Imlie starlife update Friday 30 September 2022

Imlie 30 September 2022: Aditya stops bike midway home. Imlie asks why did he stop as they didn’t reach home yet. Adi says route is long and she has to decide where she wants to go. She says she wants to go home. He asks what she wants and where life should take her. She says she didn’t understand. He says their ways shouldn’t have met, whatever happened in Pagdandiya was under pressure and forceful, he never ahead of it, she is only 19 years old and has a whole life ahead, he wants her to spend her life in her way, she is intelligent and should study well and get married to a good boy. She shocked asks what is he saying. He says she cannot be alone and he wants her to choose a life partner. She asks him to stop.

He says he is not her husband, but she herself is considering that, her Pagdandiya sindhoor is not in her forehead; he wants to have her own family and life, he will support her and explain Mithi and Satyakam, he is her responsibility. She asks not to say that, his favor is an insult to her. He says he is not insulting her. She says she knows what he means, he feels their relationship as wrong, illegal, and helplesness, but whatever it is, she cannot deny their relationship; she never forced her relationship on him and never considered his and Malini’s relationship wrong, then how can she trust his words; she knows he feels bad seeing her doing his household chores and gets confused seeing her with his family; he wants her to stand on her legs; she will not stay or work in his house and will stand on her legs on her own without anyone’s support.

He says he wants to change her thinking as life is very complicated than her thinking. She says she knows he cannot make her Radha or Rukmini, but he cannot stop her from becoming Meera; she will go far away from him and his family and promises that he will never see her face again. He says she is misunderstanding him. She says she couldn’t understand him. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it and thinks how to explain her that nobody thinks like she is thinking. He asks not to feel bad about his words, he wants. She can understand how he feels seeing her at her home daily and she wants him to promise that he will never come to search her or will stop her when she leaves, else it would be difficult for him.

She sits behind him as pillion again and thinks she can bear any insult from Adi but not that he is not her husband; when time comes, she will go away from Adi’s life with his named mangalsutra and sindhoor and never wants even Seeta maiya take that right from her. Serial’s title song plays in the background. They both reach home. Adi walks to his room silently while she sadly looks at him going.Ganster Bunty’s aide informs him that a reporter recorded his and contractor Tripath’s conversation in hotel. He orders aide to find out via hotel’s CCTV footage who is he who will die tomorrow.

Adi walks to Malini and asks if she is busy. She says she thought he would return to work, should she bring something for him to eat. He says he wants to talk to her, but why she is ignoring him. She says she is unable to ignore whom she wants to as nobody can ignore their mom; she falls in mom’s words sometimes and fights with Adi, earlier mom used to think Adi was not giving her time and now thinks Adi is giving time to Imlie; she was speaking as if she is trying to create differences, its not normal; she wants to get her mom rid off her doubts. He sits in front of her and says he doesn’t want to know what her mom or the world thinks about him, he just wants to know what she thinks and if she has any doubt regarding him and Imlie. She says she feels trust has only white color which is pure and spotless and one doubt can spoil it; he never gave her a chance to doubt him and will not question him until he himself tells that his trust is breaking.

He says he will never let her trust broken even if he dies. He gets boss’ call and informs that all recording is with him and he will give it when he comes to office, he will write the story whole night and its better if story comes out early. He tells Malini that now he. She says he wants to go to office, he need not worry about her as she is fine and asks to take care of himself. He hugs her emotionally and leaves.

While walking, he thinks he has to explain her that he cannot think of insulting her, he should speak to her once as she was tensed and may harm herself in anger. Imlie packs her clothes and looking at her mother’s pic thinks she thought to serve her husband and his family, her husband doesn’t want to stay with her, so she will obey him and will return to amma to stay with her forever; she couldn’t become Adi’s wife and doesn’t want to become his problem. Adi knocks door. She hurriedly ties her bag/potli and opens door, but doesn’t find anyone out. She walks through corridor holding bag when vase falls down. Aparna hearing sound asks if its Imlie and walks towards it. Imlie hides in a room and weeps. She then silently leaves house.

