Imlie starlife update Friday 21 June 2024

Imlie 21 June 2024: Imlie arranges a coffee date for herself and Agastya and asks him what do people do in a date. Agastya says people talk and try to get to know each other. Imlie says she knows him very well and recalls an incident where she accidentally sees him without clothes. Agastya says that was an accident.

Imlie describes his daily routine. Agastya says even jugs and his social media followers know about it, what is special in it. Imlie says he feels lonely even after being with family, etc. Imlie asks if he knows about her. Agastya says she is Purvaiya’s biggest gold digger and opportunistic, but she also has a sweet girl’s heart in her; she values other’s feelings, etc. They notice family returning and hide in store room. Shivani walks in searching for them and asks what are they doing here. They nervously give weird answer. Shivani apologizes them for spoiling their date and requests Imlie to come and help her get ready for the wedding. Imlie accompanies her.

Caterer wanders around holding a knife to kill Imlie. Jugnu searches for Dolly. Dolly tries to get out of cupboard, frees her feet, kicks the door open, and gets out of room. Caterer tells Jugnu that Dolly went to her house for some important work. Jugnu thinks why would she go home leaving so much work here. Agastya and Karan bring Shivani dressed as a bride to the mandap. Wedding rituals start with all the family members enjoying it. Caterer walks behind Imlie with a knife and is about to stab her when he notices Dolly in balcony, rushes out, and drags her back. Imlie notices killer’s knife and panics. Agastya asks what happened to her. Imlie says she saw the killer in balcony. Agastya and Vishwa rush up and don’t find anyone. Imlie says she surely saw a knife. Caterer drops a kitchen knife and says he forgot it here.

Alka scolds Imlie to stop creating drama in front of guests. Sonali asks Alka not to scold Imlie. Rajni also asks Imlie to stop creating an issue. Agastya says if Imlie has seen something, she surely has. Family disperses and gets bus in wedding rituals. Agastya warns Imlie that if he doesn’t find any killer at home, he will not spare her for spoiling wedding. Caterer serves juice to Agastya and steals his phone silently. He then goes out and calls Imlie. Imlie walks out thinking it’s Agastya and panics seeing killer there.


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