Imlie starlife update Thursday 21 December 2023

Imlie 21 December 2023: Dhairya asks Imlie why she is trying to get Atharva and Chini married. Imlie says for Kairi’s sake; whether she is proved innocent or not, she can’t tolerate Kairi being called illegitimate; she is Imlie’s daughter Imlie who cannot accept defeat. She disguises as Ms Paty and goes to meet Kairi. Kairi gets happy seeing her. Paty says she heard Kairi bravely fought with goons. Kairi says princess mamma and BFF fought with goons and saved her, but everyone call princess mamma as bad. Atharva enters and says sometimes they have to believe what they listen to.

Paty walks to him and asks how is he. She notices a fallen eyebrow hair and asks him to pray what he wants. He picks hair smearing her hand around his cheek. Atharva recalls Imlie’s embrace and prays god that he wants to meet his oldest best friend and know the truth. Kairi asks what did he ask god. Atharva says he prayed that he, she, and Chini should always be together as a family.

Imlie feels sad hearing that. Atharva leaves asking Kairi to study now and thinks he will never reveal to Kairi that Imlie is her mamma as Imlie didn’t want to get Kairi into this world, he doesn’t mind if god punishes him for that. Imlie prays god to fulfill Atharva’s wish.

Inspector visits Ranas and informs them that police have arrested Reyansh and Mehta and is awaiting for Atharva’s statement. Atharva asks if he got Imlie’s information. Inspector says not yet. Kairi describes how princess mamma punished bad uncles with a foam gun.

Paty says its not foam gun, its a party spray. Kairi asks how does she know. Paty says because she is a teacher. She lifts and Kairi and rounds with her. Her wig falls down. Imlie says princess mamma. Everyone hear her via her walkie talkie. Imlie reveals Kairi that she is Ms Paty. Anu yells fraud Imlie was staying with them as Kairi’s teacher Ms Paty to know what is happening here and relay it to Reyansh. Atharva takes inspector to Kairi’s room. Imlie asks Kairi not to let this secret out and notices walkie talkie on.

Atharva enters and says its too late. Whole family gathers. Atharva says there is no use of Imlie’s drama now. Devika asks Imlie howmany times will she betray them. Atharva says Imlie destroyed a bit of trust he had on her, she kidnapped him and then Kairi.

Rudra and Shivani say they don’t believe Imlie can do that. Anu says its good that Chini rescued Atharva and Kairi from Imlie. Kairi says princess mamma saved her. Anu tries to manipulate her. Inspector says he is arresting Imlie in Atharva and Kairi’s kidnapping case. Kairi resists and says she will not police arrest princess mamma as she is the one who saved her with Chini. Anu says Imlie is the kidnapper.

Dhairya enters and Imlie is the one who risked her life and saved Atharva and Kairi. Imlie stops him and says she had to disguise herself as Kairi as Atharva was not letting Imlie meet Kairi. Anu shouts that Imlie doesn’t want Chini to marry Atharva and is behind Chini’s happiness since childhood. Dhairya warns her to stop her lies and reveals how Imlie risked her life repeatedly by getting caught in a fire and bearing a bullet to and saved Atharva from Reyansh’s grip.

He insists Imlie to show her bullet wound. Imlie shows her wound. Dhairya says people won’t believe about her sacrifice until she loudly announces about it. Atharva says he was right that Imlie saved her and asks Chini why did she lie that Imlie kindapped him. Chini says Imlie hid the truth and disguised herself as Paty, so she couldn’t trust Imlie. Anu tries to justify Chini and herself. Dhairya walks away unable to bear her drama. Anu says he is mannerless. Atharva shouts enough of her drama, Dhairya’s bitter truth is better than Anu’s sweet lie, they deserve Dhairya’s rudeness and should all thank Imlie for her favors. Anu murmurs that Atharva’s heart is melting for Imlie again.

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