Unfortunate love update Tuesday 12 December 2023

Unfortunate love 12 December 2023: The Episode starts with Virender coming to room and sees Neelam sleeping, and wonders if she is sleeping till now. He then thinks she was in tension in night and couldn’t sleep, and that’s why sleeping till late. Neelam gets up and asks Virender you got ready, and says she has to make breakfast for Rishi. Virender says Lakshmi will make food for him. Neelam says I will make breakfast for my son. She feels headache and sits. Virender says your BP is shot up due to tension and asks her to have medicine. Neelam says how to take medicine without food. Lakshmi comes there and brings breakfast. Virender asks for whom you have brought medicine.

Lakshmi says she brought breakfast for Mummy ji/aunty as she has to take BP medicine. Virender says yes. Lakshmi asks her to take care of herself. Virender asks Neelam to take care for them. Neelam says you are asking me to rest and says if I don’t go out from the room then who will take care of Rishi, and says she don’t want Lakshmi to take care of Rishi and go near him. Lakshmi says I will not take care of Rishi, Malishka will take care of him. Neelam asks are you sure? Lakshmi nods her head. Virender says only Lakshmi can take better care of Rishi. Lakshmi asks Virender not to worry for anyone, and says Rishi shall be fine, and it doesn’t matter if I or Malishka take care of him. She says if you want then I will not go near Rishi. Neelam says if she is saying that she will not go to Rishi, then I will not go out of room. Lakshmi goes. Virender tells Neelam that I hope you understand Lakshmi.

Malishka wakes up and thinks how did I sleep till late, what everyone will think that I am careless, and thinks if Lakshmi reached Rishi. She thinks she shall get ready fast. She gets ready and goes to Rishi and hugs him. Rishi feels pain. She asks him to take bath and says she will bring breakfast. He says in this condition. Malishka goes to the kitchen and asks Lakshmi if the breakfast is made. Lakshmi says will you take it? Malishka asks if you wanted to take it. Lakshmi asks her to make sure that Rishi finishes the breakfast. Malishka comes to Rishi and asks him to drink kada. Rishi asks did you make it? Malishka says Lakshmi made it, and asks him to finish it. She says soon we will marry and stay in the same room. Shalu calls Lakshmi and asks how is Jiju? Lakshmi says fine. Shalu asks her not to agree to marry anyone now. Lakshmi says we shall talk later about this, and asks if Bani is fine. Shalu says yes. Lakshmi ends the call. Rishi gets lost in thoughts. Malishka asks why you got silent and tells that she is going to try her bridal dress, and says she is dreaming to become his wife, and says she can’t wait to get married to him, and says don’t know how these days will pass. Rishi gets tensed and sad.

Shalu tells Bani that she is angry at their circumstances and says they don’t get just happiness. A boy comes there and gives them flag. Shalu gives him chocolate and he goes. Bani says don’t know when Di will get rid of troubles. Shalu says if one goes, then another comes. Ayush wakes up and thinks even Shalu might have got peaceful sleep. He gets Shalu’s call and says just as I miss her, I get her call. Shalu says you missed me. He says no, I missed neha and you was standing beside her. He says he had a peaceful sleep. Shalu says she couldn’t sleep still, and asks him to meet her. Ayush says bhaiyya and Bhabhi are set, and asks if she is talking about us. Shalu says I want to meet and say. She prays to baba ji and asks him to break Malishka and jiju’s alliance like he broke Di and Vikrant’s marriage. Rishi drinks kada and says his mouth got bitter. Malishka asks shall I make it sweet, with just one sweet kiss. She is about to kiss him, when Rishi moves and tells that he has pain in his chest. Malishka says she will make him have food and reminds him of the night intentionally, when they united to become one and says I can’t forget that night. Rishi gets upset and gets up from the bed. Malishka smiles and asks him to have food. Ayush comes there. Malishka says your timing is perfect.

Ayush asks shall I throw you out. Malishka asks didn’t you see husband and wife are talking and your timing is bad. Ayush asks who is husband and wife here? Malishka says we, Rishi and me. Ayush asks Rishi if he got married to Malishka secretly? He says I wanted to dance in baraat. Rishi asks why did he come? Ayush says he is going for the meeting, and asks him to rest, and stay away from stress signing at Malishka. He asks Malishka to go from there. He goes. Malishka says he has become mannerless. Rishi says he is such and asks her not to feel bad. Malishka says it is ok, such things happens between dewar and bhabhi.

