Imlie Starlife update Thursday 20 June 2024

Imlie 20 June 2024: Imlie asks Agastya to let him go. Agastya says she can go after answering him and asks if she loves him. She stands silent sheeding tears. Agastya repeats if she loves him. Imlie says too much walnut is bad for health, he is a self-obsessed walnut shell who loves only himself, he is rude and arrogant.

Agastya says he is rude and arrogant, even then does she love him. Imlie recalls Vishwa’s warning, says no, and walks away from there. She returns home. Caterer calls someone and promises that tonight is Imlie’s last day of life. Imlie hears Shivani scolding makeup artist to send some good makeup artist as the previous one wasn’t good. She says Shivani is very excited for her wedding tonight. Shivani says yes. Imlie asks how does she know Avinash is perfect for her. Shivani says she went on a date with him and checked if he is compatible with her. She asks if Agastya didn’t take her out on a date ever. Imlie nods no. Shivani says Imlie is stuck with her unromantic brother.

Vishwa walks to Shivani and says Navya has brought wedding dress for her. Shivani leaves. Vishwa holds Imlie’s hand. Imlie warns him to dare not touch her again and pulls her hand back. Vishwa says she is in Chaudhry house just for a day and asks why was she questioning Shivani about Avinash. Imlie says it’s a question of Shivani’s life. Vishwa says didn’t involve Avinash in his revenge saga as it’s only his revenge. She says it’s good that he kept Avinash out of it. He fixes a spy watch in her finger and says he will listen to all her conversation and knows Agastya had come behind her. Imlie says she didn’t tell anything to Avinash. Vishwa says he knows, but he can’t any risk.

Once he leaves, Agastya walks to her. Imlie walks away ignoring her. Shivani walks to Agastya next and suggests her to take Imlie on a coffee date. Navya asks Vishwa if he is sure that Imlie will leave Chaudhry house. Vishwa nods yes. Imlie packs her clothes in a potli when Agastya walks in. She hides it. Agastya asks her to come out to the dining area as he wants to tell her something. She waits for him on a dining table. Agastya brings coffee for them. Imlie’s nok jhok starts. Family joins them and Govind says Agastya knows they are tired working since morning and hence prepared coffee for them. Imlie takes Agastya to kitchen and asks why did he prepare so little coffee for so many people. Their cute nok jhok starts again. Agastya tries to explain that he arranged a date for her as Shivani told she never went on a date in life. Imlie continues to argue and makes him disappointed.

Dolly notices caterer leaving his cloth potli/bag open and lifts it. Killer’s knife falls down. She panics seeing it and anxiously thinks of informing Chaudhry family. Caterer makes her unconscious and hides her in a cupboard and thinks Imlie has only 8 hours left to die. Imlie calls Agastya and asks him to come to the backyard immediately. She arranges a coffee date for them and sensing him coming says she thought of doing him a favor by arranging a date for him. Vishwa walks in instead and says Agastya really needs Imlie’s favor or else he will destroy Agastya. Imlie warns him to stop threatening her or else she will not help him in his plan. Agastya walks in. Vishwa hides. Imlie says she got pity on him and arranged a coffee date for him. He says he doesn’t want a date with her but will enjoy coffee though. Their nok jhok continues..

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