Imlie Starlife update Thursday 30 May 2024

Imlie 30 may 2024: Shivani apologizes Imlie and says how could she think that Imlie is a gold digger. Imlie says she heard this word somewhere else also and recalls Agastya saying that.

She asks what does gold digger mean. Sonali says women who think only about money are called gold diggers. Imlie says even men think about money, they take gold of their weight as a dowry and blame women instead.

Sonali what can we women do when women misunderstand women just like she misunderstood Imlie before. Shivani says Agastya being a London return still acts dumb, she will make Agastya apologize Imlie whole day. Imlie says she knows how to teach him a lesson.

Imlie acts as speaking to Pallo over phone and telling her that she stole precious bangles and wants her to come at night and take them away.

Agastya hears that and follows her. She walks to the backyard. Agastya insists her to tell where she hid bangles and pins her to a wall. Imlie refuses. He snatches her phone and reads message that bangles are hidden near a water well. He digs ground. Imlie, Sonali, and Shivani enjoy that. He finds bangles and takes them in to give it to Shivani and is shocked to see Navya already fixing bangles in Shivani’s hands. Shivani says bangles are found. Agastya thinks whose bangles are these then. Imlie acts shocked and says he stole her bangles, he turned out to be a gold digger.

Agastya understands her trick and says she with Sonali and Shivani tricked him, but her trick won’t work more and she has to leave the house after Shivani’s marriage. Imlie gets angry and says she will sign divorce papers with a few conditions and writes down that he will not nick name her, will respect her, etc. Their nok jhok starts. Annapurna walks in and informs that Shivani’s in-laws are going. Agastya says he will come down. Annapurna slips. Agastya tries to hold her, but she stops him and walks away. Imlie thinks she will reconcile Agastya and Daadi’s differences before leaving this house.

Navya tells Chaudhry family that their property belongs to them now and she feels connected to them, recalling Chaudhrys snatching her house. She walks away. Agastya stops Vishwa and showing Imlie’s crossed photo says he wants to catch a killer who wants to kill Imlie. Vishwa says he wants to know about Imlie’s background for that and asks him to discuss about her past. Agastya stands confused and says he will ask Imlie and then inform him. Vishwa thinks he doesn’t know about this wife’s background and was accusing her of stealing some time ago, something is wrong. Agastya asks Imlie to tell about her family background. Imlie describes him a fake story. Agastya catches her lie and says it’s not a joke. Imlie continues to joke. Agastya says he is worried for her and can protect her if he knows about her past. Their nok jhok continues.

Imlie goes to close a window and sees Bulbul entering the house via backdoor. Bulbul walks into Karan’s room. Karan panics and asks her not to come there again. Bulbul says her mother wants her to abort her baby, she is worried and wants him to inform his family about her. Karan says he needs time as he already told her and sends her away. Bulbul walks away crying. Imlie walks to him and confronts him for lying. Karan asks her to stay out of other’s issues. Imlie says Bulbul is her sister and she needs justice for her. Karan says he needs time. Next morning, Imlie gathers family. Rajni asks if she wants to accuse Karan again. Imlie says she wants to meet Karan’s girlfriend Yashi who never visited this house and fix their marriage. Karan gets tensed.


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