Lakshmi is in the kitchen and asks Mukesh to keep something on the table. Virender comes there and apologizes to Lakshmi. He says Ayush, Shalu and Bani was telling me, but I didn’t believe them. He says it is good that Rishi came and exposed Vikrant. Lakshmi asks who can change what is written in destiny and says you wanted my good, it is not your mistake that you thought the opposite person good.

He says if I had believed Rishi then this wouldn’t have happen. He says he will apologize to Rishi also. He apologizes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says it is not your mistake, but misunderstanding and asks him to always keep his hand on her head. Virender gets emotional. Lakshmi hugs him. Malishka looks at them and gets upset. Virender says I used to think that you would have born as my daughter, but then I think that I would have to bid adieu you, and it is good that you came as daughter in law. Lakshmi says you will always be my bau ji. Malishka thinks Lakshmi started her tricks, but she will throw her out without marriage now. Virender says I will apologize to Rishi also. He goes. Malishka says hi uncle. He says hi and goes. Malishka claps and tells Lakshmi that like professional killer, she has prepared well to stay in the house. Lakshmi says you are saying this after knowing everything. Malishka says what I said that you have to leave after marriage or without marriage. Lakshmi says the marriage didn’t happen. Malishka says you didn’t do it and asks her to leave from the house silently. Dadi comes there. Malishka keeps quiet. Lakshmi says she was preparing for breakfast. Dadi asks about Neelam. Lakshmi says Mummy ji was unwell, so I gave her breakfast in room. Malishka says you didn’t tell me before and says she will go now. Lakshmi asks her not to go and says she is sleeping. Dadi asks Malishka why she thinks her wrong.

 Virender apologizing to Rishi for telling Vikrant’s truth at the right time and stopping Lakshmi’s marriage with him. Rishi says we didn’t think that Vikrant is a big betrayal. Virender says sorry for not believing him. Rishi says its ok and says we all wanted Lakshmi’s happiness, and says you was thinking that she goes to a good house, as she is your daughter and she is dear to you and closer to your heart more than me. He says on a serious note, I am happy and not have any complain, I am happy that you think a lot about Lakshmi. Virender says you are equally important to me, if she is my daughter then you are my son, if one is heart and other one is heart beat. Rishi hugs Virender. Ayush comes there and hugs them. Rishi says we are happy that lakshmi’s life is

saved. He jumps and sits on Rishi. Rishi pushes him. Virender says Rishi is hurt. Ayush asks if my face is glowing? Rishi says yes, and asks if you are in love? Ayush says don’t tease me taking Shalu’s name. Rishi slaps him and asks when did I take her name? Ayush says she is dangerous. Virender asks why did you come here? Ayush says he is going for a meeting, as Rishi Bhai can’t go now.

Rishi says I can go. Ayush says I will go. Virender tells Ayush and Rishi, that they both are pillars of this house, and says the way you think good about Lakshmi. Ayush says Lakshmi has risked her life for Rishi Bhai and saved him many times. Rishi says she has continued the marriage for me, and says whatever we do for her is less. Virender thanks them and goes. Rishi slaps Ayush and asks about his glow. Ayush says he had a peaceful sleep as Lakshmi is saved.

Karishma comes to the dining table. She asks Malishka to sit. Malishka sits. Karishma then tells Dadi that Bhabhi was sleeping in room and she seems to be unwell. Dadi says Lakshmi made her have breakfast and gave her medicine also. Ayush comes there and says good morning. Malishka whispers to Karishma to talk about throwing Lakshmi out of the house. Karishma says I will talk. Shalu is waiting for Ayush in the restaurant and thinks he always come late, and says he is jhalla. Ayush comes there and pats on her hand. Shalu looks at him and says you came late. Ayush asks if she was eager to meet him, and that’s why reached before him. He asks why did she call him for a romantic date.

Shalu says you want reason even now and says I said that we have to think. Ayush says I thought so much about us, and says there will be a big venue and you will be coming. Shalu asks what about Di and Jiju and says if another guy like Vikrant comes in her life then. Ayush says I will not let anyone come.

