Imlie Starlife update Friday 31 May 2024

Imlie 31 may 2024: Imlie tells Karan that he was discussing about his girlfriend Yashi who hasn’t visited their house yet, so she wants him to invite her to their house and introduce her to their family. Govind and Shivani also insist him to call her home.

Karan says it’s impossible as she has exams. Daadi also insists him to invite that girl home as she doesn’t want him to repeat a mistake which Agastya did. Karan confronts Imlie for revealing his secret to his family even after promise him. Imlie says she didn’t reveal truth yet, he should himself reveal to his family about him and Bulbul or else introduce his family to Yashi. Karan says her trick will hurt his family. Imlie says nobody is weak hearted in his family.

Vishwa inspects Agastya’s car and finds a mask near it. He returns to outhouse. Navya asks why he is behind Imlie again. Vishwa says it’s his duty to protect her; there was no threat on her till she came into Chaudhry family and once she entered the family, her life is in danger; he feels she has an old connection with this family. Imlie calls Sonali and Shivani to the backyard and informs them that there is a tension between Annapurna Daadi and Agastya since a few days and she needs their help to clear it. Sonali says Daadi always loved Agastya and hated her, nobody helped her clear her and Daadi’s tension, then why should she help Imlie. Imlie says she should keep aside her differences and tell what connects Daadi and Agastya together. Sonail says Chaudhry Sweets.

Imlie walks to Agastya and asks him to give her Chaudhry Sweets’ laddu recipe. Agastya asks why she needs it. She says Karan’s girlfriend Yashi is coming. He says she can order it from the shop. She says guest is god and she wants to honor guest. He agrees to give her recipe after much argument and asks her to answer his yesterday’s question first and reveal about her past. She refuses and then says she doesn’t know anything about her parents as they left her and her elder sister in a basket on a river. He says which film’s story is this. She starts crying. He asks if really her parents did that, did her maama and maami/uncle and aunt found her and bought her up. She says her kaki/aunt bought her up and after her death, maama and maami bought her up. He asks if he can meet her kaaki. She says her kaaki is dead and she just has her photo.

Imlie acts as preparing Chaudhry Sweets laddu in the backyard in front of Daadi and does it in a wrong way. Agastya notices that and tries to help her. She refuses his help. He asks her to name it as her laddu and not spoilt Chaudhry sweets laddu. Daadi scolds Imlie to let Agastya help her and joins Agastya. They both prepare laddu. Mujhse Naraz Ho To Hojao.. song plays in the background. Imlie silently watches them smilingly. Daadi offers laddu to Agastya, but then recalls his mistake and walks away. Agastya follows her and requests her to punish him but not be angry on him. She says his act reminded her of her dead children and walks away from there.

Imlie requests Daadi to get angry on her as it’s her mistake and not Agastya. Daadi says even Agastya’s father and brother didn’t make a mistake purposefully, but they brought cheap women who destroyed her family’s happiness. Agsatya gets upset hearing that. He picks a box and walks to Daadi. Daadi asks what is it. He says his past and shows the stuff he had before entering this house and it’s meaningless to him as his life started after she adopted him and got him into this house, she will always be his idol and requests her to forgive him. Daadi looks at Agastya’s mother’s photo and says if his past was meaningless to him, he wouldn’t have preserved his mother’s photo. She walks away from there. Agastya burns his old stuff while Imlie tries to stop him and says Daadi is angry on him because of this stuff, he just needs his Daadi maa or else he would be alone again. Imlie feels sorry for him.


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