Evil Affairs starlife update Friday 21 June 2024

The Episode starts with Sumitra telling Nikki that from today, her blessings will be with her always, and she will not be her bahu, but lovely daughter. Nikki and Aarohi hugs Sumitra. Sumitra says you have made hole in the stone heart and melted it. She says Malik and Chaaya are happy with you and asked to make 56 bhogs for you.

Aarohi says I always used to say that there is something special in Nikki. Nikki tells that she doesn’t trust Malik or Chaaya, and says Daayan can talk sweet, but can’t change. Sumitra says we all shall not think now, and tells that they need Nikki’s help to eat food.

At the dining table, Nikki asks Vikram to sit. Vikram and others are about to sit, when Chaaya comes there and stops them. She says only Nikki shall sit and asks her to sit. Nikki sits. Daayan says I will serve you. She serves her food and asks Nikki to have food. She tells that she has become pale as if someone sucked all her blood. She asks her to have food and take rest and asks them not to worry about others, says you have completed the rasam and not them. Nikki hesitantly eats the food and says she is done. Daayan asks Nikki to have some more. Nikki says no.

Daayan says ok and asks her to come to her room. She asks everyone to have food now. She goes. Piyush asks what is it? why she is calling you to the room. Vikram says Chaaya ji is being nice to us, and asks Nikki to go to her room. Sumitra asks Nikki not to be afraid and go.

Nikki goes there. Daayan tries to hypnotize her, but nothing happens to her. Nikki sees Daayan shaking her hands and tells that she doesn’t know sign language. Daayan asks her to go and says she will call her later. Nikki goes out and collides with Piyush. She tells him about Daayan. Piyush says she tried to hypnotize you, but failed. Saudamini hears and thinks to inform Malik once she knows about her.

Daayan says she was very near and tells that she couldn’t drink her blood. She calls her friends from her hair and they feel pity on her and asks her to drink Nikki’s blood. Sumitra is worried that Nikki didn’t come till now. Nikki comes there and lies that Daayan has become her fan. Sumitra hugs her. Nikki asks would you like to say something. Vikram appreciates her and goes.

Daayan’s hair strand/friend tells her that she shall be silent until she gets powerful against Malik. Daayan asks her friends to go and tells that Malik had written, and says she wants Malik Puran.

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