Malishka comes to room and asks Karishma to talk about throwing Lakshmi out. She asks why didn’t you talk downstairs. She says Lakshmi will make everyone dance on her tune. Karishma asks her to calm down. Ayush says Lakshmi is safe. Shalu says Jiju is not safe, what if he gets married to Malishka. Malishka says Lakshmi is not married, how to calm down. Karishma says I understand. Malishka says if I had told then they would have made issue, and says that’s why I asked you to say. Karishma says I will not say. Malishka asks why? Shalu says we have to do important work…Rishmi. Ayush says their Jodi is destined to be together, and says just like Vikrant went, Malishka will leave too and then Rishi and Lakshmi will marry. Shalu asks him to think that if jiju had come late, then di would have got married to Vikrant, and says like that, Malishka will marry jiju.

Malishka asks Karishma if Lakshmi trapped her. Karishma says she doesn’t have the value to convince her. Karishma says you wanted Lakshmi to leave from the house, and she doesn’t stop even if Rishi stops her. Malishka says yes, and says she wants to marry Rishi. Karishma says we have to do something, to make Lakshmi leave and Rishi doesn’t stop her. She says what did Rishi say tell us, that if Lakshmi leaves then he will also leaves. She says if she leaves, then Rishi might go behind her.

Shalu asks Ayush if he thought something. Ayush says I will think. Shalu asks him to think. Karishma says we have to do something so that the snake gets killed and the stick doesn’t break. Ayush says we have to do something so that Rishmi gets married and Malishka is oust. Karishma says we have to do something so that Rishi and you get married and Lakshmi is oust from your lives.

Rishi thinks of Lakshmi and thinks she might be very hurt. Dadi comes there and calls him. She asks how is he? Rishi says I am fine. Dadi says I was scared when Vikrant shot at you, but Lakshmi saved you. Rishi says Lakshmi does so much for us, and what we give her in return, pain and sorrows. Dadi says you have stopped the marriage. He says I was getting her married to Vikrant, and says she felt two tortures, first she came to know that Vikrant is a betrayal and secondly her marriage stopped while taking the rounds. Dadi says Lakshmi might be very hurt. Rishi asks shall I apologize to Lakshmi. Dadi asks him to listen to his heart, and says if you are unwell then I will send her here. Rishi says it doesn’t look nice if she comes here, to hear my apology. He says he is feeling better and will go and apologize to her. Dadi asks him to go. Rishi goes. Dadi tells that both Rishi and Lakshmi are good and true hearted and says they have to face a big challenge, don’t know how they will do it and what will be the consequences.

Rishi thanks Mukesh for help yesterday. Mukesh says it is my duty. Lakshmi asks what you are doing here, and says you shall rest in your room, and asks if you want something. Rishi says I want to just apologize to you, and says you have to face so much and felt torture. He says I know you was broken from inside and asks her to forgive him. Lakshmi asks him not to apologize to him. Rishi says whatever I did is for your betterment, but my way was wrong. He says I will not do anything which hurts you, and asks her to smile and forgive him. Lakshmi says I have forgiven you and asks him to go to room. Rishi asks again. Lakshmi says I have forgiven you, go to room. He turns and hits his foot on the table. Lakshmi makes him sit and checks his foot. Kiran comes there and asks what you was doing, and says Malishka is there for Rishi.

Lakshmi says Rishi was hurt, so I didn’t get time to call Malishka. Kiran says he is Malishka’s would be husband and my would be son in law. Rishi says Malishka and you both should be thankful to Lakshmi for saving my life, and says you said that I am her would be husband, and says Malishka didn’t do anything for me. Lakshmi says Rishi. Rishi says sorry to Kiran and goes. Kiran stops Lakshmi and asks what does she want? She says I will give you money more than your status, and asks her to leave from the door. She says so much happened in the house, and then also you are staying here. She says I am ready to give you money more than your value, and asks what is your value? Dadi hears and says I will tell you. She says Lakshmi’s values will not allow her to reply to you, but I can say as I am elder than you. She says she is Lakshmi, whom you was offering money. She says you or I don’t have any value, or all this world can compete with her value, and says your daughter say anything whatever she wants, and says you are her mother and shall think before speaking. She says the body injury gets healed, but not heart wounds.

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