay. Imlie says she can sleep with her. Dulari says Imlie must be sleeping with her husband. Imlie says no. Dulari says she will not sleep on floor as she sleeps on a cot even in PD, hence she will sleep with petite madam/Malini. Anu reacts. Imlie grins again. Rupali enjoys Dulari irritating Anu.

Nishant says nobody can face Anu, Dulari is explaining her in her own language. Dulari asks Sundar to shift her belongings to Malini’s room. Anu says she cannot stay in her daughter’s room. Dulari says she and Malini are both guests and would be leaving this house some day and walks away with Sundar.Anu asks Aparna what is happening, Imlie tried to harm Malini in the morning with wrong medicines and now her relative barged into Malini’s room. Harish says Dulari is old and they cannot send away a guest. Nishant says he shouldn’t apologize as naani is right that she is also a guest here like Malini and they don’t send away guests. Anu says she feels Malini’s dead body will go out of this house.


Aparna asks her not to say that, they are helpless but on Malini’s side. Anu says servant Imlie tried to harm Malini in the morning and what if Dulari strangulates her. Imlie returns to take more food for Dulari and asks Anu not to worry as she will take care of Malini and send her only after she gets well completely. Anu frowns while Rupali and Nishant smirk.Malini asks Anu if her new plan was to barge her weird naani/grandma on her and trouble her. Imlie says it was unplanned and she doesn’t know why naani came. Malini asks if naani herself came and demanded to sleep in her room. Imlie denies again. Malini says let her clear once for all and says Adi and his family belongs to her and Imlie doesn’t have any right on them.

Imlie threatens her that she can inform Adi about her conspiracies, but family’s heart will break as everyone love her immensely, she is not against Malini but will not let her win. Malini says she cannot understand if she is helping or against her, but whatever she is doing she wants her to leave from here; she had gone from here, but family didn’t accept Imlie for one reason. She shows mirror to Imlie and says she is not talking about her face as its good and being a villager is not bad, but not trying to be compatible with Adi and his family is wrong, nobody will accept her in this appearance and she cannot win over her as Adi belongs to her and she will not sacrifice this time. Imlie stands looking herself into mirror.

Anu throws water on Mithi and waking her up asks if she is sleeping peacefully after ruining Malini’s sleep, asks why did she call her mother here. Mithi asks if her amma came here. Anu says her mother barged into Malini’s room and is troubling her. Mithi excitedly asks if her amma came here to help Imlie. Anu pulls her out of bed and says she will sleep on floor from hereon. Mithi thanks her for giving her such a good news and says her Imlie can melt a stone, T family is already soft and now nobody can stop Imlie from becoming T family bahu. Anu walks away fuming. Mithi hopes amma doesn’t create any problem there.

Imlie walks to Adi and asks if he felt bad with naani’s sudden arrival. He says not at all and when she can tolerate his family, he can tolerate her naani. She asks not to insult he in-laws. He says be brought a shawl for naani and a sari for her. She says she doesn’t wear this type of sari. He says she should try new things. She asks if there is any problem in old clothes. He says no problems and asks what happened. She cries and emotionally asks if he brought her new sari as he doesn’t like her look or style. He wipes her tears and says he will not change if he wears rickshaw driver or any low grade job uniform, similarly her look doesn’t affect him, his family’s thinking is wrong and he doesn’t like it, he wants her to try new things and move ahead and his love will not change for her forever.

She wipes her tears and says she thought a lot. He says his love for her will never change for her and she will be same jhalli for him. She smiles and thinks he is right that she will not change if she changes clothes, but people’s view may change.Malini doesn’t get sleep with Dulari’s loud snoring and stuffs cotton balls in her ears. Dulari puts her hand on Malini. Malini changes her place. Dulari gets romantic in sleep and tries to kiss her. She pushes naani away and thinks Imlie is playing a nice game, if Imlie thinks she will get afraid with her heinous acts, she will not and will not leave Adi. Next morning, Imlie dressed like Malini performs aarti. Malini thinks who is performing morning aarti so early and walks out to check. Whole family gathers.

Aparna and her team get angry seeing Imlie’s makeover and asks what is happening early morning. Imlie says she is performing aarti. Aparna asks if she thinks she will change with makeover. Imlie says she is still same Mrs Aditya Kumar Tripathi. Radha asks if she thinks her status will change with clothes. Adi says Taiji judges people based on their clothes. Radha warns him to shut up and says their view on Imlie with not change with this lame idea. Imlie says its Malini’s idea. Malini stands shocked.

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