My desire update Thursday 20 June 2024

My desire 20 June 2024: The lady constable tells Nitya that someone has come to meet her. Nitya thinks Arjun must have come to meet her, and must have forgiven her. She goes out and sees Mahima. She asks where is Arjun? Mahima asks her to sit and asks her to relax first. She says how he will come, he didn’t forgive you till now.

She says I came to seek your help. Nitya asks how I can help you sitting here in jail. Mahima says you can help me and yourself too. She says Arjun is stuck with Kashvi’s thoughts and he is feeling guilt and cheat since she left him. Nitya asks how it will help me. Mahima says if you help me then I will hire best lawyer and will make the case in your favor. She says if Arjun agrees to marry me, then I will convince him to get you out of jail. Nitya says she has a plan. Kashvi comes to Dadi. Dadi asks until when we will hide, and says we are hiding since a month. Kashvi says tomorrow is Nitya’s last hearing and says I asked Chandra Sir to get me transferred to other city, and don’t tell Arjun or anyone about her. She says then we will leave from here. Dadi asks how she will leave Arjun. Kashvi says there is no relation left between them.

Arjun finds his shirt button broken and gets upset. Mahima comes there and says she will stitch it. Arjun asks her not to come infront of her and asks shall I remind you what you have done. Mahima says whatever happened is mutual and says when we have got intimate, then why you are ignoring me. She says she is his first love. Arjun says he doesn’t care about her and don’t love her even zero percent. Mahima says you will love and care, after whatever I do? In the court, Judge says Nitya is guilty and gives verdict that Nitya will be in jail for 20 years. Kashvi thinks now everyone’s soul will be peaceful, and thinks to go from court before Arjun sees her. Mahima thinks he is searching Kashvi, and thinks to start and act, and pretends to faint. She remembers Nitya’s plan to bring doctor and some ladies to taunt her after the fake doctor confirms her pregnancy. And then Arjun will agree to marry her.

Mahima says once Arjun agrees, she will convince him to get her out of jail. Fb ends. Nitya acts and asks if there is any doctor here. A lady comes and says she is a doctor. She checks Mahima and says she is pregnant. Arjun is shocked. Nitya asks how can Mahima be pregnant, as she is not married yet. The lady calls her shameless to be pregnant before marriage, and asks who will marry her. Another lady says her child will be called as illegitimate. The third lady says now her life and her child’s life will be ruined. The second lady says who is the father of her child? Mahima pretends to gain consciousness. The lady says you are going to be a mother and asks whose sin is this? Mahima says it is not a sin. The second lady says we will catch that guy.

Mahima looks at Arjun and then says I can’t tell. The second lady asks her to say and calls her characterless. Nitya asks Arjun to accept what he has done and provokes him to say that he is the father of the child. The lady says Arjun is married to Kashvi, and this baby is illegitimate. Arjun says he is the father of the child and very soon, he will marry Mahima. He says I have done a mistake and I will repent it. Jagdish asks what you are saying? Arjun says yes Papa, I don’t love her and has no feelings for her, but doing this for this baby, who has not come in this world. He says I will marry Mahima for this baby. The lady apologizes to Arjun as planned and they all leave. Mahima gets happy. Jagdish and Arjun leave from there. Nitya stops Mahima and says Arjun has promised to marry you, now it is your turn to take me out from the jail. Mahima says I can’t help you, only God can help you. Nitya says you can’t betray me, I will take revenge for this and will not leave you.

Kashvi is walking on the road and says she is feeling divided into two parts, one part wants to talk to Arjun and other part don’t want to talk to him after whatever he has done with Mahima. She says I will go very far from here, and will leave the city, so that we don’t see each other faces. She says I will forget Arjun and go away from here. Suddenly she faints and falls down infront of the same doctor’s car, who lied about mahima’s pregnancy. The doctor takes kashvi in her car.

In the hospital, Kashvi gains consciousness and says you are pregnant. Kashvi is shocked and recalls getting close to Arjun in the cold storage room. Doctor asks her to call her husband here. Kashvi cries and says I want to surprise him. Doctor asks her to come there for sonography, be positive and stay happy.

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