Jhanak starlife update Thursday 30 May 2024

Jhanak 30 May 2024: The Episode starts with Jhanak saying I love my Maa a lot, I don’t want anyone else in my life. Urvashi cries happily. Radha and Urvashi leave. Everyone claps for Jhanak.

Shrishti says we invited Guru ji for marriage, if Urvashi does anything wrong. Bharat asks can she do this. Mami says they just want to insult us. Shrishti says we will go home and talk. Bharat sees Tejas and invites him in Arya’s marriage.

Tejas says I had to talk something imp, I m hesitant to say. Bharat asks him to say. Tejas says I like Jhanak, I thought to talk to you first, I want to marry Jhanak, think and talk to her mum, we will talk tomorrow. Bharat is shocked. Tejas says ask Urvashi not to reject this proposal, Jhanak will get a house, respect and fame. Bharat asks him to come home. He leaves.

Rahul drops Jhanak home. He encourages her. She smiles. She asks him to go. Tejas looks on and asks the man to follow Rahul. At home, Urvashi says let Jhanak come, I will punish her. Shrishti scolds her. Dadi asks Urvashi to take Jhanak and leave the house. Urvashi says don’t say this. Everyone scolds Urvashi. Jhanak comes. Arshi asks them not to discuss about it. Anirudh says send her to some other city. Vinayak says yes, you can send her to dance institute. Jhanak apologizes to Urvashi.

She says I made a mistake to come in my friend’s words, no one could stop me from dancing because you bless me from your heart. Urvashi gets angry. Jhanak gives the trophy to Urvashi. She cries and says please accept it once. Urvashi hugs her and cries. Jhanak says don’t cry for me. Urvashi says you can’t become like others. Jhanak asks why can’t I live like others. They hug and cry. Tejas and his goons catch Rahul. Tejas threatens Rahul.

He says I m Jhanak’s would be husband, you will become my brother in law. Rahul asks what. Tejas scares him and asks him to leave. He says Jhanak is mine, else she won’t become of anyone else, I will kill both of you, get lost. Rahul leaves.

Jhanak goes to get milk. Urvashi says Jhanak has gone to get milk for puja. Bharat says you know I have done right for you and Jhanak. She says we will never forget your favor. He says trust me, whatever I do will be for your betterment, I was worried for Jhanak’s marriage, a good alliance came for Jhanak. Urvashi asks who has sent alliance for her. Jhanak sees Anirudh clicking pics.

She asks why are you alone. He says I don’t like anyone coming between me and my pics, congrats, your performance was great, you never learnt dance, really. She says mum never let me learn dance, I have photographic memory. He says amazing, you are really talented, don’t let it go waste, where are you going. She says I m going to get milk for puja, will you go home by walk. Anirudh says Kashmir is beautiful, where does your friend stay. She says nearby, he has a big farm. He says interesting, pics will come good, can I come along. She says yes, I will go by cycle. She says I m a pro in cycling, I will ride it, sit back. He stops on the way and hears the men hearing songs on the radio. He dances.

Jhanak smiles. She also dances with Anirudh. Urvashi asks the man’s name. Bharat says Tejas. She is shocked. He says I know Tejas’s age is more than Jhanak, but she will rule like a queen, she will never get such an alliance, Tejas is coming to talk to you, say yes, ask Jhanak to wear good clothes. Urvashi cries.

Radha asks what happened. Urvashi says I can’t let them ruin Jhanak’s life, I will make a last try. Arya’s haldi function begins. Radha asks where is Jhanak. Urvashi worries.

Jhanak says Rahul’s house is nearby, are you tired. Anirudh says no, I will invite you in Arshi’s marriage, I will show my city. Jhanak says we work in that house, we are servants. He says no work is small, I m inviting you. She says I will come one day, when I get a good job, I will become independent and make mum take rest, I will take her to new places. He smiles seeing her.

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