Adi reaches office. Co-worker asks him to check the story once. He checks and approves it. His friend praises his article and says he is exposing big criminals, so his life is in danger and he should accept boss’ advice and stop the news for a few days. Adi reminisces Imlie’s words not to back off and says he will not back off from telling truth, etc. Imlie waits for a bus in busstand when an inebriated man walks in and insists to give him money to eat. She barks at him and he runs away. She asks people around not to get afraid as her dadda taught her to speak to people in their tone. Adi tells his friend that he knows a girl who can take any risk to do right things. Friend asks if he is talking about his wife. Adi calls Malini. Malini asks if he finished his work. He says he thought she must have slept by now. She says she is waiting for him. He says he is leaving and will bring jalebis for her. She asks to bring it for whole family, they all can have it with tea. He thinks he should buy samosas for Imlie as she likes spicy and tangy food.

In the morning, Bunty gets angry seeing his news in newspaper, beats his aide and orders to bring Adi to him. Imlie checks bus number for Pagdandiya on board. Adi stops bike nearby and buys jalebi. Imlie asks someone if he knows where shall she catch Pagdandiya bus from. He says he doesn’t know. Bunty’s goons kidnap Adi. Imli notices it and runs behind car, she notices car number and byhearts it.

Bunty’s goons kidnap Aditya and bring him to Bunty’s hideout. Adi says Bunty is hiding, they should tell him that his news is already out and he cannot escape. Goons trash him. He says a Hindustani journalist’s life cannot be lost so easily. Goons ask who is coming to save him and continue trashing him. Imlie brings police to the kidnapping venue. Police question chat vendor who is shot, but he doesn’t say anything. Inspector says nobody is ready to give evidence. Imile says she will, but inspector ignores her and asks constable to shoo her away. She picks inspector’s gun and points at him. Inspector says she is a kid and will not do anything. Imlie points gun at herself and requests to listen to her. Inspector agrees. Imlie says journalist Aditya Tripathi is kidnapped for writing regarding bridge collapse.

Inspector says he knows, what next. She informs Van’s number in which Adi was kidnapped. Inspector asks if she is sure. She says yes. He asks constables to track the van via CCTV cameras, they will nab culprits soon. Imlie requests to take her along. Inspector agrees and says he will drop her down if he finds any danger and asks who is she to Aditya. She reminisces marrying him, but says she is his servant. He says being a servant she is so much worried than family members.

Malini knocks Aparna’s room door and says Adi told he would reach home in 10 minutes, but hasn’t yet. Family gathers, and Tauji asks not to worry as they will call him and find out where he is. Pankaj tries Adi’s number in vain. Dhruv says even editor doesn’t know where he is. Nidhi suggests to file police complaint. Tauji says police will not take missing complaint before 24 hours. Malini says she will inform Dev to seek his police friends’ help.

Goons continue to trash Adi. Adi frees himself and fights with goons bravely getting severely injured. Bunty returns and pointing gun at him says if he wanted to become a hero, he shouldn’t have come in Buntys’ way. Aide informs that contractor Tripath Singh is caught, so Bunty should escape from here son. Bunty says not before finishing his task.

Malini calls Dev and informs that Adi’s story is printed, but he is missing since last night, so he should call his police friends and request for help. Anu starts yelling that Adi is a fool and is putting even Malini’s life at risk. He asks her to shut up and speaks to his friend over phone. Dhruv informs family that editor has spread Adi’s missing new. Bunty shoots, and Adi falls down. Imlie reaches with police and stands shocked. Police shoot Bunty instead and help Adi. Bitti runs from there. Adi searches her. Bitti comes out and stands crying praying god to protect Adi. She hides seeing police bringing goons and then injured Adi. Inspector asks where is the girl who came with them. Adi asks what did Imlie do. Inspector says Imlie helped them. Adi thinks why did Imlie fall in this, she should have been at home.

Police get Adi into jeep. Imlie notices him via mirror and walks away while jeep goes in opposite direction. Serial’s title track plays in the background.Police get Adi treated and bring him home. Family rushes to him worried and take him to room. Inspector informs how Imlie saved Adi. Tauji asks how can this happen as Imlie is at home. Rupal says she is not at home. Dhruv asks to go and check her in room. Adi thinks how to tell them that he saw Imlie in goon’s den and is missing since morning. Sundar informs that Imlie is not in her room, he found a gold chain, and even her bag is missing. Pankaj requests inspector to search Imlie. Adi reminisces Imlie informing him about going away from her. Imlie reaches bus stand and asks conductor about Pagdandiya bus.

He says bus will come in 30 minutes. She thinks she will go away from Adi and his family and will not trouble them anymore.

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